Black Community: Juneteenth – But Slavery Never Ended.

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( It has been stated that Harriet Tubman allegedly said she could have freed more slaves if more people knew they were slaves. Today I tell you it is the exact same situation. Slavery has not gone anywhere in America, it just changed form. Have we made progress? Yes. But not nearly as much progress as it appears to be.

The impact of slavery has transitioned down from one generation to another to another. The proof is clearly evident in how “Black” Americans treat each other. Want more proof? Black on black crime. Want more proof? The abortion rate of innocent unborn black children in America is higher than any other ethnic group. And the irresponsible women are full of selfish, eugenic, genocidal excuses. Want more proof? Disconnected, dysfunctional and broken black families with no father in the home and the mother thinking she does not need the man. Want more proof? Young boys who think they should be girls and young black girls who think they should want their own gender. Even that confusion has finally made its way to the black community in America.
Black Community - Slave Mindset - In 2023.


Want more proof? Black people for the most part in America still work for Caucasian America and some of the same companies that benefited from the plantation. As a People, Black people do not own the gas stations, the hospitals, the banks, nor the grocery stores they frequent. Want more proof? The standards are rock-bottom for our local black politicians, many of whom do little more than hand out boxes of food and pose for photo ops.

Want more proof? Look at role models in the black community. Talk show hosts like Oprah (with neither an accurate concept of marriage nor God), or a comedian womanizer like Bill Cosby. Or somebody who bounces a ball. Or a woman who gets on stage, even though she is talented, and presents herself like a stripper. Megan, Nikki, GloRilla, Ice Spice and so on.

When Black people are still calling each other, “boo” or Will Smith is singing “let’s get jiggy with it” or Jay Z is saying he is the “Jiggaman”, all they are doing is repeating slave programming. You need to understand what a “jigaboo” was. Too many Black people are still dancing a jig. And then, of course, there is the emasculation of black men throughout the black community. From Martin to Chris Rock to Chris Tucker to Terry Crews to Eddie Murphy to Wesley Snipes to the ultimate, which is Tyler Perry. Once you can make a man wear a dress for money and fame, you have control over his manhood and his soul. The black community esteems these people as entertainment, but other ethnic groups look at these people and laugh at us, not with us.

So before you just jump up and celebrate Juneteenth, you need to take a look at what is going on today. Not making excuses for it, but coming to the realization that slavery never ended for Black people in America. And don’t let the fact that we had a half African and half Caucasian president fool you. We have a culture of slavery-bred ignorance that has infected and stayed with the black community. So what does the black community do instead of stepping up to correct it? The black community embraces it. Big mistake. From Ebonics to wayward and ignorant hip hop, to wearing your pants pulled down to role models who should not be role models at all. Promoting money over integrity, welcoming emasculation and calling each other “nig@@rs/nig@@s” and “hoes”.

Want more proof? If you work for corporate America, in many cases, some of the same corporations that benefited from slavery, they still tell you what to do. How much you will make. What you do at work. When you can eat. When you can leave. When you have to be there. And if you are on any government services like EBT, you buy when they tell you that you can. You buy the amount they tell you that you can. And if they say you cannot buy hot food, you can’t. Even with WIC, they tell you how much you can feed your infants, when and what. So I ask you, where is black independence?

Many Black people in America today have a slavery mindset and everything I just told you reinforces that mindset, right along with the behavior equivalents. Some of you walk around saying you are “woke” while you are so asleep to slave programming that you see it as normal. So I challenge you to wake up – all the way up. What are you celebrating if you are still mentally and/or physically a slave?

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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