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What are the 5 pillars of 100 Black Men?

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Tweet ( The essence of a flourishing community is often centered around the principles that guide it. One such community that upholds distinctive values and exerts profound influence is “100 Black Men,” an organization dedicated to enriching and uplifting the lives of Black individuals in the United States. At its core, 100... [Read more...]

What is Juneteenth and why is it a holiday?

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Tweet ( The story of America has always been one of struggle, resilience, and rebirth. As a vast tapestry woven with different threads of history, culture, and people, one of the most critical threads is the African-American story. In the complex narrative of American history, one date stands out: June 19th, often referred to as ‘Juneteenth’.... [Read more...]

Marijuana: Very Bad for You. (aka… Weed)

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Tweet ( Before we even get started into the medical and scientific facts, let’s talk about why people want to smoke marijuana. Keeping in mind that those of you want to do it regardless of the consequences are going to make every excuse in the book to justify your use, no matter what the evidence shows. Just like people did with cigarettes,... [Read more...]

Reasons Why Digital Businesses Need White Label SEO Reporting.

Tweet ( If you are an emerging brand or digital business, you need a reliable and cost-effective way to market your products and services. One of the most successful strategies is search engine optimization (SEO). However, SEO can be a difficult and time-consuming process. It is where white-label SEO reporting comes in handy. It enables... [Read more...]

Black Community: Pro-Life vs Abortion – No Protection for Born Kids.

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Tweet ( Abortion is always a scary subject, and I’ve always found it to be confusing in its presentation. Some are pro-choice, and many want the right to choose what happens to their body for themselves. Though I do not have children, I have had close relatives die in childbirth. Once that is experienced the reality of carrying a child... [Read more...]

What is Republican Tim Scott running for?

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Tweet ( South Carolina Senator Tim Scott (R) has joined the throng of Republicans seeking to unseat the former President as the frontrunner of that party.. So far, he is polling in the single digits, but he has $22 million left from his last Senatorial race that he can use for his Presidential race. Other than the historically myopic... [Read more...]

Eboni K. Williams is Everything that is Wrong with Black Women.

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Tweet ( OK, OK, I give up, I give up! You win, you win! I have been inundated with emails and phone calls from my readers wanting my thoughts on the Ebony K. Williams issue. I usually don’t write about issues like this and personalities like Williams because it really is not worth my time or energy. But since some of my readers want... [Read more...]

Black Americans: What Happens If America Can No Longer Pay Its Bills?

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Tweet ( For much of Black America, having adequate cash to cover monthly bills or small business overhead has historically been an ongoing challenge. But over the coming days, the nation’s coffers could also lack adequate cash and credit to cover its bills. The debt limit is the total amount of money that the United States government... [Read more...]

Black Community: Mayor LaToya Cantrell, You Are No Good for New Orleans.

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Tweet ( I believe strongly in tradition and culture. Change is good when it improves the culture, and it serves all the people. I always start out wanting support my people, and it usually warms my heart to see a Black woman doing great things. The combination of these things caused me to think, against my deep rooted concerns, maybe... [Read more...]

In The Image Of Donald Trump.

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Tweet ( Back in 2015, I can distinctly remember telling myself and others that the damage of a Trump presidency would last longer than a four-year term.  I knew then I would be right, but, at the time, could not imagine just how right I would be. Anyone who knew Trump, in fact or by reputation, should have known when he descended his... [Read more...]

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