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( Say It Isn’t So… My eyes were hurting so much while reading everything that was going on this past week, and I had to make sure that I put a stamp of approval on several issues brewing in my mind.

Politics: Sign the American Jobs Act








I’m still trying to figure out why Congress will not pass the American Jobs Act that President Obama recently debuted to the public. He was quoted back in September regarding the matter, “The purpose of the American Jobs Act is simple: to put more people back to work and more money in the pockets of those who are working.” 

There are too many children going hungry, and individuals are starting to give up on looking for jobs. You can’t blame them—we have to blame CONGRESS! Regardless, if our representatives are Democrat or Republican you would think that they would try and do something about the 14 million people without jobs. All I can say is that you definitely need to read the American Jobs Act and repeatedly call your local and state representatives. Read the American Jobs Act.

I’m not going to touch on Herman Cain: I do not have enough space. 

Women’s Issues: Single Ladies Stand Up








If you did not know that 50% of the population is not seeking to get married these days, then you are in for a big piece of news! One sect of that demographic is women. Today they are opting out of marrying men; because they believe it is time for them to get their shine on. Back in the 1960’s you would never hear of such a thing. A woman was either at work, then heading home to take care of the entire family, or taking care of the entire family while her hubby went to work.

I read a beautiful article in the Atlantic Magazine, by Kate Bolick, entitled, All The Single Ladies. In the article, the writer acknowledges that women today believe that being single is just as good as being married. Men are losing their way in society, and statistics are not lying. There is no time like the present for women to capture their dream job, car, house, and circle of friends.

Beyonce put out a song: All the Single Ladies—and then got married. I say love yourself, and love will find you while you are enjoying life.

Hip Hop: Rick Ross Needs to Sit Down










In hip-hop there is always some drama going on, and when I heard that Rick Ross (aka Rick Rossey) had a seizure I was concerned. I started reading about the first seizure that he had while flying in the friendly skies from Florida to Memphis. The plane landed and rushed him to the hospital. He was released;  then Rick Ross got back on a plane and decided to travel to Memphis—again!

Needless to say, he had another seizure. I have no idea what is going on with these rappers today. I’m actually starting to believe that they believe that they are GOD. Now if you have two seizures and still believe that it is important to make your money…then all I can say is that you really need an education!

Rick Ross will debut his next album entitled, GOD Forgives, but I don’t, later this year.

Art: Meet Mark Bradford








I’ve always said that African Americans need to be art collectors. The image above is entitled LUCKY by Mark Bradford. On October 16, 2011, there will be a great exhibit debuting at the Dallas Museum of Art entitled: Pinocchio Is On Fire, by Mark Bradford. I was introduced to his work by a good friend in Houston, Texas. When I say that he is the consummate artist—he is!

The Dallas Museum of art states, “Mark Bradford (b. 1961) is best known for his large-scale abstract paintings made from a variety of collaged materials.” He won the 2009 MacArthur Foundation Genius Award and he is a painter. If you are interested in learning more about Mark Bradford and his work it will be on display at the Dallas Museum of Art from October 16, 2011 – January 15, 2012.

View this spectacular online exhibition by the artist here: Mark Bradford

*See you next week. Let’s pray that the news will be a little bit better than the last. This has been Culture Via Brown Eyes with kYmberly Keeton. –Holla.Black!

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