Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Book Review; My Victorious Thoughts on Faith Confessions is Timely.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Many religious beliefs, and enforcers of positivity tend to agree that the words we speak shape the life we live. The words we speak are born out of circumstances, beliefs, and life experiences over time. It can be very difficult to see past the challenges that block your way; depending on the challenge it can seem dishonest to speak “it is well” when everything around you is clearly falling apart in real time. Those that practice Christianity believe that God is bigger than the circumstances one faces.

However, even devout Christians an find it hard to tame the tongue when reality feels like it is your very undoing. Far to often the problem is in our mouth and consumes our mind. In that space it is very easy to lose a grip on the concept that “God is in control”. You need tools that you can use on a daily basis that can help you grow in faith, and fight win the battle in your mind and mouth.

“My Victorious Thoughts on Faith Confessions” by Pastor Bridget E Hilliard is an excellent book that can help a believer work on speaking God’s Word on a daily basis. The book is broken up into sections that cover various aspect of life such as: finances, marriage, single state, raising children, health, anxiety, and there is an area in the back that is all about speaking life into one’s self. Sometimes trying to find the scriptures that speak to your specific need can be a task when it seems like everything had gone left. Pastor Hilliard address each area with compassion and God’s Word. She brings the needed scriptures to the reader so that they can begin speaking the Word over their life immediately. She also makes the text personable by adding many different testimonies that can encourage the reader.

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With so much uncertainty, fear, and suffering in the Word it is important to have books, in addition, to your bible that you can use to exercise your faith. Grounding one’s self in the assurances, and promises, of God allows one to have hope as faith grows. This book is a great tool to use when you are trying to establish your identity and who you are spiritually, and personally. That is so important to help a believer stand and keep the internal peace given the climate we are in.

This book has been a life saver for me. It helped me learn the scriptures that pertained to various situations in my life. The faith confessions in this book helped me develop my womanhood spiritually, overcome many of the traumas I experienced, and have cemented my understanding of who I am in Christ. I recommend this book to anyone that is looking to understand confessing God’s Word and need to see how the faith confessions can impact your life. I confessed God’s Word for everything that I faces, and it is a part of my spiritual regimen. This book will also show you how to make faith confessions of your own. If you are trying to release God’s Word in your life, consider reading this book and using the confessions to work you through whatever you face.

My Victorious Thoughts on Faith Confessions” by Pastor Bridget E Hilliard can be found on Amazon, and anywhere books are sold.

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