Monday, February 26, 2024

It will Take More Than Gold Sneakers to Get African Americans to Support Trump or the Republican Party.

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Tweet ( Raymond Arroyo, a Fox News contributor, argues that Trump knows how to connect to the Black community. When Donald Trump mugshot was released in August 2023, Arroyo stated, that Black people can relate to Donald Trump now, and that it was going to increase Black support for Donald Trump because he now had, “street creds.” In... [Read more...]

Why Did the NYT Article on Fact-Checking President Joe Biden’s Economic Statements Exclude Misinformation About Unemployment Rates?

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Tweet ( A pivotal moment in the history of the United States was the day the Democratic Party, as a Matter of Policy started undercounting the unemployment rates of American workers, professional, blue collar, union, working-class Americans, and especially the unemployment rates of African Americans, who have the highest unemployment... [Read more...]

Black Community: The devaluation of human life will be forever linked with Super Bowl LVIII.

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Tweet ( It has been over a week since Super Bowl LVIII and over a week since the mass shooting in Kansas City during the championship parade. More details regarding the shooting are sad as well with the suspects being juveniles and the loss of life of a mother of two being among the victims. While football is a very violent collision... [Read more...]

Securing America’s Borders – A Call for Presidential Action and Fiscal Responsibility.

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Tweet ( Why should funding go to any foreign nation to help them secure their borders until an obstinate President Joe Biden secures America’s border from an invasion via the use of our military or any other effective means? We spend trillions of dollars to ostensibly protect America, yet Biden refuses to fulfill his constitutional... [Read more...]

Americans: Wokeness and Resilience – The Legacy of Jack Kemp and the 1965 AFL All-Star Game Boycott.

February 22, 2024 by  
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Tweet ( The meaning of being “woke” is simple. It means being awakened to the needs of others. Being “woke” is understanding something you may not have previously understood while now arriving at the point of acceptance. It means to be well-informed, thoughtful, compassionate, humble, and kind. Being “woke” is having an eagerness... [Read more...]

Balancing Act: Media Scrutiny on Joe Biden’s Mental Fitness and the Ongoing Debate Over Free Speech on Twitter.

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Tweet ( The New York Times raised questions about President Joe Biden’s mental fitness after the bombshell special report explaining why there would be no criminal charges against Biden for unlawful possession of documents. Special counsel Robert Hur wrote, “Mr. Biden would likely present himself to a jury, as he did during... [Read more...]

Corporate America at a Crossroads: Balancing Social Justice and Economic Responsibilities.

February 21, 2024 by  
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Tweet (  Universities are not alone among our institutions that have lost their way. How about America’s corporations, which now seem to think social justice is their job, beside efficiently delivering goods and services to the American public? In a recent panel discussion at the Bipartisan Policy Institute, Jamie Dimon, chairman... [Read more...]

Championing Reproductive Freedom: The Historic Impact of Vice President Kamala Harris’s Leadership.

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Tweet ( It matters deeply that America has a woman as our vice president. That has never been truer than at this moment. Nothing makes this more clear than Vice President Kamala Harris’s courageous decision to champion reproductive freedom in the midst of a full-on assault on the right to choose. Right now, Vice President Harris is... [Read more...]

Black Community: The Grammy’s – Yes, The Category Matters.

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Tweet ( It’s Black History Month, and it never fails…we can’t get through our month without the shenanigans. The Grammy’s rolled themselves around here again, and as always, they cause chaos and confusion. There is the one perspective that Black artists should not concern themselves with the Grammy’s as we have been disappointed... [Read more...]

Democracy on the Docket – The Supreme Court’s Quandary Over Donald Trump’s Ballot Battle.

February 19, 2024 by  
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Tweet ( Last week the Supreme Court heard arguments from the State of Colorado, which barred former President Donald Trump from appearing on its presidential ballot. This was a highly controversial decision that inexorably ended up in SCOTUS’ hands. The two plus hours of argument rendered me speechless. The following is a paraphrase... [Read more...]

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