Saturday, April 17, 2021

Exploring SBA Loans.

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Tweet ( Being a small business can sometimes feel like being a small fish in a big pond. You know that the competition is fierce and trying to win your customers over from more established names is no small task. While you might provide a certain quality of service that you know can’t be found anywhere else, making yourself more visible... [Read more...]

UNC men’s basketball Hubert Davis head coach hire a bigger deal than you realize.

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Tweet ( It was an incredibly unique but enthralling pair of NCAA college basketball tournaments that sports fans got to watch over the past 30 days or so. Baylor won its first championship in men’s program history over a previously undefeated Gonzaga team, Stanford’s women basketball program won its first championship in nearly 30... [Read more...]

Book Review; “Half Empty Half Full” Forces a Conversation about Choices.

Tweet ( Life is a game of choices that has a domino effect worth of consequences. It seems too easy to point fingers when life appears to hit rock bottom, but we must be reminded that this state doesn’t happen overnight. Author D-Revolution invites the reader to take a journey down the road of choices in his new book, “Half Empty... [Read more...]

MLB Player & Civil Rights Activist; The Forgotten Jackie Robinson.

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Tweet ( The Hutchinson Productions The Forgotten Jackie Robinson commemorates the 75th anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s breaking the color line in baseball. Watch The Special on; April 18 is the seventy fifth anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s smash of the color line in baseball. The annual ritual is that Major League Baseball honors... [Read more...]

Major League Baseball Decision Has to Do with Woke Virtue Signaling, Not Voting Rights.

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Tweet ( Last week’s decision by Commissioner of Baseball Robert Manfred, Jr. to relocate this year’s Major League Baseball All-Star Game was wrongly decided. It outraged millions of fans and stoked controversy, and will hurt in very real ways many of the minorities it’s purportedly designed to help. The follow-on decision, to relocate... [Read more...]

TV and Comic Adaptations Kept Sonic the Hedgehog Relevant.

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Tweet ( While researching Alex Kidd and writing up a case on why Sega should’ve continued the series, I offered Alex becoming a part of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. This got me thinking of retro games with deceptive storylines. Now, I don’t mean subliminal messaging or anything insidious like that. I’m talking about games where... [Read more...]

Sports quotes from a memorable 2021 Women’s History Month.

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Tweet ( It is now the month of April but last month, March, was Women’s History Month. Women’s History Month is dedicated to women from all walks of life whose accomplishments have empowered generations of society as a whole to achieve and excel as there is literally no society without women. It was a notable March 2021 regarding... [Read more...]

(MLB) Major League Baseball Practices Jim Crow to Fight Jim Crow.

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Tweet ( Unless you have been under a rock, you may have heard of major league baseball moving the all-star game from Atlanta, Georgia due to alleged racism to Coors Field in Denver. The reason was supposedly because the new Georgia Voter codification and integrity law was reminiscent of Jim Crow laws let Joe Biden tell it. Now I have... [Read more...]

The Trial of Derek Chauvin & George Floyd.

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Tweet ( There are two deeply troubling warning signs in the trial of former Minneapolis cop, Derek Chauvin in the slaying of George Floyd.  The first came when a Black student at Duke University found Floyd’s toxicology report slipped on a Black History Month bulletin board at the University on March 20. There was nothing about Chauvin... [Read more...]

Rise of the Corporatocracy.

Tweet ( It is 11:17 PM and I have just finished reading SB 202, Georgia’s new 98-page voting law that passed last week. I must admit it is a clean bill and quick read, unlike my struggle encountered when reading HR 1. I imagine I am one of the few who have read the text. I am certain President Biden and White House Press Secretary... [Read more...]

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