Monday, October 3, 2022

Rating some of the most high-profile examples of possible “blackballed athletes” in recent years.

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Tweet ( The Encyclopedia Britannica Online Dictionary defines the word “blackball” as “to prevent (someone) from joining a group, club, etc., by voting against him or her”. Playing in a major professional sports league is a significant achievement that only the best athletes in the world are able to achieve but there are some... [Read more...]

Four Attributes of the Wellness Loop in 2022.

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Tweet ( How do we respond to change and challenge? What’s the best way to handle anger? What to do about difficult people? The answer: handle it as ‘well’ as we can. Someone much wiser than me once said life is ten percent what happens to us and ninety percent how we respond. Wellness is defined by the National Wellness Institute... [Read more...]

Politics & The Justice System Finally Flexes Its Power.

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Tweet ( As a Republican presidential contender in 2016, Donald Trump knew something most of us may have totally missed. Most people took it as a joke when Trump addressed an audience during a rally in Sioux Center, Iowa and said, “I could stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody, okay, and I wouldn’t lose any voters,... [Read more...]

Kanye West?? What The Was That?

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Tweet ( Although each of us hates to admit it, something is alluring about an automotive accident or unexpected incident that causes us to strain our necks to capture a glimpse of what is occurring. Unfortunately for those of us who love Black people, one of our own has managed to turn himself into a twenty-car crash or, better yet,... [Read more...]

2022; Diversifying American media ownership must become a national priority.

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Tweet ( 2022 thus far has been a year of multiple socioeconomic and political challenges for all Americans across the nation. Yet for African-Americans and other communities of color, this year represents both challenges and opportunities from a business ownership perspective. In particular, for Black-owned media businesses there is... [Read more...]

HBCUs: The Hidden Racial Scam.

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Tweet ( For many of you who don’t know the history of HBCUs, you see them only as progress. And yes many of them have turned out awesome African Americans who will go on to change the world. But just as every coin has three sides, so does the foundation of HBCUs. And one side is not at all what most people of color think. So while... [Read more...]

Black Americans in America is a Fatherless Child.

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Tweet ( Ghostface Killah of the WuTang Klan made a song on his first solo album called ‘Motherless Child.’ Although not the original, it used a sample from a version recorded by O.V. Wright’s “Motherless Child” which was taken from an old Negro spiritual from the times of slavery. The way I see it, a new stanza... [Read more...]

Black American? African American? Uplift The Community.

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Tweet ( Rappers Lil Wayne, Jay-Z, Kanye West, “P” Diddy, 50 cent, and hip-hop businessmen Russell Simmons, and Snoop Dog, just to name a few, are members of the 250 million Dollar Club—Robert Johnson perhaps being the lone billionaire. The accomplishments that each has attained is remarkable; however, the means to which they used... [Read more...]

The Jim Crowing of Christianity!

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Tweet ( “Whites only”…. “Colored”…. “No colored allowed”…. These words remind us a very ugly time in American history. A time of separate and unequal State sponsored fascism and racism. We all know about the history of Jim Crow, its demonic legacies; and the horrible results of its policies. For Black-Americans; limited... [Read more...]

The Homosexual Agenda Is Destroying African-American Men.

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Tweet ( Am I homophobic? No, I don’t fear homosexuals. But I do deal with facts and the devastation that homosexuality is doing to our African American community, our families, our churches and our value system. Is this hate speech? No, it is freedom of speech – and freedom of speech does not just apply to agreeable speech,... [Read more...]

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