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Pretending White Supremacy is Our Biggest Problem as a Crime Wave Sweeps the Nation and the World Erupts.

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( I live in rural Georgia, so I’m good. But sadly, a lot of folks don’t and exist in a world of make believe in Never-Never land. This pretend world from the mouths of those in control portends that the greatest US threat presently is White supremacy. Personally, as one born and who lived in the segregated South, I don’t see it. I would suggest idiocy and lunacy were bigger concerns and would add that for a simple example, or rather metaphor crime is – because I could replace crime with other gerunds that represent the policy of the present occupying executive administration.

As stated, I have been told that the biggest threat to our nation is White supremacy. Funny thing is that I have been told this by the wealthiest Black folk in this nation from their seat of privilege and from the current President of the United States who has never had a job, created a business, met a payroll and gave us the policy that resulted in the largest level of mass incarceration for Black folk ever – the Omnibus Crime Bill. Now as I said, I am supposed to be concerned with this White supremacy stuff. But I just can’t. I can’t recollect the last time a white supremacist carjacked someone in my community or stole a car with a kid in the back seat. Sure, folk think they better than others, but race is likely the last thing involved in such a decision. Personally, I think I reign supreme over everybody, but it isn’t a race thing. I know women think they better than men and Muslims think they better than Jews and blacks better than whites and whites better than blacks but the folk I know who think like this have not one racist or evil bone in their body. They simply believe in themselves and as I do, think they are better than anyone else, and there is nothing wrong with that. In fact, it is American to think you are better than anyone else. But focusing on this as being white supremacy takes us away from evaluating and solving the concrete problems we confront as a nation. Fact is I don’t know no cat that think they are not better than anyone else. If you do I suggest you switch up your circle.

Criminal behavior is on an uptick and has been since last year. True, the feebleminded will suggest it is due to the pandemic, but reasonable people will see government policy as the least common denominator. In Atlanta for example, there has been a 58 percent increase in homicides overall and there have been 208 shootings in this year, an increase of 51 percent from last year with 40 homicides – 60 percent increase from 2020. In Chicago, Homicide is up 22 percent so far in Chicago and 9.1 percent in New York so far this year. Thing is White supremacy had nothing to do with any of these increases. New York also saw a 35.6 percent increase in felony assault, a 28.6% increase in robbery compared to April 2020 and shooting incidents increased to 166.1% over the same time period. Again, none of this has anything to do with White supremacy.


When we allow people, who think they know more than they do about what goes on in the America of less than $50,000 a year, poor neighborhoods, typically Black and Hispanic are the ones that will suffer. When you try to reduce all to a made-up and make-believe philosophical disposition selectively defined as White supremacy, you miss the picture and indicate in action that you do not seek a solution to the problem. Thus far, no one has been able to explain the link between White supremacy and a 97% jump in shootings and a 45% surge in murders in 2020 in New York city.

The present administration goes around blaming all the ills of America on nonsense. Tell me in what universe does White supremacy cause more harm than a random car jacking or random shooting in Times Square. Show me how the number of attacks on anyone by white supremacist has more of a negative impact than rising gas prices and inflation that hits the pockets of all Americans equally. Show me how White supremacy has any connection with Black folk attacking Asians with hammers or cinder blocks or black kids being shot in drive-by shootings in predominantly Black neighborhoods. I was hoping to have my deck redone but this desire has been put on the back burner due to rising cost in lumber (White supremacy). Corn prices are up nearly 50 percent from last year and the cost of lumber is 374% higher than the same time last year. I won’t even go into detail about the life blood of our great nation – gasoline, which prices have reached their highest level in nearly seven years. Yet I am supposed to be more concerned and impacted by white supremacy.

Right now it feels as if I am living under the Carter administration again. Gas stations running out of gas and long lines at the pump makes me question if I am living in America or Venezuela. But I should have expected this because on his first day in office Biden killed the Keystone XL pipeline and more than ten thousand jobs along with it. Then there is what is going on at the Southern border that seems to suggest the present administration is aiding in human trafficking in which as a nation we have spent more than $3 billion to support. Say what you want about Trump, but our borders were secured, and we were spending money on US citizens as opposed to illegal aliens. But White supremacy am I right?

At the moment, we are seeing the US dollar being devaluated due to massive unadulterated spending and money printing and rocket’s flying across israel and the Gaza strip. Economics is a science and a reality and one cannot pretend they are not because they do not make you feel good. Same can be said of White supremacy – just because you want or believe in the boogeyman don’t make it real.

Like I said earlier, we are living in a make believe world in which rich college educated folk want working class folk with skills and trades to pay off their debt for studying medieval literature and gender studies while the present administration is pushing the biggest corporate welfare deal in history. Our nation of law and order has become one where we allow punk kids dressed in black to block traffic, loot and burn down the property of others. Why, because we incentivise entitlement that suggest folk are entitled to things but they do not have to work for them. I worry more about my 15 year old daughter being snatched up by young thug’s than her being tormented by a bunch of White supremacists. We must stop this because when you defend what is ridiculous you become the joke. Like I have said racism is real but White supremacy is not our biggest problem, let alone an existential threat. And don’t get me started on China.

Staff Writer; Torrance T. Stephens

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One Response to “Pretending White Supremacy is Our Biggest Problem as a Crime Wave Sweeps the Nation and the World Erupts.”
  1. Pelvo White, Jr. says:

    White supremacy insists that we communicate using the English Language so that the thoughts of the African American may be understood by the white supremacist majority. In America English is our primary language, and is non-coincidentally one of several white supremacy languages that originates out of western and eastern Europe. English and its grammar is a white supremacy language. White supremacy defines crime through Anglo American ( white supremacy concepts of law ) jurisprudence et addendums.Everything that happens in America occurs within the root universe of white supremacy.White supremacy claims its supremacy solely upon America’s political, economic, social and linguistic expressions comprising our white supremacy cultural habits in total. We live by the political dictates that majority rule, and the minority has rights.The majority,psychoanalytically, psychologically, and physically comprises the whole of white supremacy. The American white supremacy is the reason why we live as we do, and die as we do.Nothing that is going on contemporarily with African Americans is outside of the world view, and control of the American white supremacist.White supremacy is the ultimate cause of all African American actions, and reactions within its control, and in America today,white supremacy is in complete control.

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