About Us

This blog was originally created to unite black men and remind us of our brotherhood and value as men in this society. However, this site has evolved into a digital newspaper that address the culture and concerns of the black community in various aspects. We have aspired to be more than merely an entertainment or one dimensional site. We bring you well rounded perspectives on politics, technology, gaming, music, literature, film, education, health, spirituality, and various other topics.

Our main goal is to always offer news from the black perspective. Black people are not a monolithic, and our site reflects that reality. ThyBlackMan.com offers something for everyone as our writers represent various aspects, and schools of thought within the black community.  This is a place to unite us as a people, not separate and divide. We strive to inform, uplift, and inspire our people in every aspect of life. There are too many negative stereotypes in society today about black people. This site is here to remind us that there are many, many positive things to talk about in our community. We have a responsibility to be a part of the true representation of the voice of Black America.

ThyBlackMan is committed to giving you content relevant to the black community from black writers. Let’s come together in the empowered spirit of Christ and our ancestors to push our agenda forward. We can and should continue to do our best to leave this world a better place then how we found it. We are writing for our people, and for generations to come.

Formerly established; 2010 and Counting…