Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Maryland Football Scandal: The NCAA’s Vicious Tyranny Towards Black Athletes.

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Tweet ( Recently, a big football scandal has rocked The University Of Maryland to its core when a white football coach named DJ Durkin was placed on paid administrative leave by the university after they found a black Maryland football player named Jordan McNair had died of a heatstroke he had sustained during a workout and had a body... [Read more...]

NFL Viewer Protest; Your Ability is Your Power.

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Tweet ( To some the NFL is something they can discard easily. For them its easy to protest if there are not any family or emotional ties to the game that transcend the gridiron. When I think about the NFL my mind reflects on my late father. I’m a Saints fan because he raised me to be on…football is more than a game to me; it is... [Read more...]

A Word Of Advice For NFL Players Who Decide Not To Protest During The National Anthem.

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Tweet ( The Pro Football Hall of Fame Enshrinement Ceremony was arguably the highlight of the sports weekend last weekend. There were plenty of interesting and varied personalities that took the stage to describe their journeys towards being recognized as one of the best football players and contributors in pro football history. Following... [Read more...]

Why The Song “Hit The Road Jack” Should Be The New “NFL” National Anthem.

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Tweet ( As expected, a few National Football League (NFL) players have chosen to throw caution to the wind and continue their protests during the playing of the National Anthem despite stern warnings from NFL owners. In front of a nation of on-lookers, Miami Dolphin Wide Receivers Kenny Stills and Albert Wilson kneeled behind teammates,... [Read more...]

Attack On LeBron James Shows Donald Trump Wants To Use Fear, Divisiveness To Win Elections.

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Tweet ( The run-up to the 2018 congressional elections has begun. With 40 Republican representatives deciding not to run again, the party’s majority in the House is at risk. President Donald Trump has announced he plans to stump for Republicans across the country, seeking to make the election a referendum on him. Characteristically,... [Read more...]

Sports & Politics; The Master’s Plan.

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Tweet ( Hitler had it all planned out.  The Games of the XI Olympiad (the 1936 Summer Olympics) to be held in Berlin would showcase his theory of Aryan superiority.  A new 100,000 seat stadium was built to house the track and field events.  These would be the first Olympic Games to be televised and Leni Riefenstahl, the famed cinematographer... [Read more...]

President Donald Trump and LeBron James Would Make Better Allies Than Foes.

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Tweet ( Can you imagine how much President Donald Trump and NBA superstar LeBron James could accomplish together for the benefit of young black Americans if they set aside their egos and political differences to work together? So, what’s stopping this from happening? I doubt it’s what you think. As distasteful as some of Trump’s... [Read more...]

LeBron James “I Promise School”; Why Black America Needs To Find A Balance Between Stem & Afrocentricity.

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Tweet ( I tip my cap to LeBron James and his entire team for achieving what has proven extremely difficult, if not impossible for many others. Of course, I am referring to the I Promise School located in Lebron’s hometown of Akron, Ohio. Anyone involved in the administration, let alone the creation, of a school, will tell you that... [Read more...]

As Donald Trump Distorts NFL Players’ Messages, Let’s Instead Join Together.

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Tweet ( As teams gear up for the NFL season, President Trump is reviving his destructive and diversionary attacks aimed at turning fans against players. The league office stepped in it by unilaterally declaring that players who do not want to stand during the national anthem should stay in the locker room. The NFL players association... [Read more...]

LeBron James’ fatherhood faux pass.

Tweet ( Few athletes have ever been under the public spotlight more than LeBron James. It is extremely rare when high school juniors appear on the cover of America’s preeminent sports magazine, Sports Illustrated as James did back in 2002. At the age of thirty-three, LeBron James has been in the national sports spotlight for virtually... [Read more...]

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