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How to choose the perfect grow tent for under $300.

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( Growing in your home doesn’t have to be a cluttered, damp, unsightly affair. Nor does one need to build a state of the art production facility to achieve high quality, medicinal grade cannabis . 

Today we are able to grow lush healthy plants in a controlled environment, discreetly, and efficiently, with almost no impact to the rest of your spaces in your home.

Choosing the right grow tent for your space can be a simple addition to your growing experience with huge benefits. building and maintaining the optimal environment for your plants will help you produce high quality flowers, grow after grow. But not all grow tents are created equal.

How to choose the perfect grow tent for under 300$

Knowing how many plants you want to grow and the space you plan to grow them in will help you make the first step in deciding what size grow tent you are going to need. Plan to have at least an extra foot of space on three sides of where your tent will be set up so that you can access wall outlets, vent holes and zippers on any side of your grow tent. 

Having 2ft sq of space to grow each plant inside your grow tent will allow for optimal space for each plant to grow a full lush uncrowded canopy. Most top manufactures offer a wide variety of sizes to suit your space needs.

Grow tent material isn’t as simple as enclosing your plants inside a space. it should serve two  very important functions. It should be thick, durable, and lightproof to prevent any unwanted light leaks into your grow tent during your plants dark cycle. 

Choosing a canvas with a thickness rating of 600D-2000D will keep any unwanted light out of your grow tent during critical dark times; it should also be constructed of a durable reflective interior to ensure you’re getting the most of your lights output. poorly or non reflective materials will absorb valuable light instead of redirecting it back into your plants leaves. 

Mylar interiors can reflect 92%-98% of light back onto your plants. Zipper quality will be one of the biggest unnamed champions of a quality grow tent. Your zipper will work harder than any other part of your grow tent and is also a potential source of light stress. 

Picking a grow tent with a quality, durable zipper, and built in flaps to seal out light will save you from the frustration of a broken zipper of light stressed plants

Frame construction should be a big consideration when choosing a grow tent. You will be hanging equipment from the top, coming and going, adding weight in the form of water moving plants and equipment around; your grow tents frame will experience considerable stress over the course of a grow cycle. 

Choosing a grow tent with a steel frame over pvc or aluminum will provide your tent with a worry free durability and longevity to handle the most rigorous tasks  from adjusting your lights, to pruning and everything in between.

Vent, door and window placement is an important consideration when choosing your grow tent. You will need to have options for climate control equipment (or passive ventilation), plugs and power cords and access for you to reach the entirety of your plant for watering and maintenance.

Maintaining a precisely controlled environment is a fundamental step in growing healthy, resinous flowers. Choosing a tent that has all of the features we’ve gone over above will help keep a stable controlled environment in tune to your plants specific needs.

Options like the Gorilla Grow Tent 3′ x 3′ GGT33 $291.95 or the Growbuds 4′ x 8′ x 6.5′ Grow Tent $238 will help you keep a clean discreet grow, inside your grow tent, with a simple, elegant and functional design outside.

Staff Writer; Roy Jackson

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