Exposing the Truth: How COVID-19 Vaccines Are Damaging Immune Systems in America.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Doctors want to keep ignoring it, Science wants to keep denying it and the regulatory agencies you trusted to protect and inform you want to simply distract you from it. I’m talking about the gradual and now obvious immune system damage, weakening, malfunctioning and/or eventual destruction of the COVID-19 vaxxed and boosted in America. So while the medical, regulatory and vaccine industries are wanting all of you to believe Covid is making people sick, the proof shows the vaccines have and continue to do the same thing.

 Exposing the Truth: How COVID-19 Vaccines Are Damaging Immune Systems in America.

By now, most of you likely know people who either died after getting the COVID-19 vaccine (and boosters) or they were injured. Many of you will say that it is too late because you have taken the vaccines and booster shots so there’s nothing you can do now. And quite a few of you will say you are doing just fine so no harm done. Really? Let’s go down the rabbit hole and look deeper.
For years I headed a research team that studied COVID-19 and the vaccines from the time they were authorized in the United States. Medical doctors not afraid to stand up and speak the truth shared medical data and hard evidence about the danger of the Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson vaccines authorized to fight COVID-19. In 2021 I could not tell you who these doctors were. I can name them today, even though the mainstream medical, science and regulatory industries have tried everything possible to hide the findings, punish, and discredit these medical doctor heroes.
But before I go deep into what is happening in America all around you, I want to honor the medical doctors who had the courage to speak the truth about the COVID-19 vaccines. Medical doctors who treated and helped their patients recover without using the vaccines. These doctors include, but are not limited to Dr. Robert Malone (created mRNA), Dr. Ryan Cole (Pathologist and Virologist), Dr. Stella Emmanuel, the Frontline Doctors, Dr Carrie Madej, Dr. Rashid Buttar, Dr Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Peter McCullough, Dr. Rand Paul (headed a congressional fact-finding hearing), and several other credible – all practicing medical doctors, at least until they spoke the truth. They risked their lives and their careers. They were suspended, threatened, fired and/or ostracized, All for speaking the truth. The truth they had hard evidence to back up. But America didn’t want to hear it. You were being programmed, not to hear the truth. And those programming you were ironically, the ones providing misinformation and disinformation.
Likewise, I tried to sound the alarm years ago, but many of you just couldn’t hear it. What you heard was the news media, social media, the medical industry, the science industry, the vaccine manufacturers and the regulatory industry all standing together, calling the truth a “conspiracy theory” and labeling doctors who had the proof as “anti-vaxxers”.
Between 2020 and 2021, after hundreds of hours of research, learning from medical doctors willing to speak the truth and looking at the hard evidence for ourselves, my team’s eyes were wide open to what was happening and what was to come. I said back then you could expect the COVID-19 vaccines to damage the human immune system, thereby allowing all types of other medical conditions, pre-existing co-morbidities and new attacks to rise up and bombard the human body in America.
Today that is exactly what is happening. Hundreds of millions of Americans have taken COVID-19 vaccines and booster shots, but COVID-19 is not gone. And it still keeps mutating. That was anticipated as well by doctors willing to speak the truth as far back as 2020. You see, viruses do not live forever. They are on a time clock before they expire. They have an lifespan unless you keep creating boosters that back them in a corner. When you do, that causes the viruses to create new strains, variants and mutations in order to survive. Adapting to survive instead of dying out. The medical industry, regulatory agencies and vaccine industry was warned this would happen, but they ignored the warning.
The very industry you looked to for health, facts and safety is the same industry that has kept COVID-19 alive. If you want to know “where the bodies are buried” and the storage vault with the numbers of people injured by COVID-19 vaccines, here is where you can find quite a bit of it. At least until they erase it. THESE DATABASES ARE MAINTAINED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT REGULATORY AGENCIES, SUCH AS HHS, CDC, FDA AND HRSA. They are VICP, CICP, NNDSS and VAERS.
How could COVID-19 die out when a bit of it was in every single vaccine shot given in America and around the world? Maybe you thought this was normal. But let me say this again in a different way. Every person who got the COVID-19 vaccine was given COVID-19. That part of COVID-19 they were given was called the spike protein. And it is no wonder that so many people who never had COVID-19 only acquired it after getting the vaccine. Then the CDC casually labeled all those cases as “breakthrough cases” and kept rolling right along. But why is that relevant?
Today there are all types of viruses, flu warnings, biological threats and/or pathogens that seem to be attacking America more than ever before. It is no coincidence that this is not only “after” COVID-19 (esp since Covid-19 never ended), it is also after all these millions of vaccines have been forced on America. Ironically, vaccines and boosters that have not even eradicated COVID-19 at all. Now, what do the vaccine manufacturers want to do? Create more vaccines and keep sticking you “forever”. Many of you are starting to see the light, many of you who originally disagreed with me wholeheartedly. But now you see for yourself, and you will see more proof if you would just wake up and look around you.
The mRNA vaccines have damaged immune systems everywhere, thereby allowing pre-existing conditions such as cancer (research “turbo cancer”) and a whole host of new problems to rise up across this country. Even in the bodies of young people who are/were otherwise healthy. The cat is not out of the bag, the snake is out from under the rock.
It always amazes me how the medical, science, vaccine and regulatory agencies want to claim they are experts until something they have done comes back to bite them or they get caught by credible evidence that exposes what actually happened. Then they seem so dumbfounded (or rather play dumb) while the rest of us figure out what is really happening and blow away the smoke screen.
Without getting too technical, let me say this. The COVID-19 vaccine shots given in America were not to boost the immune system. They were to act as a substitute for it, forcing the body of the vaccinated people to use part of COVID-19 in order to make that body a spike protein producing factory. This was in the hope (they say) that antibodies would be created, and the vexed (I meant vaxxed) individual would have a body that could fight COVID-19.
But it didn’t go quite like that, and the effect or shockwave is still being felt today. There is now a ton of evidence, if you know where to look, that exposes the COVID-19 vaccines. Corroborating and validating what I tried to tell many of you years ago.
Your immune system was customized for you, unlike the COVID-19 vaccines, a “one size fits all” vaccine. It’s like trying to give another person you are medication. Even if they have the same condition as you do, there are so many other factors that a specific diagnosis, blood, labs, and other types of testing you specifically is often required. That’s why, in great part, doctors cringe at the thought of people sharing, trading, selling or exchanging medication.
Medication is given based on specific diagnosis, blood labs, previous medical history, etc. But apparently the medical industry completely threw all that out the window when the vaccine companies popped up with vaccines for everybody as if one size fits all.
With the technology of today at your fingertips, and much of the truth about vaccines, written in everyday language, you don’t have to be a doctor to understand what is going on. You don’t have to be a doctor to read the facts in many of the regulatory agency databases, and reports.
My goal in writing this article was to inform you, to prepare you, and to explain what is happening right before your eyes in plain sight, but not to go “super technical”. This is not medical advice and I am not a medical doctor. But I don’t have to be to share under my First Amendment right.
For those of you who are in the medical or science industry, just know that I could go deeper. But that would lose most of this audience and that’s not the purpose. Still, just know that I have the hard data and many other people do as well. If you want hard data, medical reports and analysis, reach out to the doctors I named in this article.
So what am I saying or reiterating? That you are seeing the work of COVID-19 vaccine damage to the immune systems of people all over America. And what happens then? All kinds of things step up to attack because the best defense, customized, defense, and long-term defense for most of our lives before COVID-19 ever existed was our immune systems. I also find it more than coincidence that when the medical and science industry put something in the human body that damages the immune system like chemo), they don’t ever seem to help you rebuild that immune system. You and I both know that the medical industry is aware of how a weakened immune system will lead you right back to them. Now ask yourself why they don’t help you rebuild it and why they give you vaccine shots or boosters that weaken it.
Let me leave you with this. That was far less than a 1% mortality rate from COVID-19 throughout all of 2020 in America. In other words, in 2020 COVID-19 had an over 99% survival rate without any vaccine intervention. Check the numbers from Johns Hopkins University for yourself. And since the vaccines were not authorized until the end of that year, what do you think protected you almost all of 2020? Not the vaccines. It was your immune system. Then in a cloud of deception, the vaccine industry, the regulatory agencies you trusted, and the medical industry along with the media got you to believe that your immune system would not work. Even though it had already been working.

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw

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