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African American Role Models – Real Ones.

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Tweet ( Recently Lebron James opened a phenomenal school for youth, including a food pantry, academic studies where adults can get their GEDs., free tuition, meals, uniforms and transportation for students as well as tremendous help with college. I applaud Lebron for that , no doubt about it. But I have to ask a question that reveals... [Read more...]

Rapper Snoop Dogg’s Career Thrives, Billy Willy’s Dies.

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Tweet ( When an ad for the second season of the Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg show appeared on my TV, it annoyed me. On the surface, one could think, “Who cares?” But folks, allowing Snoop Dogg to happy-go-lucky move forward with his career confirms the American left’s and Deep State’s racism and hypocrisy. It also says... [Read more...]

What Skills Does Music Develop?

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Tweet ( It is said that music keeps students busy, provides a place to learn or sharpen their talents and skills. But, it also plays a significant role in their mental growth, social and other skill-sets. In case you suspect or feel that your child is interested in learning music, make sure you enroll them in a school that offers music... [Read more...]

Interview; Talking Hip-Hop and Radio with Paul Porter.

Tweet ( Paul Porter has been in the music industry, and apart of radio, for what seems like more than a lifetime. He has watched the music change, and the industry itself as the goal became get money at all cost. In his book “Blackout: My 40yrs in the Music Business” he exposed the dark side of an industry that seems to have a valuable... [Read more...]

Jay-Z Is The Prototype For How Rappers Should Move Throughout Their Career.

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Tweet ( Can you believe that Jay-Z is still occupying a space in rap at the age of 48? A couple of Friday’s ago, Jay-Z, paired with his wife Beyoncé Knowles-Carter, released a duet album titled EVERYTHING IS LOVE. The nine-track album completed the trilogy released over the past two years on how the power couple have dealt with the... [Read more...]

Interview; Kurt Farquhar: The Brother Behind the Music of Black Lightening.

June 27, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( The score of a television show, or movies, is a vital part of the feeling and emotion the show conveys to us. Many of us don’t know many of the people behind the scenes of a show that creates those moods for us the viewer. Kurt Farquhar has scored more show than any African-American in history. He is the composer for the CW... [Read more...]

Whether you love or hate Nas new album, Nasir, it’s always great to hear a legends voice.

June 23, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( Nas released his long awaited-eleventh album Nasir last Friday, but it was met with mixed reviews. Fans raved about the style of production supplied by Kanye West and even loved the political awareness brought on by Nas. But the main criticism was that the lyrics were subpar while his energy was lacking. But even with all that... [Read more...]

Who was XXXTentacion.

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Tweet ( I must admit the loss of life is very disturbing to my soul. Our children are being buried at a rapid rate; no one can predict the future, so we never know what could have come of them. I’m the first to admit, outside of a handful of artists, I couldn’t tell you who is new on the Hip-Hop scene. The direction of many of the... [Read more...]

J Cole’s “KOD” Did it For Me.

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Tweet ( I’m not one to dive into what I call “Super Fandom”. I don’t love any celebrity to the point of worship, and if we differ on music that’s cool too. Music, like art and literature, is very subjective. What moves on of us won’t make another budge at all. I don’t agree with fans of any artist that would shame another... [Read more...]

The Literati: Notes from This is America.

May 16, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( One of the most discussed recent videos of the year was premiered recently by Donald Glover via his moniker, Childish Gambino. In the video, a shirtless Glover gyrates across the lot of a huge warehouse while an assortment of comical yet vengefully wretched acts of violence take place in the background. Commentators point to... [Read more...]

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