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Book Review; Black Feminist Politics: A Deeper Look.

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( The impact of black women on the political front can’t be overlooked even if they are a demographic that is not well liked. Black women have distinguished themselves within the discussion of the black vote as a force to reckon with. They have been consistent in their voting direction and are becoming more vocal in multiple spaces. We are not just seeing their force in voting, but they are some of the voices that hold the establishment to account.

They are Senator Kamala Harris asking the very difficult questions in judiciary hearings, and they are Rep. Maxine Waters making it clear she will not support the current administration as it currently functions. Black women are also the minds, regardless of the direction, behind Black Lives Matter, and the Me Too movement. Duchess Harris has done an extensive research to compile books that help understand the impact of black women in politics.

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Duchess Harris in her book “Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Trump” is the next installment o the Black Feminist Politics series. In the previous book “Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Obama” there is focus on the impact of black women on a historic election. However, looking to the Trump era we see a deeper look into the battles black women face in politics as they address the challenges we are facing as a country. Harris takes care to make this a scholarly read that can be respected objectively. It is more than an indictment of a president that sexually assaults women and shows a degree of hatred to every demographic except his own. This book will further take you into the climb of black women in corporate America and how success can be met with setbacks that can be seen as chastising the educational success black women are achieving.

“Black Feminist Politics” expands its look at the Black Lives Matter movement as it evolves, and the rise of Me Too. We see this movement going from social uprising to affecting the political scene. Black women are at the core of all of this. We see the author address the impact what it meant for Former First Lady Michelle Obama to leave the White House. The form of feminism she embodied no longer exist in that space and it can be felt as white women continue their criticism of her, while quietly feeling relief she no long “represents” them.  The stance of black feminism regarding the LGBTQ community and that struggle is also addressed as the book unpacks the effects of this movement on feminism and politics alike.

This is a book that can be read from a scholarly perspective on black feminism in politics, but the beauty of it is you can also be someone reading simply to further knowledge. It is a book that is necessary to the discussion of black feminism, the political landscape, and woman’s movement in general in this country. I recommend this book highly. “Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Trump” can be read stand alone, but I suggest reading “Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Obama” as you will see the beginnings of some of the topics discussed in the current book.

Black Feminist Politics from Kennedy to Trump” by Duchess Harris is found on Amazon, and anywhere books are sold.

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