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The Offensiveness Of Color-Blindness In America.

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( It is difficult to argue against the fact that those among us who insist that they “do not see color” are balanced between being well-meaning and naïve. My familiarity with such types is best expressed by an unemotional reaction to their pleadings for me to join the ranks of the historically illiterate.

Despite what the “color-blind brigade” believes, I understand that their emotional state vacillates between moments of frustration and uncontrollable white-rage. This matter is at the forefront of my mind due to a recent Facebook posting from what appears to be a well-meaning White lady who insists that she “does not see color.”

As stated above, I understand that her passion flows from a desperate desire to see all of her countrymen living in harmony. However, she fails to comprehend a fact provided by a former student who posited that “America will never get past Race. It is who we are. So how can we ever get past it?

Although I agreed with my student’s assertion that impressively echoes W.E.B. DuBois’ ominous warning that “the color line will be the problem of the twentieth century,” I realized that the source of this post vehemently disagrees with such sensibility.

Experience has taught me that the “color-blind brigade” wishes for a simpler time that never existed. A cursory examination of their beliefs reveals that “We never were what they thought we used to be.” Many of their numbers have foolishly advanced the assertion that “If we stopped talking about Race it would simply go away!!!!!”

I can only imagine that if my exchange with the lady who created the alluded to post were in-person and not via social media that she would scream that “I don’t see color!!!!! I only see human beings” to my face.

I’m convinced that the color-blind argument, albeit well-meaning, primarily results from what can only be termed a loose use of language. Put simply; these people do not realize what they are actually saying in their fits of rage. If provided the opportunity to meet with representatives of the “color-blind brigade”, I would ask them to provide a description of me. I am certain that they would avoid physical descriptors such as my status as an African-American male.

What members of the “color-blind brigade” fail to consider is that their steadfast denial of physical traits is not complementary to those they are seeking to aid in their color-blindness. It is extremely insulting. They are in effect saying that they must deny a portion of my being to accept me or you. If provided the opportunity, I would advise the “color-blind brigade” to abandon their standard phraseology in favor of the following.

I recognize your racial identity; however, I do not ascribe any negative characteristics to you because of it.

Trust me when I say that this slight verbal alteration will make a major difference to all and hopefully open a long-overdue dialogue about Race in America.

Staff Writer; Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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One Response to “The Offensiveness Of Color-Blindness In America.”
  1. buzz says:

    the issue the white lady has is if should call you black or brown skin she would be put down and deemed a racist so she has to say that tripe. if blacks could stop calling every white person a racist it would prob help

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