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Things to Consider in a Country Before Migrating as a Black Immigrant.

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( Black people have always been one of the most discriminated groups of people. No matter if we’re talking about racism or colorism, expect that out of ten black people, seven out of them have experienced negativity simply because of who they are.

That being said, it’s understandable why you can be overly keen, cautious, or picky about what country you want to move to next. In this case, simply offering good aesthetics won’t be enough to guarantee your peace and safety as a black immigrant.

Now, what exactly do you need to consider in a country to know that it’s the right one for you and the people you’re moving with? This is what we’re going to discuss in the following sections.

  1. Discrimination Rate

By now, you may already know that racists and ill-minded people are everywhere. They are in every country, no matter how progressive and advanced the culture may seem.

Hence, the only possible thing that you can do is to look for a country with low discrimination rates. Statistical numbers are pretty accurate indicators for this. In this way, you can at least lower the chances of encountering inequality and all the other issues that come with it.

By far, some of the least discriminatory countries that you should include in your list are Canada, the UK, Colombia, Spain, and Argentina. On the flip side, stats show some of the least favorable countries for minorities include the UAE, France, and even the US.

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  1. Friendliness of Locals

Locals will play a big part in your future overall experience in staying in a country. Hence, it’s just right that you include them in the things that you will take into account before moving. Take a look at the state of their educational environment, general workplaces, and day-to-day experience on the streets.

If you want some examples, consider a country that is known for having welcoming citizens, like Canada, for example. Italy, New Mexico, and some parts of the United States are also included in the list. On the other hand, New York and California, again some specific parts of the US, top the world’s rudest citizens.

  1. Applicable Legal Policies

It’s easy for a country to assure you that you’re protected through their words, commercials, or posters. It’s just right that they have the corresponding legal policies to respond to the possible injustice that you may face. These may include anti-discriminatory laws, detailed human rights amendments, and likes.

If you want to know more about the legal policies and benefits that you will be able to avail of as an immigrant in a certain country, make sure to access legal advice from immigration lawyers. Doing so will let you get a clearer, more understandable view of the law’s responsibility towards your safety and wellbeing.

  1. Cultural Barrier

If you’re someone from a very tight culture, then you will also have to look into the possible cultural barrier between you and the country that you will move into.

Although you don’t necessarily have to migrate to a place with the exact belief as yours, it’s important to ensure that their culture doesn’t overlap with morals. Their beliefs should also not dictate a negative attitude towards your race. Language should also be taken into account under this matter.

  1. Accessibility to Opportunities

According to Fortune’s reports from 2020, it’s estimated that when it comes to job loss, black workers suffer twice as much as white workers. There are many possible reasons for this, but one of the most evident, of course, lies in racial discrimination.

That said, you should also consider your accessibility to general opportunities as a black person before moving to a specific country. Take all the factors into account, starting from grants, scholarships, career improvements, and likes.


A country should have desirable people, culture, and legal policies in order to be deemed safe for black people. Although racism has been a long-running issue and getting rid of it can be too far-fetched in the present, choosing the right country to migrate in can help a lot in reducing the possible issues that you will face.

Of course, you still shouldn’t limit your options to certain countries if you want to make the most out of your immigration. After all, you’re not the one who should adjust to injustice.

If you want more accurate advice from a legal point of view, then we recommend reaching out to Total Law. They provide accessible legal services for all, and they also have experienced lawyers specializing in immigration. You won’t have to face any form of discrimination by working with the team.

Staff Writer; Fred Brown

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