Thursday, June 8, 2023

Book Review: Cooking With Snoop Dogg.

Tweet ( Snoop Dogg is an established Hip Hop legend that clearly transcends the music. He has a recognizable presence, style, and voice. Snoop loves many things, and cooking is on the list. Snoop Dogg’s “From Crook to Cook” is a combination of his love for food, music, family, and life. He covers all three dining periods with his... [Read more...]

Book Review: A New Fantasy Hit: TJ Young and The Orisha – The Gatekeeper’s Staff.

Tweet ( As a lover of mythology and fantasy fiction, I have waited a very long time for the era of fantasy that I could relate to when I immerse myself in the story. Let’s be honest, going to Hogwarts is great. We love Narnia. Middle Earth is magical and is part of the blueprint for what many expect in terms of fantasy fiction. Many... [Read more...]

Book Review: Stephen A Smith Introduced Himself in “Straight Shooter”.

Tweet ( As a lover of sports, Stephen A. Smith quickly became one of my favorite analysts to watch. Before there was First Take, I loved watching his NBA commentary and The Stephen A Smith Show. He was passionate and willing to speak on matters of sports & current events with a boldness that had to be respected, even if you disagreed... [Read more...]

Book Review: Found Self in Viola Davis’s “Finding Me”.

Tweet ( Viola Davis is an actress with such an impact that she inspires thought and inspiration through the many characters she brings to life. I must she between Annalise Keaton in “How To Get Away With Murder”, and Nanisca in “The Woman King” she has inspired me to think about many aspects of my life. I know I can’t be alone... [Read more...]

“From Me To You”: A Labor of Love.

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Tweet ( One of the challenges of parenthood is trying to explain the complexities of the world to your children. They can ask a question and the answer will vary based upon whose talking. In most cases whoever gets to the child first creates the foundation of their thought on a subject matter. Addressing the subject of slavery as a Black... [Read more...]

Book Review; Self-Care For Black Women is a Must Read.

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Tweet ( There is no objection to the fact that society can be hard on black women. There is what feels like an endless number of obstacles to overcome in carious areas of life. For many black women taking care of self can take on many different meanings, but it usually involves others. Moreso it often times involves the perceptions of... [Read more...]

Book Review; Skin Of The Sea: A Different Mermaid Tale.

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Tweet ( When one thinks of mermaid stories in fantasy tales the Little Mermaid immediately comes to minds. Often times when we think fantasy fiction, we think white stories and pantheons whereby when we characters look like us they are in assisting roles. Fantasy fiction is not just a genre that allows the reader to escape to a far away... [Read more...]

Book Review; Tabitha Brown is “Feeding is Soul”.

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Tweet ( I’m definitely not vegan, though I love vegetables. I began seeing videos on social media of Tabitha Brown making various dishes. The various fruit and veggie recipes had my attention, but more importantly there was a warm familiar spirit about this woman. I loved listening to her talk. She was always so positive and encouraging.... [Read more...]

Thanks Dad! – Readers Book Review.

Tweet ( From Boys to Men Publishing is proud to recognize Stanley G. Buford and his powerful book: Thanks Dad!  The quality of the writing, the unique experiences of the author, and the national demand for well-developed; Children’s Books on child-rearing and education merit the serious consideration of traditional publishers. Just... [Read more...]

Book Review; “Talon of God”: I Really Want a Movie.

Tweet ( Wesley Snipes has teamed with Ray Norman to write a story that will have the reader turning pages, eager to find out what happens next, and losing sleep. Given Snipes background with action films, and of course Blade, he brings a sense of reality to a story the reader knows is fictional…but feels all too real. Though there... [Read more...]

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