From 1974 to Now – The Evolution of Joe Biden’s Abortion Stance and the Intensified Debate on Reproductive Rights.

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( I think it went too far.

These were the exact words President Biden spoke in an interview about the supremely wrong Roe decision that commercialized the killing of America’s Posterity. “I don’t like the Supreme Court decision on abortion,” Senator Biden explained. “I think it went too far. I don’t think that a woman has the sole right to say what should happen to her body.” That was 1974. Fast forward fifty years, and Joe Biden cannot celebrate and promote abortion enough.

Black Americans, Asian Americans, Latin Americans and White Americans: From 1974 to Now - The Evolution of Joe Biden's Abortion Stance and the Intensified Debate on Reproductive Rights.

He’s become the abortion industry’s Cheerleader-in-Chief. And Vice President Kamala Harris is his megaphone. The State of the Union (SOTU) solidified this reality. As someone conceived in rape but adopted in love, I was there in person to hear the cheering of the killing of those of us deemed less than human. As the honored guest of the unapologetically pro-life Congressman Bob Good (R-VA), a rare statesman in a tumultuous sea of predatory politicians, I represent millions who have (and are) unjustly branded as “unwanted.” Triumph can rise from tragedy. The Democratic Party and its abortion arm – Planned Parenthood – hate my storyline. My life, and many others like me, prove their scare-no-matter-what narratives wrong.

Female Democrat lawmakers, clad in fake-feminist white, pretended they were champions for life…well, at least through IVF. Although Biden referred to it as AVF, the radically pro-abortion President called it a “miracle of life” yet doesn’t recognize natural pregnancy as the same. Even the Republican Speaker of the House applauded the President’s proclamation to “guarantee AVF [sic] nationwide.”

Let me quick give a breakdown of in-vitro Fertilization, a highly unregulated industry (like Big Abortion) that is legal in all 50 states. A woman is given injectable hormones to stimulate multiple eggs to mature. Those eggs are then retrieved and fertilized with sperm in a lab and the resultant embryos are then processed. (Biology refresher: Human life begins at fertilization.) Some embryos are allowed to live; some are destroyed because they don’t make the cut. Also, couples can sex-select their embryos and have the unwanted gender discarded. The selected embryo is transferred to the uterus. According to several IVF sources, the process fails “in approximately 50% of embryo transfers.” Unused embryos are often frozen in a process called cryopreservation and used later. According to the Cleveland Clinic, freezing can damage or destroy embryos. That’s a lot of intentional killing for one successful pregnancy.

The pro-abortion American Society for Reproductive Medicine is a trade association for the IVF field. It refers to human embryos as “reproductive tissue” and believes that “every American should have unhindered access to assisted reproductive technologies”. “Embryos are not children,” proclaims the ASRM. “Building a family is a fundamental right of all people, no matter where you live.”

Wait. Isn’t living isn’t the most fundamental right? As much as I have sympathy for any married wife and husband who cannot conceive naturally, every method of creating family is not ethical. Look at the abuses of surrogacy, for instance.

What is the moral difference between killing an embryo at an abortion mill and killing an embryo at an IVF clinic?

Biden then angrily scolded the Supreme Court for overturning Roe. The political Party that violently denied people of my complexion our personhood is the same Democratic Party that denies people of my origin our humanity. Biden used the extreme examples like that of Texan Kate Cox who had her disabled child with Trisomy 18 aborted. I wish the Left would believe that empowerment is providing resources for those going through difficult diagnoses rather than offer the violent injustice of abortion. What if Kate Cox had been told about, a resource created by a mother of 8 whose youngest child has lived with the disorder for seven years?

Isn’t help and hope true empowerment?

Biden didn’t mention creating any resources for those facing unplanned or difficult pregnancies, just more abortion. He threatened: “Clearly — clearly, those bragging about overturning Roe v. Wade have no clue about the power of women.” Clearly…clearly, a President bragging about an industry that kills millions of unborn human lives and exploits mothers has no clue about the power of pro-life women. He didn’t mention the nation’s 3,000 pregnancy centers or the 450 maternity homes mostly run by women who compassionately help turn fear into faith, frailty into freedom.

A self-proclaimed Catholic, Biden has no use for Catholic teaching on the sanctity of human life. During the SOTU, he promised he will “restore Roe v. Wade as the law of the land again.” Not that Democrats are interested in actualities, but Roe allowed abortion only through the seventh month with provisions that states could regulate at the point of viability (which today can be as early as 21 weeks). This is NOT what the DNC wants. They’ve passed and have introduced radical laws allowing taxpayer-funded abortion throughout the entire pregnancy up until birth (see herehere and here), despite a corrupt mainstream media trying to politically run defense for them.

Safe, legal and rare – which was always a lie – has now become unsafe, unregulated and unlimited.

Frustratingly, the GOP is grossly failing on countering the Left’s extreme abortion rhetoric. Their SOTU response, given by Alabama Senator Katie Britt, was an abysmal and clueless effort on many fronts. As usual, GOP leadership scrambles to be poll-driven instead of principle-driven. Britt, sitting in her kitchen, weakly asserted: “Well, I know which choice our children deserve and I know the choice the Republican Party is fighting for. It’s why we strongly support nationwide access to in-vitro fertilization.” She never once mentions abortion.

For the love, GOP. Stop fearing what they’re cheering!

A radically pro-abortion Biden ironically did speak some words of truth during the SOTU: “The very idea of America is that we’re all created equal, deserves to be treated equally throughout our lives.”

And our lives begin, inarguably, at conception. Sadly, the Democratic Party has never gotten created equal right.

Written by Ryan Bomberger

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