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kYmberly Keeton; In Response to Rapper Lupe Fiasco: President Obama is a Terrorist…

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( This morning I woke up to reading my daily online news publications. I immediately was entranced by an article with the headline, Lupe Fiasco: Obama Is a Terrorist, on I sat, thought for a minute, and decided to write about it. I have never in my life seen so many haters in our own community, when it comes to President Obama. I wonder sometimes if these individuals even care that he has a wife, and two children. Lupe Fiasco should know what lane he is in—a hip-hop fantasy.

When interviewed on, CBS’ What’s Trending with commentator Shira Lazar, the rapper stated, “the biggest terrorist is Obama in the United States  of America. I’m trying to fight the terrorism that’s causing the other forms of terrorism. You know the root cause of terrorists is the stuff the U.S. government allows to happen. The foreign policies that we have in place in different countries that inspire people to become terrorists.”

I believe that Fiasco has the right to his own opinion regarding any issue. However, if you noticed in the quote, the rapper disrespected the President by not calling him by his title, then spits fire for no reason, all to say that he will not vote in the 2012 election. When asked about the voting process he stated, “No, I don’t vote,” he said. “I don’t get involved in politics. It’s meaningless.” –Really?

I often wonder if rappers in the 21st century understand the power that they have. I wonder if this rapper actually has sat down and listened to Gil Scott Heron, who was a political powerhouse with words. I wonder if Lupe Fiasco will move out of the United States, since he believes that we are being led in the wrong direction. Doubt that…He’s making to much money off of me and you. Did you purchase his latest CD, Lasers?

I wonder why he never talks about in full-length about practicing the Muslim faith [and I’m not talking about The Nation of Islam] on his album or TV? Is this the reason why he wants to put the President on blast, because he hates his own identity? To speak about another Black man in this way, makes me believe that Fiasco has a lot of boy antics up his sleeve, and an identity crisis complex. I have to call him a boy, because obviously he does not know his—history. He went there, and I can too.

To blurt out that our President is a Terrorist, must mean, Lupe need’s more album sales. Perhaps he hates himself; he hates African-Americans who believe in change, and votes for what they believe in—versus going to the media to shame their own. The article went on to insinuate that Fiasco believes if you vote as an African-American then you are a house Negro.

In all honesty, I rather have been in the house, than the field. At least, I would not have had to deal with the heat on the outside in Texas.  As a member of Generation X, I have to say that we must stand up, and hold these individuals accountable. There is no need for name calling; if Fiasco wants a word –war, he should have called the President personally…his homeboy Jay-Z has his number.

That is real game, and keeping it 100%.

Staff Writer; kYmberly Keeton

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48 Responses to “kYmberly Keeton; In Response to Rapper Lupe Fiasco: President Obama is a Terrorist…”
  1. shun says:

    @NYSOM- you are not only an idiot,but also a liar…you go from this—>”Shun, you can’t get enough. I see you don’t read either. The write(r) got her information from the –dumb_ass!”… this—>”Not once have I cursed you, called you out of your name…and it says a lot about your character as a man. Are you man?” you so full of shit that you can’t even get your thoughts straight. again,maybe i wasn’t very clear when i told you “fuck off” earlier,or your “new york state of mind” won’t allow you to get it. in regards to what your grandmother told you,she sounds like a wise woman,which is why i have no problem calling you an idiot….here is a tip, as my grandmother use to say…”when you hear grown folks talking,shut the fuck up.” yes, i always have a few minutes for you…every day if you like. you graduated from UH and you know graduates from TSu…so,what do you want, a treat? if you are what my alma mater is shitting out these days then i am completely ashamed. you wasted your mammys tuition money.

  2. NewYorkStateofMind says:

    @ Shun, my grandmother always said…”When you see a fool, baby…call him one.” –U are one. Let’s see how paragraphs you come up with now. And, to be clear about Third Ward…I graduated from the University of Houston. I would never dis the historic efforts of others.

    Remember, I have been speaking at you and too you the entire time. And, as always in each post you go into a catastrophic coma.

    I know many graduates from Texas Southern University…and I never thought of you in that light.

    I see you on the corner. Not once have I cursed you, called you out of your name…and it says a lot about your character as a man. Are you man?

    Naw…you still standing on the corner! LOL.

  3. shun says:

    newyorkstateofmind-what kind of fucking idiot are you really? i sent you a direct link that completely discredited anything that this dumbass “writer” wrote about,yet you and your ridiculous new york mindset still won’t get off this guys back. the huh?-who gives a shit. that shows just how lazy she is and you still vouching for her shows that you are just as pathetic…and lazy. you are probably just another dumbass “blogger” who loves this sort of opinion filled nothingness. i am the second person here that you mention in some condescending tone about “work”,or finding a job. i suppose i am to take that bait and rattle off what exactly i do for a living…but i won’t give you that honor,you are a peon.

    if you are living in NYC -you are a disgrace to the title of your name…even that isn’t original fool.just as your thoughts aren’t. only emotion and opinion yes that makes you a fool,and a simple one. …i did state that i lived in houston texas at one point,and your cavalier attempt at insulting some of those brothers from 3rd ward at the corner store came up a bit short,even those guys could chew up and spit out some common bullshitter like yourself. yes,my job allows me the time to dissect little shitty “writers” at will and at my leisure. stop bullying?? yuck, get some balls you pansy little wimp….i wouldn’t expect such softness from someone with a self induced title as “N.Y.S.T.O.M.”—>dummy. people who talk shit,yet hide behind their lazy online alias are cowards…true shit for brains.

    you are as i called her on post number one typical/standard negro mentality. you are right,i can’t get enough…idiots like you make simple wednesday afternoons worthwhile. you should probably get off of “opinion sites” and go start learning something. i and a few others here have given you more info than your pea brain can possibly absorb. save it,and fact check at your convenience hoodrat. yes i do have a few minutes out of my day everyday to engage with your’s not a problem,it’s actually kinda fun. again,what do you even have to engage me about? we would not speak in real life so why bother here? we obviously have absolutely nothing in common besides the fact that we are both on this website. if you want to discuss facts,then lets keep it about that. when it comes to your emotions and how something made you feel. i personally don’t give two shits,that’s your own issue…deal with it. yes,because someone has the balls to call your lame president out,don’t get all worked up.sometimes the truth hurts. we get it. as we say down south,”you’d wash obamas dirty drawers if he asked you”…we all aren’t as obsessed and captivated by this man as the majority of you are. i hardly blame you,he is probably the first black leader you have “known”. it’s got to be rough. lupe doesn’t give a shit about you,and neither does obama. let that marinate.

  4. NewYorkStateofMind says:

    @ Shun, you can’t get enough. I see you don’t read either. The write got her information from the –dumb_ass! Get a life, and quit bullying people. I think one of the other readers stated that you need a day job. I guess you in Houston, chilling in Third Ward, @ the corner store…wishing you knew Lupe personally. I wish you did, he might have done you some good back in the day…I mean you both slipping. You keep responding, and Lupe ain’t even called you. And, from what I read in one of your posts you not even a fan of Lupe. I mean you really need to find something else to do.

    I am going to recommend that you READ more often, do less posting, and take care of your community. Third Ward/Sugarland/Pearland/The Bottom/The Heights need you to start washing windows. Let me know when you got your rags…Cause your talk is real CHEAP –TOO CHEAP. lol.

  5. shun says:

    @new york state of mind. there is a link to the video.—> “Regarding the slave comment that she made, it all reverted back to this young man’s comments about voters being house slaves. Now why no one has addressed this behooves me.”

    the reason no one has addressed it other than to call the writer a fool for writing her house negro/slave comment is because Lupe never said that,nor did he INSINUATE it as she put it.

    this was a terrible little bit of writing on behalf of kymberly keeton….this video was over 5mn long and the segment on obama may have lasted 30 seconds if that.

    “Lupe has not stood at the front line of any movement in hip-hop; name one, I will check myself –if you are right…”- again i suggest maybe listening to the interview yourself. i think it’s lazy of you to take this ladies word for it without doing your own research.

  6. pd says:

    @NewYorkStateofMind so you liked my dissertation. Thank you. 🙂

    Freedom of speech is a right enumerated in the First Amendment no question. Unfortunately, that also gives people the right to publicly attack a person’s character with little grounds for doing so . . . but we have lawsuits for that (defamation, slander, etc.). So there is a limitation on one’s right to speak freely.

    “To speak about another Black man in this way, makes me believe that Fiasco has a lot of boy antics up his sleeve, and an identity crisis complex. I have to call him a boy, because obviously he does not know his—history. He went there, and I can too.”

    What the staff writer wrote is utterly unreasonable . . . because you don’t like what someone says you attack the person saying it? Where are the lawyers at? Debate the merits (what the person said), why waste time attacking the person. What basis does the staff writer have for saying Lupe is a boy or that he suffers from an identity crisis?

    But I see what we have here. It’s not about determining or debating the truth of what Lupe said, it’s about protecting President Obama. Anything negative said about President Obama and we’ll hang, draw, and quarter the person who said it. That’s nonsensical.

    Staff writer Kym mentioned nothing of Obama’s foreign policy. Lupe didn’t even mention what foreign policies he was referring to for that matter. All we have here is a lot of dancing around the substance on both Lupe’s and the staff writer’s part. See my “dissertation” below for more substance. Don’t we need to understand Lupe’s reasoning for why he called President Obama a terrorist? What is his explanation? Why would he say such a thing?

    Lupe’s comment about Black voters being house negros was dumb. However, I’m not sure he even made the comment. Staff write Kym writes:

    “The article went on to INSINUATE that Fiasco believes if you vote as an African-American then you are a house Negro.”

    Keyword here is insinuate, which means that the words never really came out of his mouth but could perhaps be inferred (based on the writer’s inference).

    In light of the history of this country, and the world for that matter, and the process by which American democracy/politics works, I understand Lupe’s comments but without more explanation from him, his words were over the top. Perhaps he did it to spark controversy in an effort to sell more records, which means he himself is dumbing it down, bad pun intended. But I think he has a basis (perhaps a not well reasoned one) for claiming that Obama is the biggest terrorist. But we’re kind of left guessing that basis since he didn’t fully articulate the reasoning behind his claim. Without more (from him), his rhetoric was terrorist like in and of itself, it was an attack for little or no reason.

    I suppose it gets to a point though that if an American citizen is so anti-American (and maybe for good reason) then one should do like W.E.B. DuBois and leave the country. I’ve thought about it.

  7. NewYorkStateofMind says:

    @ pd…what is so compelling about your dissertation that you wrote at *work is that you fail to mention that we live in a society where FREE SPEECH rocks!

    I for one believe that Lupe took jabs at President Obama…and the writer of this article came right back and put back in his face [the rapper’s]. Now many hate when a journalist, or a writer, puts it out there –at face value. I think she did a superb job calling out Lupe.

    I found no problem with her being truthful about the situation at hand, which was the word TERRORIST that she attacked by bringing it right back to the rapper’s own demeanor… Lupe has not stood at the front line of any movement in hip-hop; name one, I will check myself –if you are right.

    Regarding the slave comment that she made, it all reverted back to this young man’s comments about voters being house slaves. Now why no one has addressed this behooves me. But, it is cool. There is a reason why she is the writer and we are the readers–responding.

    And once again, I addressed the issue at hand…not the rapper’s antics about the government. That is his own personal opinion that he is entitled to have.

  8. pd says:

    Yes, because not voting and doing nothing makes the most sense. All Lupe has done is complain without offering solutions. All I have seen in this comment section is complaining with no solutions. Unfortunately we live in a tainted democracy where, ostensibly, the only way to become a statesman or representative is if you have money. Money gets you elected, money got President Obama elected because a lot of people contributed to his campaign. Complaining and boasting about how you don’t vote changes nothing. Real change comes by gathering the masses. Lupe’s comments were inflammatory, incendiary, divisive, and lacked substance. Real change comes by organizing people (the Panthers did it). One can organize and influence people by truly knowing the issues and debating on the merits. The true way to rebel is either grab arms but a more reasonable approach would be to organize people and start a movement or another party, perhaps more radical than Obama. The Tea Party did it (I wonder if we have some Tea Party members posting in the comment section). I’m starting think people take on a rebellious radical attitude because it’s becoming cool . . . I’m a rebel, I’ll say something unreasonable and not have a solid foundation for it, and it’s cool.

    Makes no sense, words and rhetoric do nothing without action, especially if they are unfounded.

    I think the staff writer went a little over board with the Lupe bashing. I like Lupe. I love hip hop. I don’t necessarily agree with everything Lupe says but I do agree when he talks about history. Let’s control the anger, hate, and bitterness ya’ll and think with reasoned minds.

    The Obama Administration is merely helping (keyword helping) to enforce a no fly zone over Libya. Ghadafi’s own people rose up against him (or so we are made to believe), in the wake of protests in Egypt. Ghadafi responded by slaughtering his own people. Now is that fair? Yet the Obama Administration still took no action, seeing that we’re already involved in Iraq and Afghanistan, mind you that both conflicts were created by Bush, both wars which we are exiting as we speak (supposedly). The Obama Administration didn’t take action until after the United Nations passed a resolution to protect Libyan civilians. This is not a U.S. Libya war, this is a rebel uprising (which has the support of the U.N. and the Obama Administration). Is Ghadafi’s rule legitimate in the first place? Is he not a military dictator that rules by force? Apparently the people of Libya are done with it all. Was the world to stand by while Ghadafi murdered his own people to suppress a rebellion? It’s not just the U.S. in Libya but rather many nations (U.N., NATO, etc.).

    Someone cite what the Obama Administration (the so called terrorist) has done that has been so atrocious as to spawn more terrorists?

    Do you think terrorists wouldn’t be terrorists if Obama wasn’t in office? Do you think Al Qaeda would stop being a supposed terrorist organization if Mitt Romney took office? Or perhaps if you or I took office? Well if terrorists are going to be terrorists regardless then what should we do about it? Someone please cite an Obama foreign policy that is so oppressive to another country that it incites more terrorist acts (besides the support for Israel and even then Obama has called for borders pre-1967 which expands the Palestinian State).

    Every U.S. Congressman/woman/representative/senator will probably be a corporate sock puppet to some degree but the question is to what degree? Is Obama less of a corporate puppet than Bush, absolutely. So it’s back to the question of picking the lesser of two evils (remember Bush v. Kerry in 2004). America, with the passive support of its government, has a long history of terrorist type acts against smaller less wealthy nations, see Open Veins Of Latin America by Eduardo Galeano. People should know that European nations along with the U.S. have exploited poorer countries for their own capitalistic gains, it’s well documented. Perhaps it’s not a country thing but more a business thing and the big businesses, in the 1900’s especially, were headquarted in the U.S. (and still are). Multinational corporations sought the support of the U.S. government to help them gain access to foreign lands/markets (complete with coup d’etats and puppet governments). I cite the European imperialist movement in Africa, the Middle East, and Asia in the late 1800’s early 1900’s; slavery in the U.S. (it took a Civil War to ban it); and centuries of continued U.S./European influence over poorer Latin America countries (with support of the IMF and World Bank). You must read Open Veins.

    Anyway, Obama is a small peice of history. I think underneath he’s a fair and reasonable guy but he’s in the thick of it all. The head of the U.S. government yes but still pressured by checks and balances (Congress and the Supreme Court), he’s still under media pressure, pressure by big business. In regard to business, he’s done a decent job of not being too influenced. Do you think the insurance companies (big business) wanted Obamacare? Nope, but he pushed for it anyway so that people that can’t afford medical insurance could hopefully some day have insurance. Call it socialism if you want.

    I would say I’m a field negro all day but it sounds kind of stupid arguing about what type of slave I am. I’m radical but reasonable. I could type more but I’ve already wasted too much time at work. Peace ya’ll.

  9. dg says:


    preach brotha

  10. JB says:

    Lupe is 100% right as well as Shun’s comments! Our President Barack Obama is indeed not only a terrorist leading a terrorist nation creating new terrorists but he has also adopted the new title.. “assassin” for his (and partners in crime French Sarkozy and UK Cameron) current role in the most expensive multiple assassination attempts in world’s history on Libya’s M. Gadhafi which by the way killed his youngest son and three of his grandsons. For those who don’t know, we are paying $2 MILLION PER DAY on this bloody “humanitarian” war. How is this any different than Bush?

    It’s shameful that it took a Black man to be president of the first US regime to launch a full scale savage attack against an African nation. And just to show you how twisted this is, the “rebels” that Obama is supporting are reppin’ Al Qaeda while LYNCHING Black men in Libyan streets! If one truly knows this, they would accept that Lupe’s comments are the bitter truth.

  11. dg says:


    Well done!! I tend to agree with you on most of your points. I still can’t get over the house negro comment. That the author would be more concerned about the heat than being enslaved and all of the MANY issues that came w/ that (i.e. rape, mental and physical abuse)


    Conspiracy theories. Just because someone questions U.S. policy doesn’t make them a conspiracy theorist. Doesn’t mean that you follow all the website either. To question the administrations policy as it pertains to our dealing with brown/black people around the world makes perfect sense. I think Lupe is on to something when he essentially said in his interview that these countries are committing terrorist actions b/c we most likely did something to them and they’re pissed.

    You keep believing everything you hear from the mass media and I’ll filter what i hear.

  12. shun says:

    @access houston-yeah,you know you’re right. i guess she did break it down on so many levels. what was i thinking? if what i wrote makes you think i agree with the “writer” then you are truly a damn fool. it tells me that some type interaction with you would be fruitless,and that i shouldn’t even bother. but i must. since you ask -no,i’m not a “fan” of lupe fiasco,i don’t listen to rap music but thats neither here nor there. i do applaud him for speaking his mind,and telling the truth while doing so. call it what you will but i would rather be represented by this guy than some of the other brainless and regressive embarrassments that the music business is saturating us with these days. whether or not your government is absolutely corrupt and has a long history of lies and acts of terror,even some placed upon your own people at one time is not really up for debate. your history clearly shows it. if you think that now that there is a black president suddenly it’s all good,that’s your business. many of us were not raised like you. we were not raised to believe the same shit that you do. i respect the young cat even more once i found out that his father was an oldschool panther just like my father was. original panthers. maybe you don’t know that history,if not you should read up. you might not understand what that was about…again it’s not for you. some of you cats are lost,these ladies too. now i will tell you like i told someone earlier-just go back to sleep. it’s all good.

    just like you figure that you know my type or who i am/what i am-who what i’m a fan of and this slick shit:—>”Perhaps you should get a day job and start a career as a writer; clearly you have so much to say…and never once truly addressed the fact that the brother did call our President a Terrorist, in my opinion. Now don’t you think that will come back to bite him one day; I surely do.”—> what kind of square shit is that? i’m glad that some here get it. they already know what time it is. i can handle the little slick internet’s nothing. i’m always in houston so we can always meet up and talk these political/social issues in real face to face type convo. shit won’t change and i’m going to still tell it like it is. you can take it or leave it. thats on you. i think some people falsely assume that we are some homogenous group simply because we share the same skin. we are not the same type,and i’m cool with that. it doesn’t have to get personal unless you want it that way. again. that’s all on you. your president is a corporate sock puppet,face it. just like most things it will take the masses a while to figure it out. after a few more years of war and bullshit i wonder if you will be singing the same tired old negro spirituals? my bet would be-probably.

    oh,and lets not forget this gem: “In all honesty, I rather have been in the house, than the field. At least, I would not have had to deal with the heat on the outside in Texas. As a member of Generation X, I have to say that we must stand up, and hold these individuals accountable. There is no need for name calling; if Fiasco wants a word –war, he should have called the President personally…his homeboy Jay-Z has his number.
    That is real game, and keeping it 100%.”—->

    *now that is coonery at it’s finest. you’re right,maybe i should take up writing,especially if people like this are getting forums to spew this trite nonsense. i find forums and “word wars” boring so i could never get into this fulltime. i prefer telling people how ridiculous they are to their face,but that might be keeping it a bit too 100 for “yall” blogger types. i wish this young man the best of luck,and from here on out,yes,he has earned another supporter. it’s good this guy sells out auditoriums and sells multi-platinum all across the globe -his money is not just tied into american negroes being able to make or break him….you should check out his rock band also,they are pretty damn good.

  13. AccessHouston says:

    @ Shun…It seems like you are a huge fan of Lupe Fiasco. It also sounds like you are not one to allow others to have their own opinions. When I read this article, I clearly see that the writer was not taking punches at Fiasco’s rhetoric about how he feels the government is operating.

    The writer simply took note to what the rapper called the President. She broke it down for you on so many levels. It is a shame that you have written so many posts regarding this article; it makes me believe that you agree with the writer.

    Perhaps you should get a day job and start a career as a writer; clearly you have so much to say…and never once truly addressed the fact that the brother did call our President a Terrorist, in my opinion. Now don’t you think that will come back to bite him one day; I surely do.

    The hype is not in the rapper’s lyrics…it is in his actions.

  14. shun says:

    Tesb1…i think her opening statement set the stage:–>” This morning I woke up to reading my daily online news publications. I immediately was entranced by an article with the headline, Lupe Fiasco: Obama Is a Terrorist, on I sat, thought for a minute, and decided to write about it.”<– my guess would be that after a minute it was purely emotional and not much more.

  15. Tesb1 says:

    I am confused as to why people keep claiming that Lupe “does not” talk about his muslim upbringing (his music is all about his values, and he is very open about his observance to the Muslim religion), and that he “did not” know who Gil-Scott Heron was or that he died? (He posted a piece honoring him that same week he died)…

    I am honestly curious, did everyone just choose to respond to this because of their outrage over his words about Obama, and react instantly….instead of *actually* taking the time to know what Lupe writes about, speaks out about, how he lives or what he’s involved in?

  16. shun says:

    @angela…yes,i am from houston as well. i know that dr.martha wong is our state representative and our houston diplomat to china….are you speaking of another friend? if so who? i love facts.

  17. shun says:

    and to jasmine. sorry if these things don’t stroke your “feel good” button,the truth isn’t always comfy. this article,as opinionated and one sided as it was has probably received more feedback and dialogue than anything she has previously written which in turn is more traffic for the “thy black man” site,ie win for them. if she wants a “feel good” response then maybe she should write a feel good article. is this about facts or emotions? i don’t get the two twisted and maybe you shouldn’t either.

  18. shun says:

    yes todd,”al quaeda” is an organization created and was once funded and trained by your government. only then they were called Mujahideen ?????. i know that fact is uncomfortable for you as it should be. being called a sheep probably doesn’t sit too well either but as they say,it is what it is. here is a tip: go back to sleep…everything is under control.

  19. James C says:

    yet another black man so entrenched in his own racist ways he cannot fathom another black man would have the stones to criticize the worst president ever, no matter his skin color. You’re a divisive bigot pandering to people who want to feel victimized by their (collective) past.

  20. Zeke says:

    TJ, I think I get you now. Your sarcasm in your first post just flew way over my head. Sorry, I was sleepy and can never really tell sarcasm over the internet. You just made it pretty clear with that last post though.

  21. Jasmin says:

    You know what? I think it’s sad that people cannot intelligently engage in dialogue and share their opinions without name-calling, calling out, putting people on front street. I mean really. We are all equipped with words, shaped by our own personal experiences, and have our own angle of vision. Just because my opinion differs from another, it does not mean that I have to lash out against someone because I don’t agree with them. We were all created as free thinking beings, not robots. How boring it would be if we all thought the same way, did the same thing, so on and so forth. Honestly, it’s a low blow to resort to name calling. It makes me wonder if you’re simply throwing up a smokescreen to compensate for the fact that you choose not to intelligently articulate yourself. I mean are we on the playground in elementary school? Come on! Staff Writer, kYmberly Keeton has every right to share her opinion. Did she ask any of us to agree with it? No. She simply shared her thoughts and did so concisely and intelligently without pushing her agenda (as some people on this comment reel have) down anyone’s throat. Some people really need to get over themselves. Launching rude words and saying ugly things doesn’t garner anyone to your side. Get a grip!

  22. Angela says:

    @ Shun, corrections, not American sheeps, I was referring to the writer, see you speak about people or individuals not reading, checking or knowing there history, yet you failed to read exactly what I stated and that I was referring to the writer.

    Since you are well on quoting things, you should have put that one in quotes so you got it correct and I would not have to re-iterate myself.

    To the point in fact about Obama and being that he is not the President of Black America? That is just the truth. That is something that can not be argued so that has nothing to do with Obama cultism as you refer to as but more as fact. Check the record book.

    I am well aware and versed on the facts that you bring in regards to history…which happen prior to his administration. See I’m not a lost soul as you may presume as you did other female individuals, I do believe that this country by all means is on a down fall and has been. (as stated before)

    So I get it correct I wanted to quote you: “maybe this isn’t the arena to voice this…i’ve noticed that no matter what facts you present to the obama zombies-no one listens. just the same old,”he didn’t create this problem…he inherited it”…sure we all get that, and the reason so many people voted for him was because people wanted peace in this world and “change”. change meaning REAL change. the people that voted for him wanted him to simply do exactly what he said he was going to do…not perform miracles. people wanted him to end the two illegal wars. they were based on lies. we all do know that right?”
    -(Your words, not mine)

    My problem with the conscious folks of our community, is that instead of trying to educate and bring the knowledge it becomes a war among words, phrases and backlashes. People within our community who are not educated to the knowledge that we have is because individuals are so thinking they are way above everyone else and find themselves separating themselves. I don’t disagree with you on the fact that yes, people voted for the man and wanted REAL change, and you know that we live in a government system that is run by the white man that is only going to allow for so much to happen. Of course they want to make him look bad, when have they ever wanted to make African people look good. This proving there notion we should have never let a black man in office. Like your statement says he did inherit those problems and for any individual that think REAL CHANGE happens overnight are only fooling themselves.

    Another notion, like things that you claim to here all the time from sisters in the community, I here from brothers like yourself,” yes,i am in the process of leaving your sacred country.” i have absolutely no desire to be part of the flock anymore.”

    How long have you been in the process of leaving? Because that is another tired line that needs to be laid to rest. Talk is cheap, actions are more fundamental. That is how our ancestors got results. If you are planning to leave the country, more power to you brother.

    “yes,obama was my last bit of “hope”-he has proven himself to be exactly like his owners. passports and work visas are priceless…i suggest everyone get you some. sad…no one here mentioned china. they own you now.”

    As much as you also talk about how we are so lost and caught up in the fantasy, I have exactly all the things you stated on hand and in board. (passport…) My best friend by the way is moving to China, (not in the process, papers signed, leaves in August) and will be working with the Chinese government as well as another friend works in the mayors office in Houston, Texas as the American rep with the Chinese government. I also know other countless individuals since you said no one mentioned China thought I would…

    Lupe is an artist, I respect him hands down, we all know, or maybe we don’t but controversy sells records and people speaking up on political issues is gold. I mean, lets be real like you said he needs and wants to sell records and there is nothing wrong with that. I’m not against him for speaking his minds, I’m about intentions and actions. Check his records and support history. It is there like you say our history is. Facts, not assumptions.

    This is my last and final post on this matter. Peace to you and your journey.

  23. LaShic Mondrell Patterson says:


    (Hand clap), and that there can be the case for Lupe’s callin out President Obama b/c he had to get his hands dirty to clean up some rich white folk mess just how they always want black folk to do after f*uckin things up for 500 years. I mentioned the Clintons, McCain, Bush, & company doin some real dirty stuff a few posts down. If Lupe wanna make President Obama a terrorist by association, then I done already gave him the argument to do that w/ in my other two posts. Now, do I agree with that argument; heyell nah, but I get with that argument why someone would feel real paranoid lol.

    I listed a whole bunch of dirty sh*t that the Clintons, McCain, Bush, and company was in on, but I don’t know the history of this country like I don’t read now? Okay, I’m not even addressin that because it’ll deflect attention from two issues.

    One, Lupe Fiasco verbally said on a MTV news tidbit that he was supportin Hillary Clinton in 08. Two, he callin President Obama a terrorist. This is what lil man said, and no where in there is he callin out the Clintons, McCain, Bush, & company to make him have some type of legitimate argument, and no where in there is he givin a solution for people who get to the point where they don’t even wanna take part in the political process.

    We all know that votin for President Obama was just votin for lesser of two evils w/ Republicans all in a hissy fit about not getting what they wanted out of 08 like they hadn’t got enough for 8 years w/ Bush Jr. and 8 years w/ Clinton because he was finishin what Bush Sr. couldn’t implement in 4 years. We also know it’s really about who you got on the job at the local & state level that can really f*ck up your city and state.

    But like I said I listen to the man’s music, and I feel him, but not on this because he got records to sell, and he know he’ll get the headline by callin President Obama a terrorist just like he did when said he supportin Hillary Clinton knowin dayum well he not votin because if he was really about droppin truth he would’ve did what took 3 posts for me to do.

  24. SODS says:

    I seriously see now why W.E.B. Du Bois moved out of the states. The blinders are very tight around the black community eyes(Mental). Why are you all continuing to bring up the previous Presidents? We know who started the madness BUT as a black man and victim of AMERICAN TERRORISM (KKK, Bull Conor and so on). Believe it or not that’s what we (Afro, African Americans or black. Take your pick) are. why continue the American terrorist activity that have once been used against you and your people on people of different ethic groups? If the president was a white man we would not be having this discussion. We all would have sat back and continued to be exploited and lied too.

    I am extremely PROUD that the president is black because I cared nothing about what was going but it took a black man to become president to open my eyes to what is really going on. Proud field nigger right here WITH MY ENTIRE SOUL IN TACKED.

    Now for the real truth. BARACK OBAMA IS NOT ONE OF US. Do the research and LOOK DEEP.

  25. Todd says:

    shun- sheep and sheeple are terms I find used by others that think they are smarter/more politically savvy than the “rest of us.” I find for the most part its also a term used by uneducated, unread, conspiracy theorists and your post proves that you are one as well. Yes I’ve read all of the goofball conspiracy theories posted around the web. The fact that you put Al Qaeda in quotes tells me you are a follower of the the conspiracy theory that the US gov and media created a fake organization of tens of thousands of followers as an excuse to go to war. Your opinion, your political views are not worthy of a response. You will continue to follow the world view as propagated by wackjob conspiracy websites followed by people that need an explanation why their lives suck. And you have the nerve to call other people sheep- pathetic.

  26. shun says:

    to angela-if you have a problem with my calling the american people sheep,then that is your own issue. i’m not sure where exactly i made a reference to ALL sisters in our community. i was referencing the writer of this article in particular,and also the scores of sisters that i have encountered who seem to have this unyielding obsession with obama. lately i have encountered many…especially online. it’s also weird,and quite bizarre even because i am hearing the same sentiments almost word for word. like this:” I also do not agree with individuals within the community who always make the claim what has Obama done for black people? The man is not the President of the Black Community he is the President of the United States.” —i’m not sure who released this statement first,but it sure traveled fast within the obama cult,because i have heard it a million times in various conversations…even ones like this where i have not witnessed one person make reference to that. it’s just talking points.

    maybe you /lashic/ cooper/ and some of the others really do not know the history of this country. i do. if you did you would know that what this young man is saying is correct. i don’t mean something just to make you feel good,i mean facts. i didn’t hear anyone mention the clintons,etc…but what difference does it make?she is still a high ranking official also appointed by your main man obama….so IF she was as rotten as you say(which she and her husband are) then why would obama have found a place for them in office. what about his appointing Rahm Emanuel? what about his appointing New York Federal Reserve Bank President Timothy Geithner as Treasury secretary a person who shares a substantial part of the blame for the bubble economy and the financial crisis that this country is faced with right now. does that sound to you like “change”? maybe this isn’t the arena to voice this…i’ve noticed that no matter what facts you present to the obama zombies-no one listens. just the same old,”he didn’t create this problem…he inherited it”…sure we all get that,and the reason so many people voted for him was because people wanted peace in this world and “change”. change meaning REAL change. the people that voted for him wanted him to simply do exactly what he said he was going to do…not perform miracles. people wanted him to end the two illegal wars. they were based on lies. we all do know that right? i mean we are all clear that our government created “al quaeda” right? we do know that the whole premise for these two wars that we can’t afford were bullshit eh? you see if you believe the notion that these “boogeymen” and spooks do exist then…well…we aren’t anywhere near the same page,so more than likely we will never agree on much.

    people also love to throw in the website showing what obama HAS done. great. it’s his job,these are things that he is supposed to do. It is no mistake Bilderberg and Rockefeller stooge Henry Kissinger came out early in favor of Obama, as did Rockefeller minion and co-founder of the Trilateral Commission, Zbigniew Brzezinski. Obama’s appointees are overwhelmingly of the globalist and bankster persuasion — a preponderant number are members of the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Group, and the Trilateral Commission.

    Financial support for the Obama campaign flowed in from Goldman Sachs, Bear Stearns, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, Deutsche Bank, J.P. Morgan Chase, Lehman Brothers, Merrill Lynch, Morgan Stanley, and others. what i suggest is that these “bloggers” who somehow feel better calling themselves “journalist” do more research and not just going off about how this guys opinion made you feel emotionally. we elected just another sock puppet. i admit,for about a week i too supported him on an emotional “lets make history” level….but then i found out that he was exactly life the guys before him…and yes the only “change” we got was this time it had a black face on it. sorry but that does not make it go over any easier to me,in fact it makes me feel worse. for this shit we may as well have allowed the usual suspects. this guy is a snake just like the rest of them.

    i have been told countless times also,just as one person suggested of Mr.Fiasco-if you don’t like it,then move. if you have lived long enough you will recall that this has been a mantra of the rednecks in america since day one. i hope that the black and brown people of america savour this moment in history because after his two terms are up none of us will live to see a day when this country elects another black face…this is the bone that they tossed us. many can’t see it. this guy was put into place for a reason. he was bought and sold long before he was elected. sorry i wanted more from the brother,but i know how this government is ran so i did not expect anything,so i am neither shocked or upset. yes sheep,this country has bred us to be this way since we were first brought here. they gave us their religion which today the majority of our people swear by. then they did the ultimate and “gave” us freedom…now the sheep are forever indebted. it’s not really about agreeing or disagreeing with some of you…i think i’m more disappointed. i could write a long list of fact based examples of how this government has been screwing people and lying to them from day one….but i don’t think it matters. yes,i am in the process of leaving your sacred country. i have absolutely no desire to be part of the flock anymore. yes,obama was my last bit of “hope”-he has proven himself to be exactly like his owners. passports and work visas are priceless…i suggest everyone get you some. sad…no one here mentioned china. they own you now.

    what did this sister expect? more sheeple to praise her for such a groundbreaking expose’? did she want a bunch of amens? no…this was about her “feelings”,and her turning what this young man said into him “hating on” obama,or this must mean that he has an insecure/identity issue because he sees thru obamas bullshit. this guy is at least thinking outside of the box…black people have been trained to not think outside of the box. those of us that do scare the hell out of all the owners & slaves-house and the field ones. “group thought” is dangerous.

  27. Angela says:

    I recently heard about Lupe Fiasco comments about President Obama and I want to offer my insight to the situation.

    First I want to make a comment to Shun, making a generalization about all sisters within the community is just as incorrect as you feel the staff writers reviews are on the situation. I find it problematic to here your statements about the sheep mentality when you are equally lashing out. You can debate on the situation without having to bad mouth the writer, it is indeed her opinion and she has a right to her own as you do the same. I am a sister of the community and I am not affiliated with a church institution as I know of many other sisters in the community are not. So be mindful of that.

    I do agree that Lupe is entitled to his opinion. Do I feel that his choice of semantics fit the President. No. LaShic put it best that everyone forgets to place accountability on the other Presidents and government officials and what they have done to the system. The system has been problematic before President Obama came into the office. He can not solely be held accountable, the government as a whole is accountable. I also do not agree with individuals within the community who always make the claim what has Obama done for black people? The man is not the President of the Black Community he is the President of the United States. He is accountable for a multicultural country called the US. Placing the blame on one man, is ridiculous seeing the US was already a mess and the economy was suffering. The US government has been on a problematic downfall since…????

    Now I do not agree that him not talking about his Muslim upbringing or practices within his work/etc means that he is not aware of his identity as a man. I feel that is irrelevant and that is his choice to do so or not. I do find that if you are going to bring the knowledge Lupe hold everyone accountable. Bottom line! Ranting and facts are two different things. If you want to speak on it come fully and correctly. I want facts not rants. As far as I have seen President Obama does not represent a terrorist by any means and I think for someone like Lupe needs to be more responsible with his chose of words.

  28. LaShic Mondrell Patterson says:

    @ dg

    I listen to dude’s music,& at the end of the day, he was throwin support to the Clintons but never called them out on all the stuff I just listed. Ya, he can throw shade on Wall Street, but he not callin out no names of people gettin rich I mean karayzee money off the system like Clinton, Bush, McCain, and company. Like can we address the meat of what I’m sayin for real we talkin about a lil verse in a song without his really educatin the people?

    Clinton apololied 10 years after the Rwanda genocide like million people just gone, but Lupe gave support to that? Come on now, I like his music, but he lost some mad points on way too much, and I for dayum sure ain’t callin President Obama a terrorist like everybody else get a pass now. And real talk, wouldn’t nobody pay attention to him even if he did call out them people, so he let President Obama name roll out his mouth to be a headline, now that’s politics as usual for real.

  29. SODS says:

    I am 1000% with Shun. I seriously think this article brings the quality of this website into question. There was no research done on Lupe’s rhetoric none whatsoever and Ms. Keeton should re-examine if journalism is truly what she wants to take on as a career. This piece has every physical characteristics of what they do and say on Fox news. The House negro statement was by far the most stupid crap I have EVER read in a article from a so-called black journalist. Please re-examine what you said and what you say before you say it from here on out or FOREVER hold you tongue. Yes Obama have a wife and children and to my knowledge you are not one of the three. Confess your Obama crush in your diary and not in your so-called profession.

  30. TL Cooper says:

    How can it be okay to tell people that you don’t vote and don’t get involved with politics because it’s meaningless. Too much sacrifice has been made for our people to have the same right to vote as every other American Citizen.
    He is making very strong negative comments about our President but he doesn’t get involved with politics? Whatever
    He counts on the vote of his fans by the way they spend their dollars but he thinks voting is meaningless. Oh really!

    It’s one thing to make such negative statements about the President but the issues that this country is experiencing were handed to him, not created by him. Lupe is entitled to his opinion but instead of saying not to vote at all is cowardly. How about he urges people to promote, support and help bring who they feel are worthy candidates to office. Most people understand that the person you vote for shares a majority of the same views as you do not 100% of them.

    There is no way that anyone can honestly say that they don’t vote because they can’t stand behind the candidate 100%, it’s impossible to do so.

    Lupe himself has flaws and I’m sure that all of his fans don’t agree with or like 100% of his music, but they still vote for him with $$. There is no man, woman or child that can be held to such a high standard of perfection but Obama is doing more positive than even Lupe cares to admit, he’s darn sure reaping the benefits of it. If he hadn’t mentioned President Obama’s name in such a negative way I would have never even waisted my time reading his interview…

    So for anyone here to say that he is right just because you want this writer to be soo wrong I would love to see what you would have to say if he wasn’t as devout a muslim as he claims, or if he by chance did call a woman out of her name or if he really does occasionally smoke, drink or curse. You don’t know what this man really does or stands for because you are not with him 100% of the time so Shame On You

    I voted for President Obama and I support President Obama because as the head of this country he protects my rights as an American citizen the same rights that Lupe happens to enjoy as well like the right to “not vote”, “free speech”, “practice any religion, even the one that is most commonly associated with terrorism” just to name a few.

    So if Obama is a terrorist what do you call the person who reaps the benefits of his terrorist actions but can point out more problems than solutions???

    Bush started the war with Bin Laden, Obama finished off Bin Laden and who was greatful for thatthat

  31. dg says:

    @LaShic Mondrell Patterson

    In his song words i never said, Lupe says

    Crooked banks around the World
    Would gladly give a loan today
    So if you ever miss payment
    They can take your home away!

    Sounds like he’s calling out wall street to me. Do you listen to his music. What rapper today is gettin spins on mainstream radio/video thats sayin something

    @damon dozier

    lupe take ur girl. why u hatin

  32. Damon Dozier says:

    Top 10 Reasons Why Lupe Fiasco is Wack

    1. He calls himself a conscious rapper, but the name of the label he owns is called 1st and 15th
    2. His first group was called Da Pack and he used to rap about slanging dope even through he never did.
    3. Skateboarder Stevie Williams ethered him on his response to “Kick, Push”
    4. He did a song with Matt Santos
    5. He told the Villiage voice he was writing a novel about a window washer called “Window Washer.”
    6. He’s cool with Charles Hamilton, also known as “that rapper whose girl slapped the fire out of him for freestyling about her abortion.”
    7. He doesn’t know who Gil Scott-Heron is, or that he died last week.
    8. He did a song about H-Town rap (Hip Hop Saved My Life) and you can tell he never made is as close as Katy. Maybe Sugarland.
    9. Lupe is what Latino women name their daughters.
    10. He doesn’t vote ’cause he can’t work the machines.

  33. LaShic Mondrell Patterson says:

    Ya I like how Lupe call him out but ain’t call out Clinton, Bush, McCain, & company for having investments in oil w/ terrorists, ship out jobs, turn prisons into commodities where people doing 12 & 15 years for sellin weed all while these Wall Street dudes & people runnin BP drugged out on meth and taking out loans from the constituents pockets to appease their investors, et cetera et cetera.

    Ya Lupe look really smart like he bringin that knowledge like he really doin it

    #EPICgatdayumfail lol.

  34. TJ says:

    Okay Zeke you have a point. I’ll have to modifiy my statement. Okay only muslims, people of color and/ or people who dont’ speak English as a first langauge. Can be called terrorist. I don’t think that’s racist. When Timothy McVey bombed Okahoma City was he refered to as a “Christian Terrorist?” of course not. I have never seen the phrase “Christian Terrorist”, “Agnostic Terrorist”, “Buddist Terrorist” etc. When you think about it isn’t everyone we bomb either Muslim or non white?

    Well okay according to the CIA s report the United States foreign policy has lead to an increase in terrorist action. But what the hell do they know? Just because we have killed more than 1.5 million people in Irag (mostly civilians), send Predator Drones to drop bombs on wedding parties in Afghanistan and send spies to Pakistan that shoot down their security personel in a crowded market place in broad daylight in the largest city in Pakistan is no reason for them to retaliate. I mean come on let’s be reasonable.

    Yes if we had a black president who wanted to reinstate Jim Crow laws then by golly I would support our black president 10000% That president might know something we don’t know. I don’t think it is racist to support a black president even though the wars have expanded and the economy seems to be getting worse. He is a victim here. He is stressed. Why do you think he takes so many vacations? No sir I am not racist. I am a patriot.

  35. shun says:

    yeah,i think that house negro vs field negro comment was maybe one of the saddest things i’ve seen a “sister” write in a very long time.

  36. dg says:

    Well done Shun!! Couldn’t agree with you more. This sista is certainly entitled to her opinion but with all due respect i think she is off base.

    She mentions “haters” I don’t understand the blind loyalty that some people have for this guy. I think he is an extraordinary brotha, but if i disagree with him I’m gonna say it. I don’t agree with everything he’s doing doesn’t mean I’m a hater. I’ve heard this saying innumerable times “black people are not monolithic”. We all have opinions and are entitled to those opinions. We don’t all have to fall in line with the pres. if we don’t agree.

    The fact that she thinks Lupe has an identity crisis, there couldn’t be anything further from truth. He is a strong black man, practicing muslim and doesn’t follow the crowd. I think he is thoroughly confident in his identity. His music consistently has a pro black message.

    You mention that he didn’t call Obama by his title? Should he have prefaced his comment by saying Mr President. We elected this cat.

    I believe that he does understand the power that he has he is one of the ONLY rappers getting any mainstream spins that’s talking about something with substance not rims, being in the VIP and being sexist. If that isn’t a good message to send to young people I don’t know what is.

    In terms of house or field all i know is i’d be f*****g ish (i.e. revolt)up whether i was inside or outside

  37. Todd says:

    Lots of criticism of Obama here. Seriously what did you guys expect him to do? Wave a magic wand with purple pixie dust shooting out and turn around all of US wars, have us not fighting for oil in the mideast, have our jobs not going overseas, and remove all corporate interest in washington? He’s dealing with the hand he was dealt. The world is how it is right now. US and Britain companies control oil in the mideast, big corporate and financial interests influence DC decision making, Brazil, China, India, Russia are driving world economic growth, other countries control our decisions because we need them to buy our massive debt, and yes we as a people do still have some pull. Whoever is president or in congress really has to take into account all of these forces. Obama is not just a corporate puppet, he needs to satisfy many different criteria when making decisions.

    The US is involved in wars to protect their interests and maintain worldwide stability. Lots of us, myself included, complain about our wars for oil. Not many of us think what would happen if all hell broke loose and that oil was cut off. Oil is the reason people can go to work and the store, its the reason farmers can output so much food today, its the reason products can be made cheaply and transported to stores to be sold. If the oil supply was cut off, or even diminished 10-20% there would be catastrophic ramifications. Jobs would be lost, food output would drop, riots would be started, social order would collapse, and large wars would eventually begin. So I ask you, if you were Obama sitting in the oval office and knew that if Al-Qaeda were to take over Yemen which sits on the border of the largest oil producer in the Mideast, would you choose the lesser evil of attacking the rebels? I would wager you would.

    My biggest complaint with Obama is our debt. If we could cut out our debt that would be one less hold on our government and the American people. He and congress just don’t seem to care.

    As far as America being the biggest terrorist, well I suppose any superpower will get that designation. I don’t see what replacement will be any better though. When China surpasses us economically and militarily I don’t think they will bring world peace.

  38. shun says:

    and by the way last time i checked,common was a grown ass man and i didn’t hear him crying about what rappers did or did not stick up for him. you seem observant,so i ask this…if he was obamas guest,then why didn’t he speak up for him? i’m sure lupe,like most of us could have cared less who was there spitting poetry.

  39. shun says:

    i think during katrina lupe may have been just another unknown 20 year old possibly looking for a record deal. where was he during katrina? who knows. here is a question since you are a “journalist” where was senator obama at the time? what was his stance during katrina? i doubt what you say,but it’s simply your opinion and that’s cool. to sum Lupe up as “he’s affiliated with kanye west and common if nothing else” is a bit,well… un-journalistic. as a journalist/blogger you should probably know what using the “strawman tactic” is,and in most circles these days you should know that is not accepted when trying to get a point across. if you don’t know what that is,then take a little time to look it up. bringing up where he was during katrina is pretty pointless..yet you cleverly omit where he was during the recent earthquake that devastated haiti,and also leave out what he is still doing for that country even today as that has become old news for you “journalist” types.

    you stating that you “went to town” on him,is well…a bit of exaggeration on your end. i wouldn’t exactly call it that. what you did is more reactionary,typical of the obama zombies that somehow hold this guy up high as the chosen one. lupe will get your respect once he is able to tell obama to his face how he feels? that is ridiculous…obama already knows how he feels. do know that during obamas campaign fiasco turned down several opportunities to jump on that bandwagon. he didn’t. he turned down many opportunities to meet and shake hands with the then candidate obama…he didn’t,even when it was the popular thing to do. to think that obama would actually sit down with any of us and talk face to face about what a corporate puppet he has shown himself to be is nothing but wishful thinking. he would feel much more comfortable around the cheering sheep who would kiss his ass regardless if he’s a liar or not.

    i personally wished that you would address the united states long history of lies and deception,the lies regarding 911,the lies that keep these unjust wars going on. speak on the “terrorist” organizations that we have and are still funding throughout the world. how about obamas extending bushs’ tax cuts.? how about obama continuing with business as usual…pretty much lock and step with the bush doctrine of a few years back. whats the “change” and where is the “hope”? it saddens me that my people are still so gullible. gullible enough to allow them to put a black face on it and now we accept it…trust that they new what they were doing. i’m not sure what your clever use of the label “generation x” is supposed to imply. yes,this generation is supposed to know better. sadly that is not the case. if anything judge people on whether or not they tell the truth. lupe spoke truth. this countries history backs that up,and as a “journalist” as you casually call yourself…you should know better. being 34,you are certainly old enough to know better.

  40. Tesb1 says:

    Shun said everything absolutely perfectly. Lupe has no issue with his own identity, and specifically he clearly does not feel that his identity is tied to that of the the President (who is just another politician, cut from the same cloth as all those before him, is not above reproach by virtue of race, religion or procreation)… Lupe does not have any issue with his personal identity (although his lyrics suggest the same personal struggles that most artists go through in the industry)…he does not hate himself, and he tries to be an agent of positive change and influence.. instead of moving to another country because he feels we’ve gone in the wrong direction, he tries to inspire others to become educated and involved in controlling their own direction (no matter what their race, economic status or heritage)….he understands very much the influence he has, and works hard to make sure that his influence is not negative…

  41. nader paul kucinich gravel mckinney says:

    carrots . sticks . coercive diplomacy
    Lupe Fiasco – Words I Never Said ft. Skylar Grey [Music Video]

  42. Zeke says:

    TJ, what the fuck? You say only Muslims can be terrorists? You are being incredibly racist. Not even the common vernacular means that. There are terrorist organizations in Sub-Saharan Africa, East Asia, Russia, etc that have no Muslim connections.

    There’s a huge school of thought that attacking “terrorists” and bombing the shit out of their countries is what causes terrorism. Many say that the WTC attacks happened because Al-Qaeda began to hate America after the Gulf Wars and subsequent bombings, as well as US interventionism elsewhere. Their governments can’t fight back, so they initiate guerilla attacks. Here’s an article:

    What you’re saying is to disregard that whole school of thought and not speak your mind just because the president is the same race as you. That seems like racism to me. Say the Republicans put a black man in office who reenacts Jim Crow laws, should we not criticize him then? You sicken me.

  43. AA says:

    Lupe wasn’t so famous during Katrina

  44. ron collay says:

    I agree with what SHUN says 100%. Thank you.

  45. kYm says:

    I want to say that as a journalist and a member of Generation X…I know who Lupe Fiasco is to hip-hop. I am 34 years young and heavily in the mix. I know his music. The dude is affiliated with Kanye West and Common if nothing else. However, I have not heard either one of these rappers put President Obama on blast like this in the media. Now where was Fiasco, when Katrina happened? I saw Kanye; I saw Kanye. Where was Fiasco, when his homeboy Common was getting ostracized by the media [Fox News for one]? I saw John Stewart the host of the Daily Show go to town with Bill O’Reilly–standing up for Common…where was Fiasco?

    In this article, I never said that Fiasco was wrong in regard to his opinion; I went to town on the dude, because he called the President a Terrorist. He has done some damage today. I intend to continue to speak out against it. I don’t like it as a young African-American woman to hear someone of his caliber [anybody for that matter] speak about someone, and have never met them or even tried too.

    Now you can say I am wrong all day. But, until Lupe Fiasco sits down with President Obama, and calls him names to his face…I have no respect for the brother. His name serves him right; he is a F I A S C O.

  46. TJ says:

    According to a terrorist is:

    1. a person, usually a member of a group, who uses or advocates terrorism.
    2. a person who terrorizes or frightens others.
    3. (formerly) a member of a political group in russia aiming at the demoralization of the government by terror.

    Okay then what is terrorism?

    ter·ror·ism? ?/?t?r??r?z?m/ Show Spelled
    [ter-uh-riz-uhm] Show IPA

    1. the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for political purposes.
    2. the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.
    3. a terroristic method of governing or of resisting a government.

    Has the U.S. military recently used violence for politcal purposes? So far 1.5 million Iraq citizens have been killed by the military and currently the Commander in Chief has authorized covert force actions and military aid ($2 million a month) to overthow the leader of a sovereign country specifically Libiya.

    So you could argue that Obama is a terrorist BUT ONLY ACCORDING TO THE DICTIONARY DEFINITION OF TERRORIST.

    When we used in the vernacular the word “terrorist” means a Muslim who kills people often innocent civilians but sometimes soldiers and who usually rellies on guerilla tactics instead of high tech military weapons such as tanks, airplains, smart bombs etc.

    Since President Obama is up front about his military actions and is not muslim he is not a “terrorist” in the way that Americans mean it when we use the word “terrorist”.

    Also I take issue with the disrespectul tone that was used by Mr. Fiasco. He should never refer to the President of the United States as “Obama” or boy. Also the fact that he does not vote means that he does not count Sir. So I suggest that Mr. Fiasco make better use of his right to free speech and shuts the hell up!

  47. andre thomas says:

    As someone who is black(a don’t worship at the Church of Obama)Lupe speaks the truth and its quite a shame that most americans(republican or democrat) don’t stop to think that america’s foreign meddling, its wars, foreign aid, and support of autocratic regimes are the reason why terrorist organizations like Al Qaeda are fighting america.

    Anyhow given the fact I have been staunch critic of hollywood and the entertainment industry who blindly support obama, its nice to someone in the crowd who is speaking the truth.

  48. shun says:

    i don’t agree with this staff writer at all,and i’m not sure exactly where to begin. instead of merely taking a minute to think about Lupes’ comments then starting to write from shear gut emotion,maybe you should have taken a moment to think about what he is saying. yes Obama is the head of the US government,and the US government are the biggest terrorist organization on the planet. those are facts. obviously you don’t have a clue about the foreign policies abroad that he is speaking of…so i think it would be a waste of time to go down a list of examples,because in this day and age of information and truth at your fingertips you have no excuse not to know. when you want to know the truth you will find it. you mention that Obama has a wife and kids as if that in itself is some standard that keeps him from being scrutinized…many of the men who they have fighting these illegal and unjust wars also have wife and kids. many of the soldiers who lost there lives behind these lies also have wife and kids. many innocent civilians murdered in iraq and afghanistan also had wife and kids…not to mention the scores of wives and children who were killed by the american government. sadly your hypocritical approach is all too common in america. you seem to think exactly like they have trained most of you sheep to think.

    i feel if you are going to quote lupe and attempt to use it in your article,you should at least attempt at using a complete quote,and not just little bits and pieces (sound bites)simply to fit with the message you are trying to convey. i think the portion about why he is not voting was a very clear and important message to people. voting for someone means that you are vouching for them and everything they do…maybe you just don’t get that.

    and this foolishness: “I wonder why he never talks about in full-length about practicing the Muslim faith [and I’m not talking about The Nation of Islam] on his album or TV? Is this the reason why he wants to put the President on blast, because he hates his own identity? “…..

    it is and has always been clear that wasalu is a practicing and devout muslim. what is there to talk at full length about,as if he has to explain this to people. this shows in the fact that he doesn’t drink,doesn’t smoke,doesn’t disrespect women,and doesn’t eat pig…what else does he need to do in order to show what he stands for? if you know anything about this artist,as clearly you don’t-you would know that he has no problem with his own identity.

    this writer comes off to me as typical/standard negro mentality….something i didn’t expect to see or find on a website called “thy black man”. i bet you are a member of some big church,like most of our sisters….helping those slick leaders fleece the flock. sheep mentality is the biggest downfall in our community. shameful article this was.

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