Atlanta, Georgia: Worst Crime City In America.

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( It’s the most dangerous city in America. Oh yea, it is, you just didn’t know it. The mayor has a public safety plan that is a joke and not working. The city council has egos larger than their knowledge base. The public safety committee has no idea what real public safety is. The police are stressed and stretched beyond reasonable limits. And all of the above is being hidden by local political officials who sacrifice the safety of citizens for capitalism. Where is this? ATLANTA, GEORGIA – the ATL – the “dirty south”.

Though my knowledge is much more extensive, all you have to do is look at the evening news, the morning news or the nightly news to see the crime, calamity, tragedy and chaos. And that is only a small portion because there is so much crime in Atlanta that the news media doesn’t (and does not want to) cover most of it. Still, city officials, news media, court authorities and law enforcement know these statements are true, yet they also know they are expected to keep their mouths shut.

As you keep reading, you may think my comments are hard, cold and crude. But when you have walked through woods on a search for an abducted child or carried a badge and worked in the most dangerous housing projects of your city all night long with the police department and stopped an assault, then you can talk. When you have helped senior citizens after they have been robbed or prevented a home invasion, then you will understand. When you have intervened in an incident where someone was about to get shot or stopped gang members on the way to hurt somebody, then you can judge. When you have encouraged women who have been raped or men who have been abused and set up by vindictive, bi-polar women, then you will understand my tone. When you have handled over 100 domestic violence cases and conducted missing person investigations, then you will realize why I speak as strongly as I do about people who play games with the safety of unsuspecting citizens.


Crime has declared open season on Atlanta. The city’s political leaders will neither admit it nor expose it. And yes, Atlanta has become more dangerous that Chicago, New York, Detroit, Miami, Los Angeles, St. Louis or New Orleans. Oh yes it has. Then why don’t the numbers show just that? Because they are being hidden, fudged and manipulated. How you may say. Well to start, for years the former, former mayor Kasim Reed kept Atlanta crime tracking on an old and antiquated tracking system that allowed all types of crime to fall through the cracks or go unrecorded ion the crime stats. This was called the old Uniform Crime Reporting System (UCR). And yes he knew it was outdated as well as how to work the flaws to his advantage. Crime was higher than he admitted then but under the UCR system, it did not show.

Did Reed know what he was doing? Being both an attorney and the mayor, was Reed in the dark? What do you think? But then why should that surprise anybody when he ran for mayor again recently WHILE HE WAS UNDER FEDERAL INVESTIGATION. That brings me to my next point before we get to Keisha Lance Bottoms and Andre “clueless” Dickens, the former and current mayors respectively.

I quote a city attorney when I say “more people profit from crime than criminals”. I would even go as far as to say the goal of Atlanta city officials is neither to stop crime, nor to prevent crime nor to reduce it. Like some doctors do with pain amongst sick patients, political officials all over Atlanta would rather MANAGE CRIME instead of eliminating it, all the while promoting and bowing to capitalism as citizens are robbed, murdered and raped. So Atlanta officials pretend by convening committees, conducting studies, talking tough, supporting NPU meetings, creating photo-ops and handing out boxes of food – all to look like they are doing something. Meanwhile THE SAFETY OF ATLANTA CITIZENS IS SACRIFICED FOR CAPITALISM.

I don’t know for sure if capitalism makes the world go round (it likely does). But I know that CAPITALISM IS THE “GOD” THAT RULES ATLANTA. And safety is the sacrifice, almost regardless of what the cost. Remember Tyler Perry studios and Screen Gems are in metro-Atlanta. Movie after movie is filmed in Atlanta. TV shows are filmed in Atlanta. Microsoft just bought a ton of property in Atlanta. And where is the “black Mecca”? You thought Atlanta? All ironic when Atlanta is controlled by an area called Buckhead. Its where most of the rich people live. Its where the governor’s mansion is – and quite a few others. Its where movie stars live. And it’s a HIGH CRIME AREA where residents are very upset with Atlanta yet again. Very upset and constantly targeted.

I am going to get to Mayor Andre “clueless” Dickens in a few minutes. But since I mentioned his name, know that he made a statement on December 12, 2022 that I found interesting. He stated that Atlanta continues to lead the way in the nation on homicide investigations (paraphrase). But wait, that would also likely mean Atlanta leads the way on homicides that need investigating. Wake up people and stop falling for the shell game.

One huge difference between Atlanta and all the high-crime cities I mentioned earlier is this. In those cities people know what areas are dangerous and where not to be or when. But in Atlanta, crime is sporadic, gangs (100+ active) go unseen and unnoticed, citizens don’t have a clue and they expect the small police force to do it all. Unrealistic and unfair to the police officers who are heroes and ill-informed citizens at the mercy of criminals and deceptive city officials. But will the media cover it? They dare not, thus they are inadvertently complicit in the cover-up. All for the capitalism of Atlanta, no matter how many citizens, tourists, visitors and commuters end up as victims of crime.

Then there is Hartsfield Jackson International Airport, the busiest airport in the world and huge in comparison to most airports. But along with all that comes sex trafficking like you would not believe. Or should I say SEX-TRAFFICKING CENTRAL? With activity going on that would make Jeffrey Epstein blush. Sick? Tell me about it.

What about the former mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms and her plans to stop crime? Really? What plans? Meetings, committees and studies? When the riots were happening in Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms was at a loss as to what to do so much that the biggest announcement should could make was to tell people not to tear up their own communities. They must have heard her loud and clear because they went to Buckhead instead.  And the governor called out the national guard to protect where? Buckhead. Did he have confidence in Keisha’s public safety planning? What do you think? Especially when her advisers  or spokespersons seemed to be TI, a big black guy who calls himself “killer Mike” at a time when that fits into a profile or two or ten, and Bernice King who sat right beside former and deceased fake “Bishop” Eddie Long-stroke, the homosexual pedophile.

So that brings us to Mayor Andre “clueless” Dickens. A man who was in no way qualified to be mayor of Atlanta. Yet a man who is easily controllable by the powers that be, so he was selected just as much as elected. A man who flew by two more qualified people in the polls and won the election. A man who came into office with about as much knowledge about public safety as a bottle of sour milk, two rotten eggs and a toilet brush. An engineer who served on the city council, “borrowed” a plan that had already been half approved by city council before he even ran for mayor and who generated the rest of a thrown together plan that was so simplistic that it makes Sesame Street look like a calculus class.

Now do you see why Atlanta is open season for crime? Criminals take one look at those people who APPEAR to be at the helm and smile. In the Fulton County jail, in all fairness (which serves other areas besides Atlanta), 60 stabbings in 64 days? And the Atlanta city jail? Eternally transitioning into something for the full 4 years Keisha Lance Bottoms was mayor. Transition into what? Your guess is as good as mine. But without a city jail functioning at 100%, Atlanta has repeatedly had to participate in the overcrowding of the Fulton County jail. Bringing part of the problem, yet practically none of the solutions. Do you see now why criminals smile and head to Atlanta? I wish it were not so, but it is.

In Atlanta, crime capitol of America, tensions are high because police officers are overworked, unpaid and undervalued by local political officials and much of the community that is not even proactive in its own safety. Yes our officers who do their jobs are heroes, but not to be confused with superheroes and unrealistic expectations of being everywhere, all the time, just in time, every time. I applaud APD (most of them) because they do the best they can with what they have. But then here comes Fulton County (where Atlanta sits inside of) and the city of Atlanta playing politics with the lives and safety of citizens. And yes I can illustrate that too, but I won’t – this time.

As for me? I know what I know. Enough to put key people on blast yet still stay quite insulated. But somebody has to speak up for the safety of citizens, especially our children and senior citizens. It is past time for playing games with the lives of decent people, people who defend the very political officials who are sacrificing their safety and keeping citizens in the dark from the real truth.

I have never seen so many black egos coupled with ignorance, bowing to capitalism and failure to do any real work in my life. Black Mecca? Give me a freakin break. So if you come to Atlanta, come through Atlanta or live in Atlanta, buy a tank, buy a gun and lock your doors. Get in before dark. And hope you don’t become a victim.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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