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When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong; Why Someone Needs To Come And Get Susan ‘Ride Or Die’ Rice Immediately.

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( Years ago, famed comedian Dave Chapelle blessed the world with a skit titled “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong.” Those who remember the skit will tell you that it was various scenarios where some people decided that they would no longer stand for some injustice and decided to intercede as if provided superhero powers that allowed for them to prevent an injustice from occurring. These moments of intrusion never, and I do mean NEVER, turned out positively. I fear that we are on the verge of seeing an actual occurrence of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” featuring former U.S. National Security Advisor Susan Rice. Yes, that Susan Rice.

Just in case you missed the ridiculous events that led us to Susan Rice’s debut as a “ride or die chick” for Gayle King, I will seek to quickly rehash how we have arrived at this moment.

  • During an interview with WNBA Superstar Lisa Leslie, Gayle King engaged in a line of questioning that many supporters of the recently deceased Kobe Bryant found offensive.
  • Segments of Black America have taken both Gayle King and Oprah Winfrey to task for their seeming penchant to lambaste Black men while not offering a humbling word regarding the actions of White males that they have dealings with.
  • Snoop Dogg issued an angry video taking Gayle King to task for seeking to harm Kobe Bryant’s legacy.
  • Susan Rice took to the internet to issue a warning shot at Snoop Dogg that he needs to immediately “back the FUCK off. You come for @GayleKing, you come against an army. You will lose, and it won’t be pretty.”

I am certain that the vast majority of Blacks are shocked that Susan Rice, Obama’s former National Security Advisor, is behaving as if she is a hood bred “ride or die chick” from either Compton (CA), South Park (TX), Oak Cliff (TX), Chicago (IL) or Brownsville (NY).

There is a portion of me that is unsurprised by Rice’s antics as her type, meaning economically privileged, formally educated, and well-connected politically, harbor an inner-thug that they are just waiting to release into the atmosphere. For the sake of clarity, I must state that the alluded to urge is no different than the one harbored by Irish men who “blackened up” before going on stage to mimic the dance and verse of Blacks they abhorred. Just as such performances were a release for noted performers minstrel Al Jolson and T.D. Rice, Susan Rice’s outburst allows for her to behave as if she has “hood credibility.” I pray for her safety and the safety of those she loves that someone comes and gets her and makes her sit down and shut the heck up.

The mere fact that Rice has stepped to Snoop Dogg in such a public manner is an obvious sign that she does not really comprehend the world of West Coast gang violence. A world where loyalty is routinely expressed via unspecified horrific violence. According to dear friend Tiffany Thompson, an L.A. native, “Y’all have no idea of the politics behind or the dangers inherent in the world of L.A. gangs. It is best to ignore such matters if you are not well-versed in them.”

I am certain that Susan Rice’s knee-jerk reaction to become that “ride or die chick” for Gayle King was purely emotional and encouraged by her belief that the “street people” which populate this world will never be able to touch her. Such thinking is the height of foolishness and unwise as it conveys the classic mistake of underestimating your enemy — an enemy that Rice unwisely created from a situation that had nothing to do with her.

Susan Rice and those around her have no comprehension that deep within the alluded to world are individuals whose primary aspiration is to “earn a rep” among those that they revere. If Susan Rice understood anything regarding this world, she would have understood what Snoop was implying with his warning to Gayle King of “before we come get you.” Snoop’s words are a harbinger of evil things that may emanate from some unknown person directed at either Rice or one of her loved ones. Susan Rice apparently does not understand that fame, fortune, or a security detail are effective deterrents to the implied violence.

It is for these reasons that I hope someone comes and gets Susan “Ride or Die” Rice and makes her shut-up and sit her narrow butt down. This fight is not hers and she should not be seeking to make it hers. Maybe someone should sit her down and force her to watch Dave Chappelle’s infamous skit of “When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong” and explains to her that if she continues to stick her nose in a world that she neither belongs nor knows anything about, she will reap a harvest that she did not even realize that she planted.

Trust me when I say that this comes from the best place that you could imagine, however, I must implore Susan Rice to Shut up, Susan. Please, shut up!!!!!! You know not what you are doing.

Staff Writer; Dr. James Thomas Jones III

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