Saturday, May 21, 2022

Comparing the “resumes” of Antonio Brown and Colin Kaepernick.

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Tweet ( What do the names Odell Beckham Jr., Ndamukong Suh, Jarvis Landry, and Julio Jones have in common? They are all among the most recognizable NFL free agents still available. Two NFL free agents not quite as sought after are wide receiver Antonio Brown and quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Interestingly, both Brown and Kaepernick can... [Read more...]

Black Kung Fu Cinema Presents TNT Jackson.

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Tweet ( Speller Street Films presents Black Kung Fu Cinema in partnership with The Pinhook and Mo’ Better Soul. The program is a traveling exhibition and screening series showcasing Blaxploitation, kung fu, and action films. Black Kung Fu Cinema will present a special screening of the TNT Jackson, starring Jean Bell and Stan Shaw on... [Read more...]

Film Review; The Takedown.

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Tweet ( Biracial buddy cop movies (e.g., Beverly Hills Cop, Lethal Weapon) aren’t a new phenomenon and could use a refresh. The genre gets a needed update with this French ebony/ivory crime story that’s novel due its unusual antagonists who are right-wing, antiimmigrant zealots. In this year’s French presidential election,... [Read more...]

The 3 D’s: Disney, Democrats and the devil on the run.

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Tweet ( Disney is on the ropes. They just lost the special tax advantages they’ve had for the past half-century, and their stock is collapsing. Wanna bet attendance at their theme parks is collapsing too? I’m guessing the wait on lines at Disney World and Disneyland is about to get a whole lot shorter. But the news is positive... [Read more...]

Reflections on the Middle School Students Attack on a 73-year Substitute Teacher From Cardi B And Me.

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Tweet ( It is difficult to believe that Black America has no idea of the educational crisis that has enveloped our people in the post-Brown v. Board of Education (1954) period. The voluminous interlocking problems are too numerous to list in this short space. However, it is safe to say that a non-representative curriculum and teacher... [Read more...]

A Black Man’s Perspective Of Why Will Smith Slapped Chris Rock.

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Tweet ( There are moments when Black men find themselves in untenable situations. Ask any random Black man, and they will have no difficulty sharing personal moments that reduce to “You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.” Black men are living within a patriarchal society that has never fit them as well as their non-Black... [Read more...]

Disney’s Not So Magic Wokedom.

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Tweet ( For decades, the Walt Disney World Resort enjoyed tremendous growth in the state of Florida. It has become the largest vacation resort in the world, attracting an amazing 58 million visitors per year. Disney achieved this lofty status due to its reputation as a family-friendly destination. Unfortunately, in the last few weeks,... [Read more...]

Favorite Hotels Are Going Digital.

Tweet ( Hotels that reacted and adapted quickly to global COVID-19 lockdowns and restrictions had some surprising benefits. Their operations became even more efficient and they were able to provide their guests with a better experience. In part, this was due to the hospitality industry embracing digital technology. Marina Turea, content... [Read more...]


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Tweet ( Before we fully solidify into warring camps over the Slap Heard ‘Round the World, let’s try and situate the episode in its larger context. To begin with, Who is Chris Rock? + Who is Will Smith? Let’s start with Chris. Who’s Chris Rock? Yes, he’s a comedian, but he is something more. Chris Rock, right now, is at the... [Read more...]

The Disney I Used to Know.

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Tweet ( Watching the downfall of Walt Disney’s iconic legacy stirs some powerful emotions, and for many of us, a great sense of loss. I understand the frustration and anger parents feel at such a betrayal, but as I look on at the justifiable uprising, all I can feel is profound sadness. Disney has been an American institution for almost... [Read more...]

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