Book Reviews: Healing with Fragments.

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( In the poetic words we can often find love, passion, deep intimacy, and a healing that is needed when we are broken by life and living.  In her first book of poetry author Poetic Beauty manages to craft all of these emotions into her words in “Fragments: The Heart Of A Poet”. The reader is able to experience various aspects of the Black experience, and the book tends to bend to the need of the reader. This is definitely one that will feel different to every reader. Though it touches on matters we are all challenged to deal with, it feels personal to each person as though we aren’t all reading the same thing. That in itself is magical.

Book Reviews: Healing with Fragments.
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“I wish nightmares would dissipate under my touch. I wish that fantasy and reality would cohabitate in my embrace so that it would feel more like home. That my kisses would fuel your wildest imagination so that you could feel safe to dream with my because maybe then our future wouldn’t feel so fictitious.”

Fragments: The Heart Of A Poet” reads a bit differently than what you would expect from a book of poetry. The form is not in verse. At first glance the reader may not recognize that they are reading poetry. Some pieces feel like a journal entry whereby the reader is privy to the private thoughts of another, while other pieces read like a prose. There are some that feel like a letter to someone special encouraging them forward. This variety in style keeps the reader’s attention and makes for beautiful transitions between the various experiences the reader will find.

“Before you enter my body, you enter my mind. As if it were your own amusement park, you play in my head carelessly wreaking havoc on my senses.”

There are some running themes throughout the body of work. The author tends to direct the reader to validate the need for healing in embracing oneself fully. It also carries the theme of accountability in a partner. Once you’ve been hurt by love it is important to assess what has happened and not allow oneself to be put in the same position again. The author allows the reader the courage to stand in their truth, and question what love is, the kinds of love that is needed, and to demand their standard.

“So, forgive yourself, for love starts inside. Forgive them too because hatred is spiritual suicide. Black girls, walk with your heads held high, let not the size of your crown weigh your heads down.”

I greatly appreciate the within the subject of healing there are pieces that speak to the fight for justice that Black Americans face in this country. That is weaved into the book and it was needed because this fight greatly affects how we love, see love, and how we trust. Generational trauma due to our plight in America affects every aspect of our life even when we can’t see it. This is thought provoking as these subjects are alongside pieces that speak to the need and danger of vulnerability and trust in love.

“Can you love me naked? If I lay myself bare before you, heart exposed with scares and flaws on display, what would you do?”

This book has poetry for everyone. The words are powerful and yet warm. This is definitely a book for book clubs, and conversations about love and healing.

Fragments: The Heart Of A Poet” by Poetic Beauty can be found at your local bookstore, Amazon, and anywhere books are sold.

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