Vice President Kamala Harris Scores A Big One!

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( So many things of interest happened this past week that it’s hard to know where to begin. We’ve had the Hunter Biden case of lying on a gun application and not a word from the gun owners who defend any and every kind of gun ownership. They never care about how people got them or how they use them. Well, Hunter owned his gun for just 11 days and never used it for any reason.

Vice President Kamala Harris Scores A Big One!

We had formalities for the Sidney Powell/Kenneth Chesebro trial. Trump wants all the trials involving him pushed off until after the 2024 elections­ so he can pardon himself! Judge Scott McAfee in the Fulton County, Georgia case ran a great hearing and continued to do so when Counsel for his client really went there in trying to discredit a Black woman lawyer for the State. He claimed Atty. Daysha Young lied to the court about existing law. The judge asked him to stop the conversation. When he didn’t, the judge just shut him down by telling him in no uncertain terms his conversation was over!

Three of the Memphis police officers accused of beating Tyree Nichols to death and indicted were in court this week for this horrible crime.

Republican Speaker, Kevin McCarthy, faced a small rebellion in Congress by some of his members, and they went home without a resolution—but not before Kevin had to stoop to using the f— word. (I wonder if DeSantis is going to ban that word!)

Well, amidst all that negative stuff, something good happened. Vice-President Kamala Harris took a trip down to Hampton University in Virginia, and did she get a serious welcome from the students! It reminded us of the Barack Obama-type welcomes. Students were so excited to have her there. The lines to get in were impressive. Some students were so excited by her presence that they wasted no time in getting registered for the first time to vote! I think her presence and her message serve as encouragement for other students at other colleges to hold the same kind of events. If so, that is great news for the Democratic Party. From the news this week, it may also be time for Republican young people who are concerned about what young Democrats are concerned and many older Republicans seem not to care, to join forces: Climate Change, Environmental Issues, and Preservation of Democracy. That, too, sounds good for the Democrats.

Vice-President Harris was at Hampton to kick off her “Fight for Our Freedoms” college tour that she plans to take across the nation. If she gets the same response as she received at Hampton, that’s good news for her party. At many universities, the issues she supports are issues students support–Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion and they will certainly be a part of her remarks.

She’s also been seen hosting a Hip-Hop Event recently where she called Hip-Hop “The Ultimate American Art Form” at the 50th Anniversary Event. The party was held at the Vice-President’s residence. Common was there and we saw the Vice-President celebrate the anniversary by dancing to the music! A lot of people are beginning to understand the value of the vote of young people. After all, young people should be very concerned about voting when they see how far down some politicians have sunk on issues that certainly have a great impact on the young.

It is a blessing to see the work of young Congressman Maxwell Alejandro Frost and of David Hogg—a gun control activist who survived the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida. I believe 2024 will bring a lot of young people into prominence who will not only vote but will run for office. We need them!

Written By Dr. E. Faye Williams

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