Book Reviews: Liberation in – The Purple Dungeon.

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( Intimacy can come in many forms. In the Black community it can, at times, be a difficult discussion as we often put these parts of self in a box. What is considered community norms, respectability, religion, and generational trauma passed down from the plantations to now all play a part in many living with a subconscious repression when it comes to intimacy and what is considered acceptable sexually. You might be thinking what happens in one’s bedroom out not be open to judgement, but far too often it is. The matter tends to make its way into the open when one begins to look for liberation in this area. The arts have always played a vital part in helping us come to terms with self. Poetry is a beautiful medium to explore intimacy and sexual liberation, as the artform in itself can be seductive in its wordplay. Poetry can lead you into an intimate space when the words begin to caress your mind, and manifest in your life real time…the words will make you feel. Author Irene the Passion Queen is on a mission to see Black love become as liberated and intimate without bounds in her book, “The Purple Dungeon”.

“Let me soothe your mind

Ease your stress

Caress your soul

I want to be a stress reliever

Your sounding boards

Your confidant”

Book Reviews: Liberation in - The Purple Dungeon.
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The pages of this book are steaming with passion, and a sexual liberation that with trust allows the heights and depths of intimacy to be fully explored. However, there is still a core that speaks to Black love. There is an expression of a love that reaches beyond the bedroom. The reader will see a Black woman wanting to be a safe haven for a Black man…she wants to be more than just a physical space. She becomes a place by which he can rest his soul and mind. He can find compassion, care, and understanding that can heal the wounds he receives from the world. This is powerful, and a very important part of intimacy building that is explored through the poetry in this book.

“Not wanting to let go

Or leave this moment of intimacy

We smile and kiss

Good morning”

The wordplay presented is nice, seductive, nasty, liberating…it’s whatever the reader needs it to be in that moment. One can journey though the book individually as a way to introduce yourself to different kinds of sexual intimacy with getting to know what you want and like as the goal. One can argue that one of the difficulties of sexual liberation is not knowing self. This is a wonderful book for couples to embark upon together as it can foster a transparent conversation about intimacy that can lead to couples better understanding what they want and need from each other. This is important if we want to find a love that is sustaining in every part of our being. I definitely recommend indulging in this book as letting the poetry let your mind run wild as it liberates you from your inhibitions.

The Purple Dungeon” by Irene the Passion Queen can be found at your local bookstore, Amazon, and anywhere books are sold.

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