Friday, May 14, 2021

D2C Founders: What You Need To Keep In Mind When Launching Your Startup.

Tweet ( D2C is Direct-to-Customer, which means the business directly deals with its customers. As a D2C founder, you should keep in mind that your business will be interacting directly with its customers. When launching your startup, the most important thing to consider is how eager your customers are to utilize your product or service.... [Read more...]

Exploring SBA Loans.

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Tweet ( Being a small business can sometimes feel like being a small fish in a big pond. You know that the competition is fierce and trying to win your customers over from more established names is no small task. While you might provide a certain quality of service that you know can’t be found anywhere else, making yourself more visible... [Read more...]

TV and Comic Adaptations Kept Sonic the Hedgehog Relevant.

April 8, 2021 by  
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Tweet ( While researching Alex Kidd and writing up a case on why Sega should’ve continued the series, I offered Alex becoming a part of the Sonic the Hedgehog universe. This got me thinking of retro games with deceptive storylines. Now, I don’t mean subliminal messaging or anything insidious like that. I’m talking about games where... [Read more...]

Rise of the Corporatocracy.

Tweet ( It is 11:17 PM and I have just finished reading SB 202, Georgia’s new 98-page voting law that passed last week. I must admit it is a clean bill and quick read, unlike my struggle encountered when reading HR 1. I imagine I am one of the few who have read the text. I am certain President Biden and White House Press Secretary... [Read more...]

The 5 Greatest Franchises for Fan Games.

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Tweet ( Gaming is a medium that gives way to specific series fandoms expressing their love of a series in different creative ways. One of these ways is the fan game. What Is A Fan Game? A fan game is basically a modification—or mod—of a game often using available game assets. The complexity of a fan game can be increased by the community... [Read more...]

Which Series Was Better: Final Fight vs. Streets of Rage.

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Tweet ( Capcom’s Final Fight and Sega’s Streets of Rage are two beat ‘em ups that really breathed life into the genre during the 90s. Prior to that we had Double Dragon and River City Ransom in the 80s but as the games went on Double Dragon began to lose its charm. By the 1990s, it was like “What are we doing here?” I will... [Read more...]

The 5 Best Sonic the Hedgehog Spinoffs.

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Tweet ( Sonic the Hedgehog was first released back in June 1991. Yes, the 30th anniversary of Sega’s second company mascot is just a couple of months away. Let’s take a quick jaunt through five of the best Sonic spinoffs. These are games that aren’t part of the main numbered series but feature all of the same characters as well... [Read more...]

Combine the Franchise Challenge: Shenmue and Yakuza.

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Tweet ( It’s always odd when a developer makes a few games that are similar to each other under the same publisher. The same general genre, some of the same developers on the team—hell, even the same art style. Let’s look at a Yakuza and Shenmue and see how they could’ve been in the same franchise. Yakuza and Shenmue Before Yu... [Read more...]

All the Big Games Coming to PlayStation in 2021.

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Tweet ( One thing is certain now since the consoles have entered the next generation: Sony has fantastic content. While Microsoft is already keen to emphasize how many Xbox games have become available, Sony has been less keen on highlighting this point – despite the fact that so many of the huge PlayStation 5 games are also coming... [Read more...]

Resident Evil Village Gameplay Details We Know So Far.

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Tweet ( Though Lady Dimitrescu has received a lot of coverage on gaming platforms and blogs, Resident Evil Village or RE 8 is about more than just this bewitching antagonist. There’s already a lot of suspense surrounding the environment and storyline of this new iteration in the Resident Evil franchise. Hardcore fans have speculated... [Read more...]

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