Sunday, May 28, 2023

Reasons Why Digital Businesses Need White Label SEO Reporting.

Tweet ( If you are an emerging brand or digital business, you need a reliable and cost-effective way to market your products and services. One of the most successful strategies is search engine optimization (SEO). However, SEO can be a difficult and time-consuming process. It is where white-label SEO reporting comes in handy. It enables... [Read more...]

Why should you pick the GPT Definity Ai crypto software nowadays?

Tweet ( Nowadays, when almost every third person on the planet deals with cryptocurrencies in some way, it is not surprising where the emergence of a huge number of software for automated auto trading came from. You can notice various software responsible for efficient auto trading and become a top trader with the help of this virtual... [Read more...]

Athletes who promoted cryptocurrency to African/Black community getting karma?

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Tweet ( LeBron James is making another deep run in the NBA playoffs. The Los Angeles Lakers are surprisingly in the Western Conference Finals this season after their very bumpy regular season filled with injuries and personnel changes including trading future Hall of Famer Russell Westbrook to shake up the team’s on-court chemistry.... [Read more...]

Which Type of Gate is Best for Your Property?

Tweet ( Security gates are the main way that businesses and property owners restrict access to their properties and facilities. Choosing the right gate requires a lot of consideration, but most choices are based on the value of what is being protected and the type of facility or property. There are several gate options to pick from,... [Read more...]

Long-Term Job Creation is not Only Possible, but Doable if President Joe Biden and Democrats Stop Undercounting Our Job Rates – Capisce.

Tweet ( Sometimes, we all need truthful, and factual information to make a good decision. The national media and newspapers purport to do this, based on some of their catch lines, but have miserably failed us. Recessions, in different, and intense ways, affect all of us. This predicted Economic Downturn, will be no different, and will... [Read more...]

Technology Innovations That Have Transformed Photography.

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Tweet ( Technology has transformed all aspects of our lives. There is no area left untouched by technology and this includes photography. Many years ago, photography required expensive cameras that were difficult to operate. Films had to be washed in a studio to print the photos. Technology has ensured you can take a photo using your... [Read more...]

Open AI’s ChatGPT & Google’s Bard: Is Artificial Intelligence Becoming Smarter Than Humans?

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Tweet ( More than 1,000 scientists, engineers, many of them leaders in the Big Tech industry, recently signed an open letter calling for a pause in the development of the newest artificial intelligence (AI) systems, suggesting some of their super intelligence machines could no longer be controlled by humans.  They called for a slow... [Read more...]

Why the U.S. Needs to Ban Social Media site TikTok.

Tweet ( TikTok has become a global sensation in recent years, with millions of users sharing and viewing a seemingly endless array of short-form videos on the platform. However, the app’s ownership by the  Chinese behemoth ByteDance raises grave national security concerns regarding the risks the app presents to the United States and... [Read more...]

Black Community: Disposable.

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Tweet ( – DISPOSE – the root word of the word disposable makes it one of the simplest of words to understand.  It suggests to all that something has reached the end of its usefulness and should/will/must be discarded or eliminated. I began taking a harder, deeper look at the word “disposable” when cloth diapers were replaced... [Read more...]

Politics: A Nation Divided and a World in Turmoil.

Tweet ( A happy, upbeat friend does not watch television news, whether national or local, does not read a newspaper and avoids discussing politics, religion or even sports. Self-employed, he found out about something called the coronavirus while driving to work the day the California lockdown mandate began. That morning he encountered... [Read more...]

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