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African Americans: Generational Change Without Compromising Character (Democrats).

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Tweet ( In a speech given in his home state of Kentucky, Senator Mitch McConnell would say: “One of my proudest moments was when I looked Barack Obama in the eye and I said, ‘Mr. President, you will not fill the Supreme Court vacancy.’ ” The eleven members of the Senate Judiciary Committee followed suit by signing a letter saying... [Read more...]

African Americans: No More Forced Assimilation.

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Tweet ( It is very appropriate that from this cradle of the Confederacy, this very heart of the great Anglo-Saxon Southland, that today we sound the drum for freedom as have our generations of forebears before us time and again down through history. Let us rise to the call for freedom-loving blood that is in us and send our answer to... [Read more...]

Hypocrisy & Activism don’t Mix.

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Tweet ( How many people are deterred from movement because leadership is faulty? There is no way one can lead the youth, or anyone else, when leaders lie and cheats its own community. This must be addressed because the previous generation is hard on the next, and the youth but they are unfair in their assessment and they are not the... [Read more...]

It May Be Time to Avoid the Police.

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Tweet (  There are a few facts that we can’t get around. Our people are dying in the streets at the hands of civil servants. We don’t spend tax dollars to be killed. Compliance does not guarantee we will be treated fairly. Compliance doesn’t mean we will stay alive. We don’t have to commit a crime to be harassed, or killed,... [Read more...]

World History: Whitewashing the Historical Feats of the Black Jacobins.

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Tweet ( Several years ago black actor and activist Danny Glover, presented Hollywood with a movie script about the Haitian General Toussaint Louverture, leader of the Black Jacobins and the Haitian Revolution that stunned the world but—Hollywood refused to back the film.  The reason given: There were no white heroes! Hollywood’s... [Read more...]

Divided We Stand, United We Fall.

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Tweet ( It’s no surprise that I speak about race and how unnecessarily divided Black people are a whole lot. To some, I speak on it far too much in a manner that eclipse my other obvious talents and abilities. You should hear what they say to me……. “Why don’t you tone it down a bit?” “What happened to you in your life to... [Read more...]

Racist Baggage Today is the Legacy of the Democratic Party.

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Tweet ( It is very difficult for me to understand how inefficient the knowledge base of a sizeable corpus of individuals in the generations after mine have, as it pertains to history.  No more astonishing a content area is this evident is with regards to American political history, in particular history of the Democratic Party. What... [Read more...]

Neo-Black Conservatism: A culture of subversion.

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Tweet ( “Stay the course”, “be cautious”, “be patient”,” change will come eventually”, the notion that the rising tide raises all of the boats in the harbor, all of these beliefs share the same fear based, self-loathing DNA. They come from a persuasion of people who are more interested in soothing the serial fears of... [Read more...]

African Americans: Childhood is Not Meant to Be Deadly.

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Tweet ( In every child’s life, there comes a point where innocence succumbs to life’s cruelty and pain. It is the moment when the child starts to become aware of the cold-hearted world in which we live. “It takes a village to raise a child” is the African proverb that means that an entire community of people must provide for... [Read more...]

African Americans: Wake Up, Wake Up Before Its to Late.

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Tweet ( I’m going to be addressing the issue of Black injustice in a series of articles with specific examples of how this White supremacist establishment not only slaughter innocent Black people on the street, but also routinely victimize the average Black, minority, and working class person in their daily lives. I referred to... [Read more...]

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