Illegal Migrants over Americans.

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( There are clear established laws in the United States regarding illegal immigration, legal migration, visitors on visas – of any sort – and most definitely laws on illegals working in the United States. I’m not going to detail or list out what they are – you as a fully-grown adult citizen or not, know what they are – or you should have a general idea at minimum.

The idea that the Biden administration is exploring and prospecting the idea of giving over 400K illegally immigrated Venezuelans – and those likely from other countries – work permits, and other associated benefit(s) packages spells out two things to me – and should to you – DELIRICITON of DUTY and FLAGRANT IGNORANCE of the LAW! One of the primary roles and responsibilities of the Executive branch is to enforce the laws of the United States, not usurp them.

Black Americans, Asian Americans, Mexican Americans, and White Americans: Illegal Migrants over Americans.

But let’s turn our attention to the grander scheme of things afoot. Have you ever heard of the Tammany Hall Machine? How about William “Boss” Tweed? These playbooks never died and when you hear terms like “The Great Replacement” or the “Extinguishment of the American Identity”, these are not said or discussed in hyperbole or out of the realm of conspiracy theories – these are very real phenomena that is occurring before our very eyes.

The Democratic party of the United States has held a long-held belief that to have power and to maintain that power, they must subvert, pervert, and subjugate socioeconomic issues to divide and conquer the more vulnerable segments of society. Is it not a wonder why God, Family, and Country is not a central theme of their platform or their talking points – ever? Racial issues (now that literally everything is racist), LBGTQ+ – specifically the “Trans Movement”, Abortion rights, Gun Control, Anti-Police, CRT, and virtually everything that goes against traditional American values pre-modernism era is now under attack.

Postmodernism era that we are in now ushered in by the Democrats ignores the realities that have came to fruition from predictions of having out-of-control policies with little to no balance. Evidence of these alternate universes that has now permeated our society is the abandonment of millions of American citizens who need necessities. Homelessness is now rampant, US Veterans are still suffering and committing suicide at exponential numbers, mental illness has become normalized because resources to address it have been depleted or diverted, and then we have Ukraine that is our pseudo-US territory.

The purveyors of the American crises are only complicit in these issues because of two primal reasons:

1.) They are paid to push these agendas and ideologies.

2.) They have a great disdain of the United States and want to see it fall. There’s literally no other way to look at it. Either you are complicit or ignorant of what is going on. Silence is compliance – PERIOD. Republicans are no better in combating these issues. Many talk a good game then sit on the bench when it’s time to put boots on ground or put pen to paper. This very attitude is their part of their downfall in losing support Post-Reconstruction Era and during the Civil Rights Era (again). Most Republicans take the mantra “turn the other cheek” a little too literally.

What Americans need to understand is that immigration to the US isn’t bad. It’s actually a great thing. But look at this from a micro vs macro mindset. Would you take the hinges off and remove the front door and go to bed, giving free reign to whoever from wherever to enter your home unvetted, unabetted, and enjoy the fruits of your labor with no questions asked? Our border has the hinges off, and the doors removed for any one from everywhere to come in while we sleep to enjoy the fruits of our labor unvetted, unabetted, with no questions asked – except “where would you like to go?” You stand to gain more as an illegal immigrant than being an American citizen. As a citizen, I never thought I’d live to utter those words.

To immigrants / migrants: It’s ok to come. But come legally. Respect our country. Respect our citizens. Respect our culture. Respect our way of life. To our elected officials: Respect our Constitution. Respect the position that you have the luxury to hold because of your constituents. Respect our rights. Respect, honor, and enforce OUR LAWS, and most importantly – RESPECT the fact that you serve at the pleasure of the American people – WHEREEVER YOU ARE!

Staff Writer; Randy Purham

This brother is a Former US Congressional Candidate for the House of Representatives for the state of Alaska At-Large. He is the CEO of Purham & Associates, LLC and Host of Purham & Associates Show on