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( We must all acknowledge the United States is still stuck on the same issues regarding the economy, education, and international/social standings that we experienced last summer.  This time around, we all should take the SUMMER SOULSTICE challenge. The definition of SUMMER SOULSTICE according to is, “…the 21st day of June which consists of spiritual, physical, emotionally charged compositions, created for peace and awareness during a seasonal shift.”

These next few questions will have a major effect on your summer this year. Did you ever get a chance to sit and think about your summer after it was over last year? Who did you spend time with? Did you work every day; or did you chill on the beach on some fancy island? Did you read four books in  one month? How did you face having to go inside your house to escape the heat? What did you do once you got inside the house that was productive?

In the United States, time is taken for granted. I believe as an observer of culture, we have all wasted precious time to get things right [we all have a list]. Looking at our politicians for the answers 24-7, blaming them for everything, and not taking any responsibility for our own careless actions needs to be addressed. This summer it can be different in regards to job security, health issues, and self-empowerment.

The unemployment rates for African-American women, reported by the Women’s Bureau of the United States Department of Labor in 2009, was 12.4%, the highest out of the demographics listed in their statistics and data. This past week, I listened to a radio broadcast hosted by NPR’s All Things Considered; they discussed the economy, and how it has affected African-American males. One of the guests on the show stated that unemployment rates for Black men are at 18% in the United States, and will continue to spiral out of control through this decade. 

When President Regan came into office a shift occurred n the economy. It is here again with President Obama and we all have to face it: THE RICH  VS. THE POOR. That means to me that my health needs to be in check so I can think right and make sound decisions. My finances need to be in place so I can face any upcoming storm, and I need to be content with me regardless of what situation I’m in. This is not easy by any means. I have a new knack for how I want to handle my SUMMER SOULSTICE.

This time around, I say, Take the No Drama; No Stress—Approach. Having this mantra for your SUMMER SOULSTICE will allow you to put things in perspective, and create goals that are achievable through the remainder of the year. It will allow you to see the path that you need to take to survive what is to come. In order to get your mind mentally ready for what is about to happen after this summer, you first have to take in account that our country has problems that are affecting us tremendously, and our reactions to them will dictate our situations.

I can’t tell you how you should go about your journey, but I am realizing the need to have a sound one in place. Our internal world is what is most important to succeed when the going gets tough. I fully understand the consequences of becoming angry at life, because of life presenting itself. However, take in account that life is a living noun/verb.

Summer SOULSTICE is a term that acknowledges the season and the awareness of change. President Barack Obama spoke of change during his entire campaign, and was elected solely on that premise. I also believe that what poet Maya Angelou says about words is true. They are living symbols, which can propel your destiny or hinder it. I am not a psychologist, philosopher, or a public speaker [yet]. However, I know that something is happening within our world that no one could have imagined.

I believe that we have a duty to get ourselves in a No Drama; No Stress mode to make our lives work for the better in our own homes and communities. By not complaining about our circumstances, working through the hard times, and rejoicing in our SUMMER SOULSTICE is the key to honing your purpose in life.

By the way, I could not come up with some magic diet to complete this journey; it is never-ending.  From what I have been told by the elders…nothing is new under the sun, and summer 2012 is right around the corner.

Staff Writer; kYmberly Keeton

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