Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Take-Aways from Edcamp Tampa Bay 2017.

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Tweet ( EdCamps are wonderful opportunities for educators of all backgrounds, years of experience and even national or global location. Sharing best practices, classroom management strategies, how to build student and teacher relationships, reinforcing rituals and routines to create wonderful learning opportunities. The success of... [Read more...]

NFL Will Never Give Up the National Anthem, Wonder Why?

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Tweet ( The NFL will never give up the national anthem salute. The NFL owners in one form or another will make it official when they meet to hammer out a policy on what players must do when the national anthem is played. Let’s be clear, the NFL’s Siamese Twin tie to the national anthem has nothing to do with the oft cited contention... [Read more...]

Which Race Attends Traffic School the Most?

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Tweet ( Ever wondered which racial or ethnic demographic attends American traffic schools the most? This question is especially relevant in California, New York, Florida and other places with extremely diverse populations. People hailing from cultures across the world live together in these areas, sharing the roads on daily bases. Busy... [Read more...]

Ways to Accumulate as Little Debt as Possible.

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Tweet ( A large percentage of young adults start out their early adult years carrying a hefty burden called student loan debt. By the time they graduate college and start their careers they need a portion of each paycheck to pay for their schooling. That’s just the beginning. Many also have a car loan and a few credit cards... [Read more...]

Avoid Learning These Business Lessons The Hard Way.

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Tweet ( There are a lot of things that you need to consider when you’re in the position of setting up your own business. The reality is that running any kind of business is incredibly complex and challenging and if you’re not prepared to deal with that fact then you’re already doomed from the start. And what is the... [Read more...]

Listen Up, The American Flag Is Drenched in Black Blood.

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Tweet ( I am not sure why the national anthem and the so-called American flag are part of our nation’s sports pageantry. Before 2009, while the national anthem was played, sports gladiators were not required to suit up, stand up, and put their hands to their hearts; and why should they? The song that is sung is an insult to people... [Read more...]

I Respect Beyoncé the Mother.

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Tweet ( You can say what you want about Beyoncé the singer/entertainer, but you can’t through salt on her as a mother. Some may not like Jay-Z for whatever reason, but we can’t say he’s an absentee or terrible dad. The bottom line is The Carters are raising their family not a spectacle. I respect the fact that Beyoncé has given... [Read more...]

A New $35 Million “Youth Detention Facility” – A Continuation Of The Criminalization And Incarceration Of Urban Youth By The Current Social System.

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Tweet ( Recently in Maryland, The State opened up a new $35 million “youth detention facility” in Baltimore that The State claims “will change the lives of troubled youth” I find it ironic, but not, that the state chose to open up this new “youth detention facility” in Baltimore, which has a notoriously... [Read more...]

Never Lose the Joy of Fatherhood.

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Tweet ( The venerable Ezra Taft Benson once wrote, Fatherhood is not a matter of station or wealth. It is a matter of desire, diligence and determination to see one’s family exalted in the celestial kingdom. That ‘celestial kingdom’ is always the goal we seek as fathers: to see our children excel – to become they’re very best... [Read more...]

Having the Talk: Teaching Your Son About Sex.

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Tweet ( Men serve as a very important fixture in the lives of their children. Both boys and girls need a strong man to show them how to navigate in this world.  Whether or not you are still in a relationship with your child’s mother, don’t let any ill will that may exist between the two of you stop you from having a meaningful... [Read more...]

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