Monday, February 18, 2019

Marketing for Startups: Steps for Creating a Successful Strategy.

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Tweet ( Regardless of how original your product is, or how innovative your business idea, in order for your startup to have a hope of being successful, you need to attract a steady stream of potential customers. This is why marketing is such an integral part of any startup business plan, and having a thorough and carefully-crafted marketing... [Read more...]

Mariano Rivera: Forever linked with Jackie Robinson and baseball history.

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Tweet ( Baseball has long carried the moniker of “America’s pastime” but that moniker is debatable today with the emergence of football and various other sports that are faster paced. However, the long history of baseball still holds an important place in sports and history was made earlier this year when The Baseball Writers’... [Read more...]

The Beauty of Perth Australia and Its Community.

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Tweet ( Perth is an isolated city lying on the southwest coast of Australia. It’s the fourth most populated Australian city and the state capital of Western Australia. From the beautiful beaches, diverse culture to the relaxed lifestyle- Perth is home away from home. Perth is not only the sunniest Australian capital but also a rapidly... [Read more...]

Southern Ford Dealers Embrace Diversity in Blogging.

February 8, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( A new FORD VIP Experiential Blogging Program is starting in Florida and 3 Jacksonville Bloggers were invited to participate as digital influencers. Just in time for the start of Black History Month, these bloggers are making history and opening doors for others behind them. Aida Correa (LoveBuilt Life, LLC), William Jackson... [Read more...]

Business As Usual: The NFL, NFLPA, the Super Bowl and the Killings of Black Citizens.

February 8, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( Black America and its long and continuing walk toward the goals of social justice and economic freedom, is at an inflection point. But, not only is Black America and its causes are, at an inflection point, the organization which sponsored the 2019 Super Bowl, the National Football League (NFL), is also at that same inflection... [Read more...]

Start As You Mean To Go On: Getting Business Off With A Boom.

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Tweet ( Any enterprise or entrepreneurial journey is filled with challenges along the way; however, you’ll be ready for all the hard work, potential late nights, and plenty of coffee. It can feel daunting when you’re starting your own business, as there’s fierce competition out there, and with so many major corporations seemingly... [Read more...]

2019 Super Bowl: A Good One.

February 4, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( Call me old fashioned for enjoying unapologetic patriotism: honoring our troops, flag and country. Leftists will call me a stupid black man suffering from Stockholm Syndrome for loving my country. They’ve done it to others. But then there was rhythm and blues superstar Gladys Knight, the empress... [Read more...]

BIG Media Call Kamala Harris, Barack Obama, Tiger Woods ‘Black’ — But Not Tennis Star Naomi Osaka?

January 31, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( When Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., announced her candidacy for the 2020 presidential race, MSNBC’s Chris Matthews asked a black guest whether Harris is “seen as African-American.” The guest promptly assured a relieved Matthew: “Yes, I think she’s seen as African-American. The fact that she was at... [Read more...] Review of a Writing Service.

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Tweet ( Before you visit a writing service and address it, saying, “Do my research paper,” you have to carefully analyze at least some of the agencies available to you and decide which of them is the best choice for your assignment. If you’ve been considering as your provider of college essays, this review... [Read more...]

Three Silver Linings in The Covington Catholic High Hoax.

January 28, 2019 by  
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Tweet ( What do you call a group of white high school kids bullied by black adult racists and a Native American activist who lied about being victimized by that same group of white kids for attention? The end of systemic racism in America. It’s been just over a week since the mainstream media demonized the Covington Catholic High... [Read more...]

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