Saturday, April 4, 2020

About Us

This blog was created to unite black men and remind us of our brotherhood and value as men in this society. This blog is for all black men, regardless of your vocation in life. We are more then just athletes and rappers (nothing against them if that is their passion), we are fathers and Christians, doctors and construction workers, lawyers and ministers, poets and painters, etc. etc. I think you get the point, that the trades we encompass are many and we make countless positive contributions to society. This is a place to unite us as black men, not to separate and divide. Lets come back together as brothers in Christ and encourage one another, let us uplift and inspire our daily walk of life. There are too many negative stereotypes in society today about black men.

This site is here to remind us that there are many, many positive things to talk about in us as black men. We are and can be a blessing to others and need to remember that we are children of God and to celebrate the culture we were born into. We have a responsibility to heed our call to manhood and continue to discover what it means to be a “real” man. There are men out there who don’t understand the first thing about what it means to be a real man (and that is not just our black men, it is all men, regardless of ethnic background), yet there are more good black men out there who DO understand the meaning of manhood (responsibility, honor, integrity, etc.) and we need to come together to grow as individual persons and as a people and remember to encourage one another. We can and should continue to do our best to leave this world a better place then how we found it.

God Bless you.