Wednesday, January 19, 2022

The benefits of African black soap.

January 17, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( Due to its potential abundance of antioxidants, African black soap is regarded as a skin-nourishing product. Ashes from plantain skin, cocoa pods, palm leaves, and palm oil from leaves or kernels are commonly used to make soap.  Depending on the manufacturer, additional ingredients may include honey or shea butter to soften... [Read more...]

Corporate Journalists Are Blind to a Big COVID Lesson.

January 16, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( One of my complaints about mainstream media is that they recruit reporters from inside the establishment: Ivy League colleges, expensive graduate journalism programs, rival outlets with similar hiring practices. Some staffs develop admirable levels of gender and racial diversity. But they all come from the same elite class. Rich... [Read more...]

My Best Wishes for 2022.

January 13, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( Most of these are the same wishes that I advocated for in a column for the year 1993. They are as relevant today as they were then: • That we realize that contrary to popular belief, we are not a weak people. In fact, we have many strengths that can be the foundation for a powerful and productive group. We need to concentrate... [Read more...]

Democrats: The Party of Jim Covid.

January 12, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( The nation’s capital, one would think, would be the freest in our Constitutional Republic. That assumes, of course, the Constitution is what elected leaders uphold. As we’ve seen throughout the scamdemic, it’s not the Law of the Land that’s held high but fear and control. “The COVID-19 pandemic, including the exponential... [Read more...]

Being winners of mortal combat in 2022.

January 11, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( In some ways, 2020 toughened us up for this year but also sucked up a lot of our energy, resilience, and optimism. With the challenges we faced, it feels like you’ve aged years since COVID-19 struck. This is more than a feeling. According to final data released Dec. 21, 2021, by the National Center for Health Statistics, the... [Read more...]

President Space Cadet Biden and Vice-President Happy Feet Kamala Will Only Served One Term.

January 7, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( Yes, good old country racist white Deviant Biden and black misanthropist but black Phallus lover happy feet Kamala will only served one term in the presidency just as Donald Trump did. Unfortunately black America made the biggest mistakes in voting for this old cracker and a nutty half breed who again gave black people promises... [Read more...]

Vaccine Mandates will lead to Starvation and Mass Depopulation.

January 6, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( I first heard of the Holodomor listening to a lecture by Dr. Jordan Peterson. I am embarrassed to admit in all my readings on Russia, Stalin, and Lenin, I had never come across this historical event. Upon which I found a book titled Execution by Hunger: The Hidden Holocaust by Miron Dolot. Dolot describes the great famine that... [Read more...]

What Doth 2022 Bring?

January 5, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( I have always believed that “A GOOD LIFE” requires planning and reflection, without which we have no way to measure the impact we make on life and vice-versa.  As objectionable as I find fortune teller-type predictions, an imperative of our contemporary society is a willingness to engage in personal reflection and the serious... [Read more...]

There’s a Reason ‘Democrats’ Are Terrified of DeSantis.

January 4, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( There’s a joke in media about any story that involves the phrase “Florida man” because the stories that do are generally insane. Seriously, just do a quick search on it and see what comes up – it’ll be something crazy about a shopping cart, an alligator, meth, fighting a snake, or something else likely to play a role... [Read more...]

Why Do So Many Still Say No to Vaccinations?

January 4, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( Not a day passes without a new headline that some noted personality or political test positive for COVID. That the danger of COVID infection still roars. Its companion virus, Omicron, is also taking a ravenous toll on thousands. Yet, the figure remains virtually unchanged. The figure is nearly one-half of Americans still say... [Read more...]

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