Devout Christians: The Church Needs to Understand Judgement.

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( There seems to be two words we don’t really understand at church, and they are judgement and accountability. Where one is present the other is not, and it’s dangerous. It’s as though we don’t understand balance when dealing with our own brothers and sister in Christ. This lack of understanding can be found in families and in the community. One can argue it is one of the largest forces of division within our people. We don’t seem to understand what it means to judge another individual. Let me assure you judgement has nothing to do with calling someone out on their negative behavior, and it has nothing to do with constructive criticism. It can be argued judgement belongs to God, and if one is reading their Bible, we are cautioned not to judge others, or we will be judged by the same measure. Simply put you do not have the power to put someone in hell. This might be a hard come to Jesus for many of us…but no you nor I have the power to condemn another to hell, nor place them in heaven.

Devout Christians: The Church Needs to Understand Judgement.

We tend to believe if a person as we know them appear to be good people we just know they right with God and going to heaven. Whereas those we know have commented heinous acts can’t be damned to hell by us. The key is by US. Humans don’t have this power over each other, but that doesn’t mean we can’t condemn actions. Unfortunately, judgment is the go to for too many when someone doesn’t do what we think they should, or live in a matter we feel they should even if it doesn’t affect us. On the other hand, not judging someone is used to withhold accountability from those that need to be called out for their negative behavior. The misuse of these words has caused so much hurt within the community, and it’s time to have a discussion so that healing can take place.

It’s important to lead with what judgment is not because this is where the bible can be misused as treated as a weapon against those that do not know better or hasn’t read for themselves. This is important because many Christians can site judgement and condemnation as reasons, they left the church and refuse to return. Basically, church is a hospital, and everyone there has an issue…there is something wrong with all of us. We tend to forget this because humans are not God. We gage and categorize sin, and if we aren’t committing what we deem as the unforgivable sins…it’s okay to judge others. It’s hard for us to understand that from God’s perspective the gossiper and the murder have the same problem…they are sinful. Because this is not how we function it is easy for some to fall into judging others and dealing in hypocrisy.

What’s even worse is some of those that are willing to set themselves on high condemning others in judgement of those that God really had to clean up. Like, if you knew where they came from it would be appalling that they would set their mouth in judgement against anyone as they should still be praising God for deliverance. This behavior may be most felt in the church, but it happens in our families, and in different areas of our community. This judgement mentality, or playing God if you will, destroys families, makes communities combative, and the church itself a battleground. It’s something that requires serious prayer, and more so paying attention to oneself.

You may be thinking, so if we are not to judge each other are we supposed to sit back and just say nothing about the sin and evil that happens around us. The easy answer is no. The problem is since judgement I misused…it is also a tool to remove accountability. Instead of holding our brothers and sisters to account for their actions, and rebuke the foolishness we might hear, “don’t judge them because you aren’t perfect…we have to love them.” Per the scripture if they are wrong, they are wrong, and saying someone is wrong when they are is not judging them. Furthermore, are able to judge and condemn actions…this can be done without condemning the person. Just like we can love someone while not loving their actions.

Accountability and responsibility are a part of the Christian faith, and they can’t be swept away by saying don’t judge. That is also dangerous and divisive. Just as some will leave the congregation over judging wrongly judged, there are those that will leave because accountability is not present. No one is talking about perfection we are talking about standards and encouraging each other to actual good works…which does include speaking against bad works, in love. If we want to see healing in church, families, and communities we must truly deal with the judgement and accountability issues. It won’t be comfortable nor easy, but it is definitely worth it.

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