Sunday, May 28, 2023

kYmberly Keeton

Culture Via Brown Eyes is a column produced by kYmberly Keeton. She is a nationally published writer, artistic socialite, and future librarian. This column focuses on her opinions regarding African American culture, music, art, politics, and women’s issues. Visit the column weekly to vibe literally through her brown eyes.


Say It Isn’t So, etc.


Check My Ego! | Interview with Corey Scales, etc.  | It is Real: Mental Health Illness, etc.

Soulja Boy is Caught Up, etc. | Artwork of Lovie Olivia, etc. | The HistoryMakers, etc.


The African-American Librarian, etc. | Chris Brown Certified, etc. |  Top 5 Reasons Black Men/Embrace Religion, etc.

Why Brothers Need to Embrace College, etc. | Turning Thirty-Five, etc. | Confessions of a Writer…


SUMMER SOULSTICE… | My Father Which Art in Heaven, etc. | Rapper Lupe Fiasco/President Obama, etc.

My Blackness Beautiful, etc. |  Gil Scott-Heron Tribute, etc. | Jackie Ormes Black Cartoonist, etc.


Timbuktu, etc. | Mary J. Blige – My Life || – Music Review, etc… | Piri Thomas The Poet, etc…


Rapper Common – Album Review, etc. |

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