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Mary J. Blige: Music Review – My Life II (Act 1)

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( The end of the year is finally approaching, and one of the best in music has just blessed connoisseurs worldwide with a CD that might just be the best album of 2011! Mary J. Blige’s latest offering is entitled, My Life IIThe Journey Continues (Act 1). This is her 10th album to date. If you are a fan of Mary’s work you will be proud of the music that she has created on this album = Soulfulness + Futuristic.

Originally, the first saga of My Life was Blige’s second studio album, released in 1994. Now seventeen years later, the artist shows growth, stability, and contentment with her legacy as a bad azz artist with many musical dimensions. Mary J. Blige was discovered by Puff Daddy in the early nineties and every  since she‘s been on a role. With the new album, Mary opens it up as she did  with the first and brings her former mentor (Diddy) on the ride. The multi-talented producer/rapper, gives her the green light to go forward with the  production of My Life II

The Queen of Hip Hop Soul, on My Life II… proves why she has had longevity in the music business. By singing up-tempo tracks featuring NAS, Drake, Rick Ross and Busta Rhymes—she stays on top of the genre that made her who she is today. The artist has never been known for having a strong vocal range, like Fantasia or Kelly Price, but what Mary does possess is heart, soul, and the gift to convey her messages at all times.

Mary J. Blige performs her own rendition of Chaka Khan’s, Ain’t Nobody, produced by Rodney Jerkins, and holds her own to the tee. Every track on the album was well-thought out in regard to the writing and selection process for final cut. There is something for everybody on My Life II.

Rolling Stone Magazine gave the new album four stars and a half, which is the same rating that they gave Rihanna’s new album.  This signifies that as veteran in the business Mary J. Blige is her own woman! The Queen of Hip-Hop did a superb job on the track, Don’t Mind, and tells her man, “…When you are gone, I can’t wait until you get home…. Tonight I am going to try to do whatever you want to… That is why I don’t mind saying I love you.”  

Then taking it back to her love for Hip-Hop music, she goes for it with Busta Rhymes on the track, Next Level. The Queen of Hip-Hop tells her girls that she is ready to go the next level with her man. The music production on this single is wicked. You definitely will be on the dance floor and wanting more from the Queen of Hip-Hop. Marriage has definitely changed the R&B/Hip-Hop singer’s perspective on men too, and the album shows that she understands what real love is regardless of the ups and downs.  The artist slows it up for her fans and brings in another great artist to help men understand the essence of a woman.

Mary J. Blige and Beyonce collaborate on the single, Love A Woman, which will be a hit with all of the ladies. Each of the singers brings the heat to this track. They both show their vocal abilities to make you feel their emotions and passion for the craft of singing and music in general.

Another track that is worth listening to is Empty Prayers. Mary J. Blige shows her diversity on the album on this single and talks about how individuals choose not to listen and instead walk out the door. If you are expecting the same ole’ with Mary…then you definitely will be disappointed—cause she is right on time [all the time]!

My Life IIThe Journey Continues (Act 1), features some inspirational music too, as Mary always keeps it real with her faith in GOD. The talented singer worked with Swizz Beatz, Q-Tip, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Ronnie, Maxwell, Eric Hudson, J. U. S. T. I. C. E. and a host of other producers on the My Life II…  

Mary J. Blige stays true to her roots in Hip-Hop, Soul, and R&B and adds Futuristic to the list, on My Life II…!

Listen to a preview of the album.  (——

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2 Responses to “Mary J. Blige: Music Review – My Life II (Act 1)”
  1. kYmberly Keeton says:

    @ Deveal, in the article it states that they help produce the album.


  2. Deveal2014 says:

    Im sorry did you hear the album? Because these artist are not on Act 1 and may not even be on Act 2 Q-Tip, Jay-Z, Kanye West, Lil Ronnie, Maxwell. Anyways tho excellent Album Mary J Blige is a R&B beast !!!!!!

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