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Devout Christians: Sin or Behavior our Problem.

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( My attempt in writing is to keep it simple. Sin vs behavior. Do they not come from the same womb? Isn’t one the result of the other? Change the behavior and you change lives despite ones religious belief…Sin is ever present and my flesh reveals this daily as I continue in progress to sin less.

Now if I had better teaching growing up and my mother and fathers — mothers before them had better teaching, my daily sins would be undoubtedly less based upon my behavior skill, though sin will continuously be ever present.

Devout Christians: Sin or Behavior our Problem.

There are many others in different religions who sins less. Why? Sin is the result of our behavior right? Before we can sin, we have to behave in a way that causes us to sin. What I am simply saying is why not teach behavior sills (which we truly lack) and those seeds will reap.

There was Africans, Indians, Asians and other ethnic groups who were before us and history teaches us that they lived in harmony for thousands of years before Jesus Christ was introduced to them (no pun intended; facts right?) & without going into a church listening and discussing the Word of God, they had their own Word from God and prayed, danced, and rejoice too, but most importantly they had family values, respect, Unity govern by Love for their culture and their people.

And we all know from history (fact) how these Countries were taken and introduced to a new religion other than the one they knew was previously sustaining their families for thousands of years before they were entrapped, raped slaughtered and enslaved.

Now, most of America calls ourselves Christians and wonder why our youth are calling us phonies. why? Cause they live with us daily. We lost our sight of Unity, Honesty, Trust, Hope, Security, Belief, Loyalty, and Will, and isn’t this the true source of our Sins? You lose your values, your behavior follows and sins are the result.

Now that most of America follows Jesus Christ, where does the truth lie in self? Today? Who is our example?….

I am not saying anything about Christianity (only truth; facts) or how we was introduced to Christianity, only to respond in saying why sin is the result of a behavior issue.(Psalm Proverbs)…and how going back to the basics of “TEACHING” basic skills may be a better result than expecting memberships knowing what’s going on now within the walls of the church.

There is nothing wrong with problem solving right? Rather than continue on the same route and praying only when God himself has given us the power to overcome all obstacles with the faith of a muster seed. Why we waiting on him when it was him himself who says, I have given you the spirit. Have we little or no faith? Have we not even the faith of a muster seed? Then, tell me why we can no longer move mountains we ourselves created? Is it possibly because that’s what we were taught? We heard someone say “Give it to God” as we stand by and watch our lives disrupted by chaos. TEACHING IS A POWERFUL TOOL AND WE ARE CONTINUOUSLY BEING TAUGHT BY TV on how to think, pray, feel and believe.

We have gotten so confused that we no longer feel his power but yet we want to introduce others to his power. We feel like we have to save people when our job is only to plant seeds. Planting seeds could simply mean saying good morning every morning to your co-worker that you don’t like or giving a small donation to a neighbor who has 6-10 kids.  When you keep this up daily, this not only shows the God in you to be present but also makes others curious about the God you serve.

Sometimes we go in for the kill and kill the dream. When God may be saying to relax and take your time and just listen and don’t talk. …I remember when I was 20 and just losing my oldest brother, an older Christian bro around 35 was trying to witness to me and told me I look like the devil because I had on hazel contacts.  Say What? See. we lack love and compassion and we lose sight of ourselves instead on understanding the voice of God. How can you teach compassion and love when it wasn’t taught to you? Where are you going to learn it when they tell you God is Love but do not show it?

Oh Yeah, I did say I was young when the older gentlemen said this to me and I had just lost my oldest brother. Let’s just say this older gentlemen did not have time to apologize until 13 years later.  You never know what one is going through when you are approaching someone and when one is going through much, it doesn’t take much for CAUSE AND REACTION…I also apologized years later for not having much sense. My non-teaching was the reason for my bad behavior. IJS..

When you read any of my writings you will find that I speak of the origin/source, not the people. Why? Because, I am a part of the people and it’s a chore at times to have to continue to find my origin. Let he without sin cast the first stone, right?. . If you see your plank, this tells me that you are too busy to see others. This is additional teaching which most of us never received along with the teachings of Jesus Christ. God is Love but if you only tell me but do not teach me what Love is, then I am left with Jesus Christ walking in judgment.


Spoke with my son who was introduced to a racist in the air force.  He told me he had fellow airmen asking why he was hanging around this racist airman. My son’s response was “just imagine how much hurt this fellow airman had to deal with growing up as a little boy learning to hate and not understanding why, That’s a lot of  negative energy this child had to endure, due to lack of knowledge  and he is still carrying a heavy load. I am sure he still has doubt to his truth, though afraid to admit, so I am going to show him I accept him the way he is.

I asked my son how is that fellow airman now. Dad, he made a rap mix CD with him. Now, did the devil make that airman and his family who learned and was taught to hate black people; attending Church as a Christian family learning Jesus Christ; the same as when we was enslaved?


We always say the devil made us do it. When in fact, it can be determine that it’s our behavior/origin of our behavior/ and lack thereof that caused us this great pain. Prime example, many years ago when former NFL player Joseph Randle – one of the Dallas Cowboys team members got caught stealing inexpensive cologne and underwear with a 250,000 contract, as I am sure some was thinking; what was he thinking?

I personally wouldn’t ask what Mr. Randall was thinking. I also wouldn’t’ say he is sinning and he needs to know Jesus Christ. I would have instead ask, do you need a friend? One who would listen without judgment and one who would assist you finding the origin in why? And then I would have offered to research his origin and deprogram in order to reprogram, holding him accountable once he understood the source.

But still Love him unconditionally, understanding that his behavior could be addiction, meaning, it may re-occur if not treated properly. And after he has seen my character after the many months or years, (planting seeds or watering the seeds already planted) let him asked me what it is about me that makes me different, and then let my actions be my witness on who I serve.

If I steal with him, he will never want to be introduced to who I serve, but if I also share with him that we all have different weaknesses, just some with better exit strategies due to experience. Wouldn’t he trust me even more? Some of us have not experience much as some and that’s great..   I remember asking someone years ago if they knew Jesus Christ. His response…yea I know him. Doesn’t he teach on TBN or something? Everyone has different experiences and it’s imperative that we don’t feed meat to a baby, especially when we ourselves are a baby. We have to be honest with ourselves. When we are honest with ourselves, we have no choice but to be honest with others.

If, I’m hungry, please don’t tell me Jesus will make a way; give me food and show me the Jesus inside you, Then I will follow…

Staff Writer; Barnard G.

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