Devout Christians: My Testimony Concerning the “Observations of Moses”.

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( Out of 1,842 state legislators, state and county school board members emailed across forty-two states, only twenty responded, and only seven were positive.  However none of them would commit to taking action.  It is the third time in twenty-six years that I have written to those in elected offices across the country. I get the impression that they either want to teach Atheism in public schools, are brainwashed, or that they just don’t care.

Devout Christians: My Testimony Concerning the “Observations of Moses”.

One county superintendent in Colorado allowed me to show them the “Observations of Moses” presentation. It wasn’t what they expected. They agreed that critical information has been withheld from students, both on the biblical side and the scientific side. Creationism as presented by current creationist organizations is exposed to be foolishness, and unbiblical. Yet the presentation also exposed the efforts of science to hide much of the truth from the public. Unfortunately, the superintendent got “cold feet”, and didn’t want to go against the establishment, even though he knew it was misinforming the students.  “So much” for caring about the student’s education.

Even the Sanhedrin in Israel doesn’t have a backbone. In February 2010, my PowerPoint presentation was viewed by them.  At first, they were “overjoyed” by the confirmation of the literal interpretation of Bereshit (Genesis). But after a couple of days when they calmed down, and realized that the writers of the Talmud would be proven to be in error, the Sanhedrin decided the table the issue.

So, I thought that I would give you my own testimony.

On Easter Sunday, April 15 1990, I was visiting a church in Penn Hills PA, and a lady stood up and asked the pastor “How can I teach my teenaged boys about Adam & Eve when all they are taught in school is evolution”.  I felt that was a very good question to ask, and I waited for the pastor to give a profound answer. However, I was disappointed. The pastor only said, “Just believe the Bible”.  The mother was asking for help, and the pastor could not give it to her.  That is when I decided that I would resolve the so called “creation/evolution” issue once and for all.  I didn’t care if I found the bible to be wrong, or the interpretations of science to be wrong.  I only wanted to find the truth.

After hearing the lady’s cry for help, I started going to public libraries in different cities, reading every book I could find on biblical creation, the Big Bang, prehistoric man, and evolution. I also began to read the entire book of Genesis, over and over again, trying to make sense of it.

Finally, in December of 1993, while I was in bed, I heard a voice say, “The days in Genesis are not in just one week”. I went to the library and read a Hebrew to English translation of the book of Genesis, and saw the confirmation of what I had heard.  The gentile translators of the English bible changed what Moses had written. On the fifth day, Moses wrote “sea monsters”, not great whales. Therefore, Moses saw the creation of the marine dinosaurs.  The land dinosaurs were created on a day that Moses did not see.

So, six years later after hearing the lady’s plea for help, I was confronted by the same thing. At the dinner table, my teenaged son abruptly said that he learned in science class that the book of Genesis was a fairytale. He was disappointed that his parents were so naïve to believe in such a myth.

I then told him that his science teacher was wrong, and that I would show him the truth after dinner. My daughter sat in on it also.  Using a sheet of paper, I showed them the correct sequence of the days, in seven different eras, and how they followed the 600+ million-year fossil record.  His face lit up like he had just been given a birthday present.

God fearing parents lose their children to Atheism because the only reality the child is taught is the scientific interpretation of the fossil record. Most of present-day creationism denies that there even is a fossil record.

Many parents take their children out of public school because they see it as a tool of Satan to countermand Christian and family values.  They see public schools as a recruiting place for Atheism, which it is.  That’s why atheists want to keep creation alternatives out of science class.  They also want to deny that there is a Creator, so that they can deny that there will be a final judgment.

Since legislators and public-school officials refuse to change their curriculum, I am presently trying to contact various Parent/Teacher associations. I am thinking that if parents viewed the presentation, seeing the correct interpretation of Genesis, and the historical truth of our Earth and universe finally being shown, the current theories of science being taught would be exposed as being “myths”.

Are you a parent that wants to know the truth of our origins, the history of God, and the origin of Satan? Email me and set up a viewing schedule.

Staff Writer; Herman Cummings

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