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3 Ways to Make Your Office Building Safer.

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( Office safety is a major priority for any business owner. This is especially true for building managers who maintain residential buildings and commercial buildings alike. If tenants can’t feel safe in their own space, then attracting new tenants and keeping the ones you already have can quickly become an enormous challenge.

Prioritizing building safety begins with a few easy steps, but it can make a world of difference when it comes to keeping your tenants happy and attracting new leases at the end of current contracts. With these three easy-to-implement steps, making office security in your commercial building more robust is a breeze.

1. Use a video intercom system for deliveries and visitors.

commercial video intercom system is one of the easiest solutions to implement for your office building’s renters. An intercom system doesn’t have to be bulky or hard to operate either. Modern video intercoms can be viewed with the help of a mobile app, and all the infrastructure involved in the deployment of the technology lives on the cloud. This means that with a state-of-the-art video intercom, there’s no need to run wiring or install new doors, locks, wiring, or additional hardware.

With the help of a mobile app that can be installed on each tenant’s smartphone, granting access or revoking permissions is as simple as tapping a button. With a secure front door, deliveries, visitors, vendors, and other interactions can be closely monitored and regulated in order to beef up the overall security by a huge margin.


2. Install video monitoring solutions around the premises.

Video cameras are a surefire way to disarm thieves and other criminals at your property. Commercial buildings are often targets of burglaries and other criminal plots. This is because business is often a hub for cash and other expensive items. Office buildings are rich with client information, expensive tech gear, and other items of great value.

Yet with the inclusion of well-placed security cameras around the premises, criminals will think twice before targeting the offices of any of your clients. Crime only pays if you’re able to get away with it, so ensuring the continued physical security of your clients’ belongings and data is something that you’ll need to make known with the presence of cameras and other security devices used to ward off intruders.

3. Take emergency preparedness seriously.

Disaster and other emergency preparedness issues are a serious concern for office buildings. Everything from gale-force winds to a fire in the building or an active shooter scenario can occur, seemingly without warning. While these are all highly unlikely, the knowledge that management has put emergency response planning into place is something that gives tenants a significant level of peace of mind.

Emergency preparedness really is no joke. Our modern world has become adept at crafting structures that are largely invulnerable to the threats posed by Mother Nature, but the threats remain significant all the same. By laying out a firm plan for how everyone in the building should handle disaster and crisis—such as fire, earthquakes, flooding—you can help prevent many of the additional injuries and tertiary problems that these types of panic-inducing events can create within the office community.  This is easily done with the right safety signage in your premises, alongside the appropriate fire extinguishers (check out this helpful site to learn more about those) to use in the case of an emergency.

Making your office space safer takes a lot of planning, but with some technological upgrades and a commitment to keeping everyone who commutes to your property safe, the task can be made far more achievable. Take steps to protect the tenants at your commercial property now and you’ll reap the rewards later down the road.

Staff Writer; Michael Jones

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