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The Republican Party Has Just Committed Political Suicide.

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( With the removal of Liz Cheney from the GOP Conference Chair for refusing to defend Donald Trump’s “Big Lie,” the Republican Party has said it all – that they’re no longer a legitimate political party. They have now become a cult that only exist to feather their own nests and to pay homage to a totally disgraced and first twice impeached former President in American history. In addition, they’ve completely destroyed their claim of patriotism by clearly demonstrating that they’re much too self-serving and cowardly to defend American democracy. They’re falling all over one another to pay homage to a man, who himself, is paying homage to the leader of a foreign power, which is also a first in American history. And beyond that, he incited an attack against the United States government. So, for a group of people who claim to be superior, the GOP can’t get any dumber than throwing all their support behind such a deeply flawed individual. What it says is, they’re more deeply flawed than he is, and certainly weaker.


The GOP’s response to this moment in history is the very epitome of shortsightedness. Most of the leaders of the Republican Cult don’t even like Donald Trump, neither do our allies, or nearly anyone in the global community. So it’s clear to everyone with two spare brain cells to rub together that the GOP’s loyalty to Trump is based purely on the number of Republican bigots who support him – and the irony is, even the bigots don’t like him. He simply helps to promote their agenda. 

So dimwitted Donald has hit upon the key to the conservative Realm – unabashed bigotry. And because the American people sees Trump as far less than brilliant, they let him get away with it. And since bigotry and greed has ALWAYS been the Republican Party’s underlying motive, they consider that a valuable asset, because Trump can say out loud what they had to previously whisper under their breath. 

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But again, the GOP’s embrace of Trump is extremely shortsighted. All they’re thinking about is trying to win the next election. But anyone with common sense would realize that Trump is on his way to both, prison, and the ash heap of history. Even as we speak, the Giuliani investigation, and all of the hundreds of investigations into the Capitol insurrection is just one investigation – an investigation to find a smoking gun that connects Trump directly to the insurrection. Because chances are, Trump was just as surely on the phone with the insurrectionists as he was when he was caught on the phone with Georgia officials trying to interfere with the vote – which he may go to jail for.


Donald Trump is so insecure, and has such a flawed and immature character that his ego can’t withstand the thought of losing, because in his mind, losing reveals what he’s dedicated his life to trying to hide, that he’s a daddy’s boy, not nearly the man that he tries to pretend to be. In addition, he’s deathly afraid of all the legal challenges that await him as a result of his irresponsible behavior. Trump was so afraid of facing the consequences of his behavior that he was willing to bring down this entire nation for his own personal needs.

So we can’t even think of letting Trump get away with his treachery. Because if we do, every time the Republicans lose an election, they’d stage an insurrection, since it’s clearly apparent that, just like Trump, conservatives lack common sense, and a sense limits. That seems to be a conservative trait, and it explains why conservatives and Trump have such a strong bond. They have a symbiotic relationship, because both have an extremely flawed character, and both are willing to lie, cheat, and steal to win at any cost. That’s not the American way. Donald Trump and the Republican Party represents everything we try to teach our children not to be. So they’re a threat to the American way of life. 


Trump is facing over 29 legal challenges before him – including one for raping, and then slapping and threatening, a 13-year-old girl. So when all of the facts begin leaking out about Trump’s true character, the Trump name’s gonna be mud. And then when you add to that the fact that the American people are still in shock over the Capitol insurrection, when the realization of the true horror of how close Trump came to overthrowing our government starts to sink in, Trump’s going to be considered the most despicable character in American history. And the GOP is going to be inseparably connected to his treachery.

And Republican shortsightedness doesn’t stop there. Donald Trump is hated by virtually everyone, while Liz Cheney is a part of a beloved conservative legacy, so by attacking her, Republican leaders have all but assured a deep division within the Republican Party. That division is sure to make them lose more elections than they win. Why didn’t they have sense enough to recognize that fact!!!? So the fact is, they’ve done Liz Cheney a favor. They’ve inadvertently made her an American heroine who’s defending America against Republican treachery, and in that capacity, she’s already demonstrated more balls than virtually any man in the Republican Party. She makes Mitch McConnell, Lindsey Graham, and Kevin McCarthy look like whimpering schoolgirls. But that’s the problem with cults, their allegiance to their leader often transcends their common sense. But beyond that, what kind of idiot does it take to follow a geriatric 8-year-old like Trump? 
So once again, for a group of people who take pride in the delusion of superiority, the GOP is dumb as hell. Black people would never have been so stupid. So maybe their desperation is justified.



Staff Writer; Eric L. Wattree

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One Response to “The Republican Party Has Just Committed Political Suicide.”
  1. Vader says:

    This is the true face of the GOP. They’re not that much different from the Brown Shirts or Nazi party from the 1930s Germany.

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