Another Pregnant Black Woman Shot & Killed by a Race Soldier.

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( Well, Here we go again with an innocent and beautiful African American woman gun down by a race soldier aka Caucasian American police officer, who like every other racist Caucasian American is infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcomings of having small private parts. Yes, these pieces of garbage Neanderthal Cave dwellers assassinated an Unarmed innocent black woman who was pregnant at the time of her violent death over allegations of shoplifting cookies and candies.

Another Pregnant Black Woman Shot & Killed by a Race Soldier.

“Say Her Name Black America”.

Ta’Kiya Young was a 21 year old innocent Beautiful pregnant black woman who aspire to become a social worker and help minority families in the community with their basic needs that every rightful American citizen is entitled too in this so-called free nation built by black slaves for the well being of their slave master and the children of their slave masters, who with the passage of time will become race soldiers aka police officers, judges, district attorney etc… Yes, our Black Queen was murder by a direct descendant of a slave master in the State of Ohio.

On August 24, 2023 in the early morning our black sister went on her daily shopping at Kroger grocery store. Upon exiting the store and walking to her vehicle, Ms. young was approached by two pale skin demons known as Race soldiers aka Caucasian American police officers, who immediately began yelling and screaming at her with their guns drawn at her; as if she had committed some type of school shooting like those committed by nerdy innocent looking racist Caucasian teenagers. These Race soldiers were responding to a call of a simple misdemeanor shoplifting of food, which to any reasonable person, should not prompt or give any reasons to pull their service weapon out at a pregnant woman over food and shoot her dead.

These two killers belong to the Blendon Township police department, which is known to be a safe house for former KKK and white supremacy individuals who became police officers to spread their reign of terror of the replacement theory and white supremacy. The officers have not been punished yet and continue to work on patrol terrorizing innocent minority groups that include Native Americans, African American, Muslim Americans and Hispanics. The Blendon Township department has a long history of police brutality and shooting of innocent minorities who were wrongfully detain, search and then executed by members of that Police Department.

As you can see, it does not matter if a black person is innocent, unarmed, young, disable, military veteran, college educated, no criminal records or drugs etc.. He or she will always be seen as a threat in the eyes of racist America and those who enforce the law and or make the law. II have stated this a million times and it has fallen on deaf ears ” Black people living in America are at war with Racist America and they don’t even know it:” . Yes, my fellow African Americans we are at war with these demons and for that reason we should never trust them or turn our backs on any of them that do not look like us, suffer like us, think like us and endure over 400 years of oppression. Certainly, it is time for us to fight back and prepared for the next chapter.

Every African American living in the United States and every one who waste their time praying to an European God under the fairy tale of the Religion of the Slaves aka ” Christianity” that was used as a tool by the slave masters to control, rape, pillage, destroyed, killed, kidnapped and divide the African Slaves, who have know become African Americans in America the Great, must understand that we are target practices for racist European/Caucasian Americans who are infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having small private parts and who speak with a fork tongue to justify all the evilness they have done to Black America using the DNC and democratic party to manipulate us and the mega black churches and sell out black pastors to keep African Americans docile and dumb; so, they will never rise up against the children of the slave masters.

Who Called The Police? and Why did they Lie About Shoplifting”

Indeed, it is the million dollar question that I myself have asked in the last couple days! Why do people lie on us and called the police for no valid reason; but, with the only goal to destroyed and killed every single one of us? Well, the answer is obvious, the mere color of our skin prompts many other races to be afraid of us and at the same time be jealous of us. You see, these racist people hate us, they want to get rid of us; but, they want our trillion dollar spending money in their stores and business; More so, they want our black vote for which they use to win their election and in returned they give us nothing except for death, destruction, incarceration and unemployment in our African American communities..

We need to find out who is the person who lie and called the police which cause the death of our innocent pregnant black sister and we need to know the background of the officer from childhood to adult. Yes, we need to know everything about that officers past and about all his friends and families past and I guaranteed that we will find a membership and or associations with white supremacy and replacement theory radical racist groups. It is already known, that the Blendon Township is an are friendly to white supremacy, proud boys and many militia groups that are a threat to the stability of the nation and to the life of innocent black christian children.

With that said, it is time for African Americans to fight fire with fire, it is time for us to start preparing for the onslaught that racist European/Caucasians in Ohio are preparing to unleash on innocent black people. It is time for black men, black women and black LGBT to exercises their 2nd amendment rights by legally and lawfully purchasing guns, rifles, shotguns, ammunitions, body armor, Kevlar, survival food, first aid kit etc… as the first step in defense against these demonic Neanderthals whose sole purpose is to eradicate the black race from the face of America and from the State of Ohio. All African Americans must acquired a concealed weapons permit and learned the law pertaining to carry concealed and gun safety.

African Americans need to protect each other and defend each from anyone who does not look like us, suffer like us and endure 400 years of oppressions; but more so, we must protect each other from race soldiers aka racist Caucasian American police officers who are going around killing innocent black children and planting guns and drugs on their bodies to justify their assassination of our innocent christian black Childrens. ” We are at War Black America”

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

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