Friday, June 24, 2022

Thanks Dad! – Readers Book Review.

Tweet ( From Boys to Men Publishing is proud to recognize Stanley G. Buford and his powerful book: Thanks Dad!  The quality of the writing, the unique experiences of the author, and the national demand for well-developed; Children’s Books on child-rearing and education merit the serious consideration of traditional publishers. Just... [Read more...]

Book Review; “Talon of God”: I Really Want a Movie.

Tweet ( Wesley Snipes has teamed with Ray Norman to write a story that will have the reader turning pages, eager to find out what happens next, and losing sleep. Given Snipes background with action films, and of course Blade, he brings a sense of reality to a story the reader knows is fictional…but feels all too real. Though there... [Read more...]

“Floating in a Most Peculiar Way”: In and Through Culture.

Tweet ( There is a particular pain, and scaring, that takes place where there seems to be no place to call home. Regardless of parentage, and blood lines, when you can’t physically or internally head home everything is out of place. In the quest to find out people, in this case a father, trauma occurs as one is broken again and again... [Read more...]

Book Review; The Nation Must Awake: Revisiting Black Wallstreet.

Tweet ( There are many events in history that mark the trauma of a people. The Tulsa Massacre stands out in the minds of black people as a heartbreak that not only killed our people, but it would instill a fear of progress that some of our people are still fighting to overcome. Reading about this horrific evil against our people is gut-wrenching... [Read more...]

“Astonishing The Gods”: To Be Invisible.

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Tweet ( The art of storytelling is ever changing and evolving. Avid readers, and writers, are always looking for new ways to experience a story. Whether we realize it, or not, we don’t just read to get away or be entertained. We read to work out the chaos & confusion of life without looking at self directly. Ben Okri re-defines... [Read more...]

Book Review; “My Strong Tower”: There is Power in a Name.

Tweet ( Relationship on any level is formed by one’s ability to get to know the being they are looking to grow with. In many instances one of the first things we know about a person is their name. This gives us a reference for them, and we consider ourselves more familiar with them when we know their full name. The laws of relationship... [Read more...]

Book Review; “Will”: The Wisdom of Experience.

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Tweet ( I wasn’t sure what to expect form Will Smith’s new book “Will”. There had been so much fuss in the media surrounding the content, and whether Will Smith has crossed the line of giving the world too much information. Given all the press around how his relationship with his wife plays out for many to perceive, it seems... [Read more...]

“Someone Has Led This Child to Believe”: Giving Foster Kids a Voice.

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Tweet ( Every year many children are pushed through the Foster Care system, group homes, and psychiatric hospitals; they are left to be broken in these spaces. No child should come into this world feeling unloved and unwanted. No child should be expected to give the understanding of consequence, response, logic, and reasoning of an adult... [Read more...]

Book Review; Killing the Silence With JW Bella.

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Tweet ( A storyteller has many purposes; one is to challenge the reader to look at themselves from outside, and within self. They challenge us to question the things we are silent about and embrace the aspects of self that we aren’t quite willing to acknowledge. As the reader we unknowingly invite the narrative to push us out of our... [Read more...]

Book Review; Mrs. Wiggins: The Price of Respectability.

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Tweet ( Where we come from, and who, has a profound impact on what we want. Sometimes the past has the power to control how we move through life, and the price we are willing to pay for said movement.  Often times the want is solidified by prayer and a hope that God will open every door, but the truth is we intend to have that door... [Read more...]

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