Saturday, January 20, 2018

How to Maximize Your Capacity to Translate Dreams into Reality.

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Tweet ( There are two kinds of people in the world. Those who believe that God will do something good for them and there are people who say that they will make things good. They all have a positive vision and hope, but you will see successful and unsuccessful people in both the groups. What separates them is their ability to maximize... [Read more...]

Why “Urban Renewal” aka Gentrification Is A Parasitically Vicious Attack Against Urban Communities In America.

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Tweet ( One of the biggest misconceptions about gentrification today is that it’s the “revitalization” of urban communities which is not true because in reality, gentrification is really the forceable negro removal from urban communities by any means necessary. Historically and today, there’s a more vicious version of “urban... [Read more...]

Essence Magazine, 100% Black Owned, Once Again.

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Tweet ( In a deal that reestablishes Essence magazine as a totally, Black and independently-owned entity, Sundial Brands founder Richelieu Dennis recently announced the purchase of Essence Communications from Time Inc. “Time Inc. agreed in November to be sold to the Meredith Corporation, the owner of Better Homes & Gardens and... [Read more...]

Center for Responsible Lending; Reports, Black Students Loan Default Rates higher then others.

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Tweet ( Mounting student debt is a nagging problem for most families these days. As the cost of higher education rises, borrowing to cover those costs often becomes a family concern across multiple generations including the student, parents, and even grandparents or other relatives. Today’s 21st Century jobs usually demand higher... [Read more...]

7 Ways to Turn Your Small Business Into Big.

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Tweet ( Turning your small business into a big business is easy. You don’t need extraterrestrial intelligence to make a big, sustainable business. Those who run big companies are also human being with some unique skills and style. All you need to do is to focus on your own skills, polish them and have a growth mindset to make certain... [Read more...]

The Executive Suite: What’s Blocking So Many Black Men from It?

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Tweet ( Although many Americans like to think that there is more equality than there has ever been before, and although in some instances this might actually be true, we are still far from having total equality between the races in this country in many areas. The gulf between white and black is arguably never more evident than it is... [Read more...]

These 7 Questions will reveal if you’re going to Be Successful.

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Tweet ( Predicting success is like predicting the weather. You have to consider a lot of factors to know if you are programmed to be successful or you will end up being just another common human being living an average life. It’s not at all easy to accept failure and you should not prepare yourself to fail. As long as you’re alive,... [Read more...]

Here is Why your Social Security Check will be Cut, if Democrats Lose the Mid-Term Elections!

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Tweet ( (“Excerpts from the book titled, “The Fix This Time” I write this piece not to alarm you, but to sound the alarm! Republicans are betting on American workers’ and retirees’ disinterest in this topic, (read The Fix This Time!) up until the time the cuts actually happen in Social Security benefits... [Read more...]

People of Soul Are Still Being Snookered.

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Tweet ( Since 1863, the supposedly absolution of slavery…on into this 21st century…there has been one constant, Black America’s protracted begging, moaning and groaning for equality, looking for its salvation through either the Democratic or Republican political parties. Though there has been some progress, these pleas for the... [Read more...]

Donald Trump has the Worst Presidential Approval Ratings Ever: Why?

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Tweet ( With 2017 now in the rear view mirror and an important election year ahead, does Donald Trump stand a chance of remaining president and keeping his party infatuated with power; still cruising past 2018? Let us examine the facts with a view to the 2018 Mid Term Elections. Trump has Lowest Presidential Approval Ratings Ever Mr.... [Read more...]

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