Thursday, December 8, 2022

African Americans: Beware of Easy Desperate Women.

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Tweet ( All around you there are beautiful women. Desperate women who are too broke to pay attention or who have  low self-esteem. Women who are willing to sleep with you after 1 dinner, after an intimate phone conversation or even after a little social media sexting. Brothers beware. And while many of them may pretend or may not look... [Read more...]

History Lesson: 60’s Black America Had Intestinal and Mental Fortitude.

December 6, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( As the affluent, educated, and outwardly intelligent social hierarchy of Black America proceeds so goes the Black community in general. However, although one may be highly educated in the educational system, or mis-educated according to Dr. Carter G. Woodson, one can still be a dependent or controlled thinker. Obtaining an education... [Read more...]

African Americans: Treat Your Daughters Better.

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Tweet ( The African-American community is a complex map of dysfunction, bitterness, and blatant negativity. Many times the outside world is curious as to why black people are so screwed up. What’s also sad is that you see so much emphasizing about how black mothers are destroying their sons, but never anything talking about how they’re... [Read more...]

Love: It’s a Necessity.

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Tweet ( It is understandable that we need air to breathe, and food to sustain strength. As a people more of us are coming to understand we need to address mental health and begin the process of healing from past pain to move forward in a safe healthy manner. More black men and women are coming to terms that we are beautiful, and we have... [Read more...]

Christians: You Can’t Choose Hell For Me.

Tweet ( Hypocrisy is such an ugly state of mind and being. It inflicts known harm in spaces whereby there should be love, compassion, grace, and mercy. You see, everyone wants these things for themselves, and some demand it, while offering absolutely none to others. There is plenty of discussion about what our community needs to grow.... [Read more...]

Flawed Manhood Constructs Are Having On The Lives Of Our Young Males.

December 3, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( For some reason, I have been having conversations with a trusted friend regarding what he terms “cultural constructs”; a fancy way of saying how black men view themselves. As is so often the case with such matters, God placed the perfect example of this malady in front of me to consider. Let me preface this posting with... [Read more...]

African Americans: Will You Allow Your Kids To Take the Road Less Traveled?

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Tweet ( Parents set limits for their children and most of the time, it’s for the child’s better future. We want our kids to follow a certain path in life, and most importantly, we want them to become better and more successful than us. We rarely let them see our vulnerabilities and we want our kids to learn from our experiences.... [Read more...]

African Americans; Do You See Our Queens.

December 1, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( I’m convinced that the white people that run this country don’t want black men and black women to come together in unity. It wasn’t just something seen on the plantation…it has always been.   I can’t count how many times I’ve been told black men hate black women. I should consider dating outside of my race because... [Read more...]

African Americans: 3 Reasons Your Family Is In Need of Deep Discussions Sessions.

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Tweet ( Having effective family discussions can be challenging, especially when your family has never participated in any open conversations. Discussions in which everyone can share their thoughts, listen to each other and conclude the discussion in a positive tone. No matter what type of family you have, there’s always a room for... [Read more...]

Black Americans? White Americans? Think For Yourself.

November 30, 2022 by  
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Tweet ( Every day many of us older adults shake our heads as we watch young people follow the crowd, think in groups and act or react with little or no individuality. Many of us assume it is because they have not grown into their identity – and that is likely true in most cases. But what we do not realize is that far too many of... [Read more...]

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