Monday, October 3, 2022

HBCUs: The Hidden Racial Scam.

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Tweet ( For many of you who don’t know the history of HBCUs, you see them only as progress. And yes many of them have turned out awesome African Americans who will go on to change the world. But just as every coin has three sides, so does the foundation of HBCUs. And one side is not at all what most people of color think. So while... [Read more...]

African-Americans Need To Reclaim Our Communities.

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Tweet ( Influenced by the writings of Chinua Achebe  (Nigerian Author of  “When Things Fall Apart”) “We cannot trample upon the humanity of others without devaluing our own. The Igbo, always practical, put it concretely in their proverb Onye ji onye n’ani ji onwe ya:  “He who will hold another down in the mud must... [Read more...]

The ‘Invisible Tax’ On African-American Teachers.

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Tweet ( It’s called the “invisible tax” — the expectation that Black teachers will take the lead on all things Black — from organizing school-wide Black History Month events to being the entry point to the school system for families of color. Except now it’s not so invisible anymore — and Black educators have had enough. “I... [Read more...]

Congress has one Last Chance to get Historically Black Colleges and Universities & Minority Institutions (HBCU/MI) Funding Right.

Tweet ( The U.S. Senate is scheduled to start reviewing a record $850 billion defense bill during the month of September. The legislation funds troop compensation and authorizes the military to purchase the latest weaponry for any potential 21st century conflict. This bill is woefully deficient in preparing Americans for the high-tech... [Read more...]

Living in the Sixth Region of Mother Africa.

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Tweet ( I had the privilege of attending and addressing the All African Diaspora Summit at the University of Cape Coast in Ghana. Convened by Dr. Edward Bush, President of Cosumnes River College, a community college near Sacramento, California, the conference drew more than 400 attendees, many from the California Community College system... [Read more...]

African Americans, An Enlightened Brain Can’t Be Washed.

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Tweet ( While government has a role in improving conditions in the Black community, the ROOT of our problem is a lack of education and knowledge, and we can’t wait for the government to address that issue, because the GOP has dedicated their very existence to dumbing America down, and with good reason – enlightened people... [Read more...]

The DNC Will Never Get Another Vote From African-Americans.

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Tweet ( For a long time the Descendants of African Slaves in America have been voting, supporting, preaching, praying, advocating and fighting for a political group that does not do anything in favor of the progress of Black men and Black women but instead give all their morals, laws and socio economical support to other minority groups... [Read more...]

What’s Your Relationship with the N-Word.

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Tweet ( What’s your relationship with the word “ni@@a”. Is a word you’ve never used? Do you use it while reciting something? Maybe you actively try to keep it out of your vocabulary. My usage of it is low in every day conversation but it’s more liberal around close relations or looser company. Growing Up with the Word Sometimes... [Read more...]

African-American Parents Stop Sending Your Children To White Schools.

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Tweet ( Sometimes, I wonder what is wrong with Black America and my African American brothers and sisters? We still have not learned from the past and we continue to make the same mistakes over and over again; even though, racist white America continues to piss, defecate, stomped, humiliate, beat, assault, killed and then laugh at us... [Read more...]

The ‘Black Community’ Economic Success Library.

Tweet ( I recently ran into a young brother who had brought an interesting problem my way! As we were talking about business building and Black economic success, he seemed a little frustrated in the fact that he could not find any books written by African Americans on business success. You know me. Once the opportunity to share wisdom... [Read more...]

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