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White Radical Feminist Dr. Jessica Taylor – Not Feeling The ‘King Richard’ Movie.

November 30, 2021 by  
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Tweet ( The moment I heard about the film King Richard, I understood that there would be attempts to lessen its impact and message. After all, the film focuses on Richard Williams, the father of Venus, and Serena Williams, the saviors of American Tennis, not just women’s tennis, for an entire generation. To this very moment, many... [Read more...]

Black Community; How Many Pastors Can We Have?

November 30, 2021 by  
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Tweet ( Rev. Jesse Jackson and Rev. Al Sharpton were doing the right thing when attending the Ahmaud Arbery trial. They demonstrated the solidarity that the Black community has with each other when one of us appears to be lynched. Lynching has reverberations. Each of us, every Black person, is repulsed and dismayed when we learn that... [Read more...]

Three Ways Your Break-Through Will Break Through.

November 29, 2021 by  
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Tweet ( A break-through is something that happens suddenly and changes the course of your life moving forward. Second Samuel 5:20 describes the experience thusly, “The Lord has burst through my enemies before me like a bursting flood…” Whether it is your health, finances, family job, a break-through is coming!  But do not be misled;... [Read more...]

Actor Jussie Smollett Trial Puts Racism on Trial, Or Does It?

November 29, 2021 by  
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Tweet ( Actor Jussie Smollett finally gets his day in a Chicago courtroom. He is being charged with six counts of disorderly conduct. But the charges are an afterthought to the real charge. That is that even a celebrity Black man can be the victim of a racist hate crime. That’s what Smollett loudly and very publicly claimed in 2019.... [Read more...]

Thanksgiving In Context.

November 27, 2021 by  
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Tweet ( The makeup of the United States population has changed over the centuries, and will continue to do so. But “a three way ethnic component was involved in the original basic ingredients of the formative American nation—white Englishmen, black Africans, and red Indians. The fact that nineteenth-century immigration added millions... [Read more...]

Be True To What You Said On Paper.

November 26, 2021 by  
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Tweet ( Slavery made perfect sense, so too did Jim Crow in its time, as does mass incarceration today. If it did not, we would long ago have ended it. Why haven’t we? According to Norbert Wiener, we “live in a chaotic moral universe,” wherein “our main obligation is to establish arbitrary enclaves of order and system.” But... [Read more...]

Najee Harris and the disgusting existence of homelessness.

November 24, 2021 by  
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Tweet ( “The curse of poverty has no justification in our age. It is socially as cruel and blind as the practice of cannibalism at the dawn of civilization, when men ate each other because they had not yet learned to take food from the soil or to consume the abundant animal life around them. The time has come for us to civilize ourselves... [Read more...]

For Dems, the Word Is ‘Transform’.

November 24, 2021 by  
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Tweet ( Remember when Joe Biden ran for president in what commentators called the “centrist” lane of the Democratic primaries? The idea was that a “moderate” like Biden, unlike rival Bernie Sanders, would not push radical plans to completely change American society. That would reassure non-progressive Democrats,... [Read more...]

How to choose the perfect grow tent for under $300.

November 24, 2021 by  
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Tweet ( Growing in your home doesn’t have to be a cluttered, damp, unsightly affair. Nor does one need to build a state of the art production facility to achieve high quality, medicinal grade cannabis .  Today we are able to grow lush healthy plants in a controlled environment, discreetly, and efficiently, with almost no impact... [Read more...]

The Legacy Of African-American Pastors Continues To Shine In The Ahmaud Arbery Trial.

November 23, 2021 by  
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Tweet ( The first Gallup poll which measured church membership in 1937, resulted in 73 percent of adult Americans confirming they had some type of religious affiliation. While membership remained around 70 percent during the next six decades, those who claimed to have a church affiliation fell below 50 percent for the first time last... [Read more...]

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