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The Beauty of Perth Australia and Its Community.

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Tweet ( Perth is an isolated city lying on the southwest coast of Australia. It’s the fourth most populated Australian city and the state capital of Western Australia. From the beautiful beaches, diverse culture to the relaxed lifestyle- Perth is home away from home. Perth is not only the sunniest Australian capital but also a rapidly... [Read more...]

Wedding in the Dominican Republic: Useful tips.

Tweet ( If you have already celebrated your wedding in your native country, what about experiencing the same feeling of happiness in the Dominican Republic – in this paradisiacal place where you can celebrate a symbolic ceremony and live the moment of love again? It does not matter when you celebrated this important day of your life.... [Read more...]

5 Exciting Things to Do Only in Africa.

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Tweet ( If Africa is not on your bucket list of places to visit in your lifetime, then you may want to add it. There are so many great things that you can only experience in Africa and you don’t want to miss out on the opportunity to enjoy them. If you ever get a chance to go to Africa, grab it with both hands. Here are 5 exciting... [Read more...]

The Oldest City Out Here.

November 16, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( Natchitoches, I love you. And so does Oprah Winfrey. A little town just a little over 4 hours north of New Orleans, Natchitoches is a cozy city of 18,000 people. Most people can’t spell it, pronounce it, or even know where it is. Arguably my favorite city in the state of Louisiana, outside of Lafayette and New Orleans,... [Read more...]

What To Know If You’re Traveling to the U.S. for Business.

Tweet ( There’s a lot of different things going on in the U.S. currently and many of them deal with immigration and being able to travel to America for work and other purposes. As with traveling to any country, there are visa and entry requirements to be aware of. There are also unique business culture issues to contend with. With... [Read more...]

Jamaica; Resilience of People.

October 19, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( Every year during hurricane season, I think back to the summer of 2007 when my family and I vacationed on the Caribbean island of Jamaica and witnessed the resilience of people there. As we planned the trip, I paid little attention to the fact that we would be traveling during potentially treacherous hurricane season. The days... [Read more...]

Things not to miss when visiting Barbados.

September 20, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( Barbados is an exceptional island. It’s definitely a tropical paradise like its neighbors in the Caribbean. Although, the island country is quite isolated in the Atlantic Ocean, with its nearest neighbor a hundred miles away. Besides its geographical formation, Barbados’ rich history of being colonized under British rule... [Read more...]

What Travel Insurance for a Cruise Should Cover.

August 3, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( If you are planning to go on an exciting cruise trip and are looking for a travel insurance plan that can cover the vital things. Then you must check each and everything very carefully and select your desired plan accordingly that includes all your requirements. Read on to find out about some things that travel insurance for... [Read more...]

The Most Visited Places in the World.

May 6, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( Every person has their ideal travel destination. Some people will prefer tropical destinations such as Bahamas and Maldives, while other will prefer for African Safaris such as those in Kenya and South Africa. Others yet will prefer to visit the Pyramids or the Colosseum in Rome. But would you happen to know the most visited... [Read more...]

Burj Al Arab Remains Most Popular Hotel for the Ultra Rich.

April 16, 2018 by  
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Tweet ( Do you want to experience how some of the wealthiest people in the world live? If so, then you might want to check in at Burj Al Arab, the famous sail-shaped hotel that exudes luxury everywhere you look. Just be sure that you have enough travel money, as you will have to shell out thousands of dollars a night. According to New... [Read more...]

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