A Message to Tucker Carlson (Fox news anchor) regarding violence in Black America.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) First of all, we must understand that the majority of white Americans but more so white American men like Tucker Carlson are infected with the disease of madness, insanity, insecurity, fear and the shortcoming of having a small private part; Therefore, they live in a constant state of paranoia upon coming across, hearing or seeing a black person.. Now, the issue at hand is very simple and we can break it down by a simple statement “Violence in America has its roots in socio economical issues surrounding the environment in which millions of black people and people of color lived in and cannot control or stop due to a great input and bias by racist white America or better yet Systemic Racism.”

As a nation we keep forgetting that “Crime has a direct correlation and it is very proportionate to poverty, unemployment, lack of education and fatherless homes”, which are issues that greatly affect the African American Community in general. These four vicious cycles have been dissipating the black race beginning in the early 1970’s. Prior to 1970’s or before the year 1965 you had 80% of black man married to black woman and or living together in the same home where the black men was a very proud men working and taking care of his responsibilities as a father, husband and role model to his children. More so, during those days of segregation black people were more united than they are today because they knew they only had each other to fight against the racist machine of white America and their constant atrocities against black people such as Black wall street Tulsa Oklahoma massacre of 1921, The Elaine race Massacre of 1919, The Rosewood Massacre of 1923, The Emmett Till lynching of 1955 in Mississippi and many more in which the white men when on a massive campaign of destroying, burning, stealing, killing and raping black men and woman, which is similar to the atrocities committed against the Native American population.

Between 1875 and 1965 the black community own their own lands and properties before it was stolen, destroy, burn down by jealous and racist white people who today are rich and successful off the land they took from black farmers. Black Americans in those days had their own hospitals, banks, carwash, repair shop, landscaping, schools etc.. and were very proud independent, law abiding and respectful citizens; even though, White America segregated and discriminated against them base on their skin color and who knows maybe because of the size of the black men natural big penis and black woman natural big butt, big breast and full lips which is something that white man and white woman still envy’s towards a black people.

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Now, Let’s not forget that during WW2 millions of black Americans join the military as soldiers and DOD civilians to show how patriotic they were and how much they love America: Yet, only to be still call NIGGERS by their fellow white soldiers and civilians and be treated like animals while in the military and worst after returning from war. Additionally, black nurse in the military were Not allowed to treat or care for white American soldiers but instead to only care for the black wounded soldiers and the wounded German soldiers. During the Korean War more than 650,000 thousand black American served in the military as soldiers and DOD civilians; yet, only to be still discriminated, abuse, rape, killed and called Nigger by racist white men. Black Americans men fought and die for this country from the beginning of time to include the independence from Great Britain the former masters of America and yet the black Americans are not value for their contribution for what is America today.

After the year 1965 the fall of black America began with the so called Integration experiment spearheaded by our Great Martin Luther King who eventually realized that he had integrated black people into a burning house with white people and today black Americans are still burning in that house. The end of segregation was the beginning of the end for Black America, Why? Well very simple, upon the United States abolishing the segregation laws and integrating everything and everybody with ulterior motives, the blacks felt that finally they were been accepted as equal and immediately began a mass exodus of their black businesses, schools and neighborhoods into predominant white institutions which in turn destroy and collapsed the economic in-house power that blacks had among themselves and for which they use to sponsor and support Martin Luther King and Malcom X. When the United States agree on integration it was only to stop the blacks from building another wealthy economy like black wall street and prevent them from ever becoming independent and stronger than white America. Surely, it was successful since today Black America controls Nothing even though they have a spending power of almost 2 trillion dollars a year and have the largest number of rich black men and woman compare to any other minority group in America.

After the mid 1970, White America again came out with their sinister plan of telling black woman to walk away from their men in order to received welfare; thus, forcing the black woman to choose government assistance instead of a black men at home working and been a role model for their children. Additionally, with the increase in illegal immigrants there was an equal and opposite reaction that cause black men to loose their low skill jobs to migrants and thus setting the school to prison pipeline in which an increase of black men became incarcerated due to the scarcity of jobs available and only been given to immigrants. By the late 80′ and early 90′ the white man of America was at it again introducing drugs into the black community using several methods but the most known was the Iran-contra deal. This massive influx of drugs that appears out of nowhere was a devastating blow to the male black population, who was already plague with no job opportunity. Another tactics use by racist white America was to removed all the trades from all the unified school district in black communities where it was easy for a black teenager to graduate from high school having a vocational trade such as a carpenter, plumber, mechanic, masonry etc… which was the back bone of the black men back in the 1900’s to 1970s’. Indeed, even though , black American were physically free, they were still sociologically, economically, psychological , emotionally enslave by the noose of white supremacy and their dirty tactics.

Now, in 2021 we have a rise in crime among people of color but more so among the black Americans due to the four issues at hand which are Poverty, Unemployment, lack of education and fatherless homes. About 80% of black homes in America are broken where there is no father figure but just a single mother raising 4 to 8 children from different men, no job or on welfare and lacking the tools necessary to raise a boy rightfully so as a righteous men and a girl rightfully as a righteous woman. The cycle of single motherhood continues in the black community due to the lack of guidance and education where children are growing up and repeating the same cycle of their mothers of having kids out of wedlock with multiple partners and not understanding that a woman or men should not have a kid unless they married, in a committed relationship and financially stable to raise one or two kids. White America understand this concept; yet, they continue to instill in black woman the idea that they do not need a men and that they should just strive to be an independent Queen leading an army of 4 to 8 children from 4 to 8 men. It is quite interesting to see that white America do not push this agenda on themselves or onto other ethnicities such as the Jewish, middle eastern, Asian and or the Hispanic communities.

In America about 90% or more of black Gang members, drug dealers, rappers and incarcerated came from a home with a single mother with no father figure, poverty, unemployment and lack of education which clearly proof that the issue is not race but the aforementioned. Sadly, white America believes that putting 1000 more cops in black communities will stop the violence. Well, the answer to that is No! There will always be crime in America poorest areas because you still have over 60% of black men walking down the street with big dicks but with “No JOBS, No Trabajo” Indeed, Black America is lacking from the opportunity that other minorities are getting and that is in the labor force. Of Course, white America will open the doors for black men to become rappers and basketball or football players in order to entertain and enrich the white men and media because we all know that the people making the billions of dollars in the music industry, NBA and NFL are the Racist white men since the blacks do not own or control any of it; even though 75% of the players are black and 95% of the music rappers are black.

Secondly, The violence in America will not stop until America under the leadership of creepy Joe Biden begins to make changes to improve the economic standards of black America. But with the presence of corvid 19, the lockdowns and massive riots over police brutality most Americans are tired, fed up and willing to solve any issue with violence using anything at their disposal. Now, with that said we must remember that Guns do not kill people but instead people who owns guns who are emotionally, psychological, and socio economically frustrated with the system and with their fellow countryman will used guns to kill people in order to seek revenge for the wrongs that have been done to them.

At this moment we are watching all this gun violence and road rage occurring in minorities communities were dozens of people are dying a day and dozens more are getting injured without prejudice and yet many white Americans could care less since it is not happening in their communities. Well, I must say that eventually black Americans will get tired of shooting each other or they may run out of blacks to shoot which mean the so called black violence will start encroaching into white populated areas, white gated community areas, and or white business and or recreational areas where you will see racist and innocent white people, men, woman, children begin to suffered the same gun violence. It is just a matter of time since black Americans are tired of been poor, unemployed, discriminated, profile and judge base on their appearance and skin color. It is time for white America to wake up and realize that the only way to stop these nonsense violence is to keep ther black American mind busy and occupied by granting career opportunities, jobs, education, father figure at home and grants or loans for blacks to open businesses that will allow blacks to create generational wealth.

Again,: “Crime has a direct correlation and it is very proportionate to poverty, unemployment, lack of education and fatherless homes.” which is the reason why there is so much violence in communities of color.

Staff Writer; Eugenio Stewart

One may contact this brother at; islam4infinity@yahoo.com.