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There are bigger issues for HBCUs than Former NFL player Ed Reed’s words.

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Tweet ( One of the biggest names in college football the past two seasons has been Deion Sanders. The Pro Football Hall of Famer brought a lot of attention and football success to storied HBCU, Jackson State University, as their head football coach. Although Sanders’s departure from Jackson State to become head coach at Colorado also... [Read more...]

Black Americans/White Americans: Mentally Slavery Never Ended!

January 28, 2023 by  
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Tweet ( Black slavery never ended, it just took root in the minds of black Americans. Roots that would continue to cause black people to stay divided, make excuses, sabotage themselves, abort their unborn children, allow the oppressor to define them, blame everybody else, always struggle, need help from the government, cheat, divorce,... [Read more...]

African Americans: Math is not Racist.

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Tweet ( As you may be aware, as noted in one of my prior essays, some of the oldest mathematical artifacts including the Ishango bone and a piece of baboon fibula with 29 notches, dated 35,000 BC found in the mountains between South Africa and Swaziland are preeminently recognized as documenting the existence of math prior to the establishment... [Read more...]

African Americans: The shameful secret too many Brothers have.

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Tweet ( It is much worse than we can think or comprehend. Millions of African Americans do not know how to read. Suffering in silence, unable to understand, interpret, or comprehend the most basic combinations of written English words. Looking at signs, menus, and important documents as if they are written in hieroglyphs, too proud... [Read more...]

“The Edumication of de poor”.

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Tweet ( Any major political program in the new century should be evaluated by its ability to state the need for a new educational paradigm; one which establishes a constitutional guarantee to education, that de-institutionalizes knowledge and learning, and one which provides all who want to learn with access to learning opportunities... [Read more...]

African Americans: Yeah The Need… For Class.

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Tweet ( Years ago, when Mr. T was a household name, a young man asked him what his first name was.  Mr. T’s response was classic:  “My first name is MISTER.  That period is my MIDDLE name.  My LAST name is T.”  In short, through his example, Mr. T was about class.  The FIRST rule of class is respect your elders.  The SECOND... [Read more...]

African Americans: Should The People Support HBCUs.

December 15, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( Education should be a major priority in the United States in word and deed. The investment we make in the area of education will help shape the next generation that will be making decisions and leading this nation. Or at least this should be out thinking. Education on all levels should be of significant value; however, this has... [Read more...]

Coach Prime ‘Deion Sanders’ – My Thoughts.

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Tweet ( Recently, it was announced that Legendary College & Pro Football Hall Of Famer Deion Sanders aka Coach Prime left an HBCU in Jackson State in Mississippi to go to a PWI in University Of Colorado which angered many black sports fans especially those in The HBCU community. I will say the only thing that I didn’t like about... [Read more...]

Arm The School Teachers.

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Tweet ( As both a former detective and firearms instructor I can say from experience regarding the school shootings, part of the solution is arming the teachers and administrators – strategically some of them. I agree with Joe Biden. Most of those who disagree either fear guns or don’t know squat about public safety. Nobody... [Read more...]

Choosing Black Schools Over Prestigious White Schools.

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Tweet ( I recently had an interesting exchange with my best friend, a resident of Brooklyn, New York, regarding where he and his wife were planning to send their four-year-old daughter to attend kindergarten. As to be expected, the educational process in New York City is far different from anything that I have ever experienced. Apparently,... [Read more...]

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