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Managing Editor; Christian Starr

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Staff Writer: Trevo Craw

Staff Writer: James Swift Jr.

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(Staff) Christian Writer: Herman Cummings

Official Book – Available on Amazon; The Sabbath That Assassinated Atheism Kindle Edition

(Staff) Christian Writer: C. E. Davis

Social Media Handle; https://www.instagram.com/infinitetruthdevotion/

Christian Writer: Dr. Henry W. Roberts, II

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Christian Writer: W. Eric Croomes

Official Website; https://www.pastorwericcroomes.com/


(Staff) Sports Writer: Mark Hines

(Staff) Music & Sports Writer: Brad Washington

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(Staff) Political Writer: Al Alatunji

(Staff) Political Writer: Randy Purham

Official Website; https://www.tecn.tv

(Staff) Political WriterRaynard Jackson 

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(Staff) Political Writer: James Davis

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Contributing Writer: Dina Deon

Contributing Writer: Eugenio Stewart

Contributing Writer: Eric L. Wattree

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Contributing Writer: William D. Jackson

Official Website; http://myquesttoteach.wordpress.com/

Contributing Writer: Chelle’ St James

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Contributing WriterArthur Lewin 

Official Website; http://www.readlikeyourlifedependsonit.com/


Nationally Syndicated Columnist: Armstrong Williams

Social Media Handle; http://twitter.com/Arightside

Nationally Syndicated Columnist: Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Social Media Handle; http://twitter.com/earlhutchins

Nationally Syndicated Columnist: Dr. E. Faye Williams

Official website; http://www.efayewilliams.com/

Nationally Syndicated Columnist: David W. Marshall

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