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Politics & Tech; Free Speech and Private Property.

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Tweet ( Former President Donald J. Trump recently filed a lawsuit in federal district court in Miami against the Big Tech companies that have denied him a platform. He has targeted Twitter and Facebook, whose media platforms he had used with spectacular success before and during his presidency to advance his ideas and to attack his opponents. Trump... [Read more...]

How to Start a Real Estate Business in Miami.

Tweet ( Various reasons abound why you’d want to start a real estate business especially in Miami which has been listed as one of the most beneficial American cities for rental property investment. Perhaps for your retirement; Steve Roads, a realtor, and stock investor says “owning a rental property is an achievable means... [Read more...]

New Fleet of Planes Poised to Expand ZeroAvia Hydrogen-Fueled Air Travel.

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Tweet ( Multinational aviation pioneer ZeroAvia is again making waves with its latest progress toward reducing emissions for air travel. Based in both the United Kingdom and the United States, the company announced that it was growing its hydrogen-electric aviation program with the launch of a new development phase involving 19-seat... [Read more...]

Understanding What Your Pain and Suffering Are Worth After a Car Accident.

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Tweet ( A vehicular collision can impact your life dramatically and seldom in a good way. You may never be the same after a car wreck, and they can happen so suddenly. It’s astonishing how much a few seconds can change the rest of your life from that moment forward. If you’re in a car wreck, you might hear the legal term “pain... [Read more...]

Ranking the Grand Theft Auto Spinoffs.

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Tweet ( Before we rank the Grand Theft Auto main series, let’s look at the spinoffs the franchise has produced. In total, there are five spinoffs, four DLC and extra mission packs, and five games in the main series. Let’s see which game tops the spinoffs and which one brings up the rear! GTA: San Andreas (2004) Grand Theft Auto:... [Read more...]

Future of in-car entertainment.

Tweet ( In-car entertainment systems have come a long way ever since the inception of mainstream automobiles. You would be hard-pressed to find even basic radio systems in cars till about 1922 when radios actually made their way into the in-car entertainment sphere in passenger vehicles. Fast forward a few decades and FM radio came into... [Read more...]

Star Fox Deserves More from Nintendo.

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Tweet ( Star Fox was released on the Super Nintendo in 1993 and was inspired by a combination of Japanese architecture and sci-fi TV shows such as Thunderbirds. I’d also say there’s some similarities to early 80s cult comic Bucky O’Hare. Along with a series such as Donkey Kong, Star Fox really pushed graphics and innovation on... [Read more...]

Our Black Seniors Deserve to Be Literate With Technology.

Tweet ( Before I began writing, I was a computer instructor at a resource center. Handling the morning classes, most of my students were senior citizens who wanted to remain in contact with their children. Mind you, this was when Samsung and Apple were starting to eat into BlackBerry’s hold over smartphones and they could’ve very... [Read more...]

3 Challenges of Food Business and How to Overcome Them.

Tweet ( Every business owner knows that there are challenges, and the food industry has more than its fair share. Selling food requires a lot of work, and you have to be at the forefront of customer service, advertising, financing, food safety regulations and more to be successful. These challenges can seem insurmountable at times –... [Read more...]

My Top 5 Favorite Home Based Video Game Consoles Ever.

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Tweet ( Throughout the past 30 years that I have been playing video games, I have played some of the best home based console video games to have ever existed such as Super Mario 3, Sonic 2, Streets Of Rage 2, Marvel vs Capcom, WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain, WWE Mercy, WCW/NWO Revenge, Goldeneye 007, Dead To Rights, Numerous Dynasty... [Read more...]

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