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I Fear Martial Law.

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( I have endured a lot in this life to the point fear is not something I embrace easily. My belief is with faith, a strong will, and a few people that will stand with there is nothing I can’t work through. Let my doctors and family tell it I should not be alive given my health challenges. There have been so many things I’ve seen from the death of loved ones to the devastation of my city via Hurricane Katrina. Now we face Covid-19, and this is not affecting merely a city…it’s taking on the world. This virus has brought the world together in an effort to preserve life.

However, in the midst of all this we are see the divide between the haves and have nots. We are being shown exactly how expendable we are to those that lead this country. Yes, we see press conferences just about every day, and through the rhetoric we see how much the those in power are willing to work to protect the “economy”. They don’t seem to realize we are one in the same. While those in power are bickering the people on the ground are fighting not to get sick…we are shut-in and concerned about with we will wake up to next.

While some of us will do all we can to comply with this social distancing, the story is those that insist on doing what they want for whatever reason. Measures for containment are escalating, and I realize more so than Covid-19 I realize I fear martial law. That is a different reality for people of color. I remember what my city looked like after Katrina when guns patrolled the streets. We remember some were used for target practice. Those are traumatic memories I can’t disregard. How many cities will become a battle ground if we are forced to enter martial law?

It’s no secret that the DOJ wants to suspend certain constitutional rights that will suspend due process. I’m not saying their request will be granted, I’m saying that mindset is dangerous to minorities. Martial law, in my mind, means that will we want to protect ourselves from the virus and law enforcement. Right now, we are told we can go outside, we can take a walk, and take in some fresh air. If martial law became a reality, I wouldn’t want to step put my house for any reason. I fear law enforcement with extensive power to kill with just as much fear, if not more, as I have for covid-19.

Katrina was scary, but what happened in the aftermath was a horror I’ll never forget. Due to that experience I pray we don’t have to wake up in a state of martial law. Please do your part. Practice social distancing, and stay home if you can. Our community has a strained relationship with law enforcement; that is no secret. This virus, and quarantine, is stressful enough. People are seeing the classism play out in this country in a frightening way as leaders in Washington, DC try to decide what to do while fighting. Martial law would be too much. We are already losing people to the virus…we’d hate to start losing people on the streets.

Staff Writer; Chelle’ St James

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3 Responses to “I Fear Martial Law.”
  1. Trevo Craw says:

    To the Author, The NDAA signed by President Obama can suspend due process, right to an attorney and a timely trial. You would e surprised what is already in place. Look up the Insurrection Act and the War Powers Act. Then look up the King Alfred Plan, Agenda 21 and Rex 84. All fact, even though people act like they are fiction.

  2. Trevo Craw says:

    To the Author,

    As a public safety director and head of our agency crisis response team, Ii can yell you not to be worried. rump will not enact martial law, though I would if I were him. I would because people are hardheaded and that is part of what is allowing the Coronavirus to spread.

    Trump knows martial law would make him very unpopular in an election year and that he would likely lose the election.

    You should, however, be concerned about what he can do once he declares a national state of emergency, which he already has. He gets 136 emergency authority powers that a president does not usually have and only 13 of them can be put in check by Congress. Do your research on the authority of the president in a national emergency.

  3. Rich says:

    No citizen should fear martial law. Only government agents should be fearful. Once your rights are taken, you are relieved of all responsibilities.

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