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The Fake White-Washed Messiah.

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( Did I get your attention? Good. Accuracy, hmmmm. A term that people tend to shun or forget about. And when it is brought up, those so accustomed to living under deception get mad or even reject the truth. Every Sunday “Christians”  and Catholics (and yes I am a born-again child of God) call on the name of “Jesus” – the name they believe to be above every name. But there is just one big problem. The Messiah’s name is not Jesus and it never was. And there is no power in a name when you don’t use the right name nor when you make excuses for doing it. No demons tremble at an incorrect name. But the reason for the name change is much more diabolical than the fact that we in America do not speak Hebrew. Don’t compromise on this.

Adding to the Word of God or taking away from it are bad enough but outright changing it then making excuses to defend the changes is arguably even worse. Why doesn’t that bother you? It sets an awful precedent that continues as “scholars” with agendas fake the Messiah’s appearance, omit entire passages of scripture, canonize the text at the order of a questionable King (James), hide the truth, twist the scriptures and use these tactics to control the masses as the Catholic church commonly did and still does today. Wake up and stop making excuses for error, deception and /or willful ignorance!

The breakdown of the meaning of words is called etymology. Each word has its own meaning in different languages. Some words have no counterpart in all languages. Therefore when you change a word from its original language, you very often change the original meaning of that word. For some words it may not be a big deal. But if you are going to call on the name above every name (Philippians 2:9), then you need to use the correct name and there is no getting around that.

The Messiah (for those who accept Him) was Hebrew – not Greek, not Latin, not English. His name was Yeshua (often also spelled Yehoshua) – not Jesus and not whatever each language wants to call him. Church leaders have to be careful not to transform the Christ into their images to suit their own agendas. But as you keep reading, you will find out that is exactly what they did, prey on your ignorance.

In the Bible it is clearly established by God that a different name produce a different meaning. You don’t have to speak Hebrew on everything but you should call on the correct name of the Messiah – a name filled with power and purpose, not inaccuracy, changes or translation. It is in fact God who changes the names, not man (Isaiah 56:5, Isaiah 62:2, Isaiah 65:15, Rev 3:12). And if God does not change the name of the Messiah, man should not dare to do so. At least be accurate with one name. That is not hard.

Maybe you don’t think you are being controlled. But religious indoctrination and brainwashing begin when you are first willing to compromise on the truth in order to follow man instead of God. All throughout the Bible we are warned of this. And all throughout the Bible people still fall victim to the very false doctrines, fake ministers, false prophets, false teachers, other Christ and false Gospel we were repeatedly warned about. Don’t believe me. Do your homework. See for yourself, if you dare.

When brainwashing and indoctrination kick in, your thoughts are not your own as much as you think. Your thoughts are being high-jacked and taken captive often just as much as your wallet. I have studied brainwashing, indoctrination and mind control and you would be shocked to know how many of the techniques are used in the “churches” of today. But because you don’t know, they get away with it.

God changed Abram to Abraham, Sarai to Sarah and Saul to Paul. Likewise God gives the believer (child of God) a new name (Rev 2:17). And as you see in Revelations 3:12, even the Messiah has a new name. But because that name has yet to be revealed, we call Him by His Hebrew name, the accurate name we know – Yeshua. Do not confuse this with how Jehovah’s witnesses want to say God’s name is exclusively Jehovah. God, the Father, is known by many names just as the Son is known as Yeshua and Emmanuel. But Jehovah’s witness inaccuracies are a discussion for another time.

So why are “Christians” and Catholics calling the Messiah “Jesus”? Because they have been programmed to do so by a worldwide effort and mask of Eurocentric Caucasian deception. And it is complete with excuses for changing the Messiah’s name in order to protect the lie and easily control the masses. Click the link and learn more.

The name “Jesus” is a transliteration into English, not a translation. By whose authority? It came from the Latin form of the Greek name “Iesous”. But remember the Messiah was neither Greek nor Latin. And though the New Testament was translated from Greek, there was no letter “J” in Greek nor in Hebrew – unless they recently added one to cover their lies and inaccuracies.

What harm can it do to call the Messiah “Jesus”? Great harm. First of all it is inaccurate and thus wrong.  Second using a fake name causes most people to make excuses for error instead of correcting it. Thirdly it is adding to the Word of God or taking away from it – both cases that cause one to be cursed (Deuteronomy 4:2, Revelation 22:18-19). Fourth, what is wrong, cursed, deceptive and inaccurate cannot set you free because it is based on a lie.

The Bible is clear that you must continue walking in the truth (John 8:30-36) and the truth must be in you in order to set you free. That truth spoken of in the Bible speaks is not just knowing the truth but also having the Truth inside you (the Messiah via the Holy Spirit per John 14:6). Fifth of all, it is not rightly dividing the Word of truth as we are commanded to do if we use inaccuracies and make excuses for doing so (II Timothy 2:15). We won’t be apply to rightly apply that which we cannot even rightly divide. Now watch your local pastors try to neutralize all this truth.


Maybe one of the biggest dangers of all is what the catholic church has done. Along with the name “Jesus”, the Messiah’s look has been altered and falsified to look more like a European Caucasian male. Statues, pictures like the fake one on the front of your grandmother’s old Bible have deceptively shaped and reshaped our perception of who the Messiah was and is. One could argue that was intentional because slaves were easier to control if the slave master resembled the “Messiah” and the slave did not. The subliminal message to the spirits and subconscious of people of color? The lie that the Savior looks nothing like people of color so they should obey those who resemble Him. And every week this works on Catholics and “Christians” like clockwork. So you see the changes did not stop with the name. And there is no eternal life in color so let’s stop focusing on it – any color, every color. I wonder how many “white” people hear me when one of the most segregated times of the week is in “church” on Sunday morning. And what about when large numbers of “black” people will sit under a “white” pastor but the reverse? Hmmm. I have also noticed that even when there are “black” pastors with “white” people in the congregation, there is very often a “white” overseer someone in the background. The Jesus deception.

There are at least three general or “major” church communities that exist today, all of whom seem to call on and claim to accept the Messiah. The first, the real church that Yeshua founded and that He alone is the Head of. The second, the Catholic church not mentioned anywhere in the Bible and not at all Christian in nature ( Nor is the Pope. The third is what I call the “Christian” religion – denominational and non-denomination offshoots of the catholic church, many of whom were birthed through the protestant reformation (Lutheran, Presbyterian) and others following somewhat after John the Baptist (Baptist, Southern Baptist, National Baptist).

Along with changing His name, they changed His image to look like a Caucasian European (Romans 1:23). Then they used His teachings to subvert and control the masses through organized religion (Gal. 1:8-10), not relationship (Rom 8:16-17). Then they twisted His teachings to fit their own missions, agenda and objectives. He warned us of “another Christ” in II Cor. 11:4, “another gospel” in Gal. 1:8-10, false apostles in II Cor. 11:13 and adding to God’s word or taking away from it in Prov. 30:6, Rev. 22:18-19, Deut. 4:2 and Deut. 12:32. But they continue to do it anyway and many of you refuse to see.

The Lutheran and Presbyterian churches are commonly known as the Protestant church. The Methodist Church, however, was not produced by the Messiah. It was instead the product of a movement started in 18th century England by John and Charles Wesley. As for accuracy, none of the churches in the second or third group were founded by the Messiah – Yeshua. All of their origins trace back to men.

The real church of Yeshua is small but accurate, on task and powerful. It operates efficiently, effectively and without glamour, self-seeking status nor compromise. This other mess you see is simply a cheap counterfeit or imitation with a form of godliness (II Timothy 3:5) – yet a form where the leader can deceive the hearts of the simple quite easily(Romans 16:18). Realize ignorance does not protect you.

Too many of you are expecting Satan to pop up all ugly and holding a pitch fork or looking like the grim reaper. But that is not his description and that is not how he walked in and tricked Eve. The Bible tells us not to be ignorant of Satan’s devices and what to most “Christians” do? Say they don’t go that deep. Say the battle is the Lord’s and never put on their armor nor learn how to use it. Sit there like a duck.


So you see accuracy means everything when it comes to the Word of God. But too many “churches”, denominations and groups have a problem with the truth. They are the wheat that has grown up with the tears (Matthew 13:24-30). They have a form of godliness but deny the power thereof. The Bible calls them “another gospel” (II Cor. 11:3-4, Galatians 1:8-9) but clearly not THE Gospel of the Messiah. And they are comfortable to go right on making changes and promoting inaccuracies and deceptions. They call the Messiah by a different name (the transliterated excuse).

They change His appearance. They twist and distort His teaching. They go off on their own missions, behaving more like the Pharisees. They set up their own churches, pretending to be His. Oh and don’t need help with your rent. They may pull up your “tithe” record, see if you qualify for a loan and maybe turn you down but offer to pray for you instead. All the while many of them are simply promoting themselves, not the Messiah. All the while leading unsuspecting people further into darkness (Matthew 23:15, I John 1:6). This has to stop and the first stage of stopping it is to do your homework. Study. Then check the accuracy of what you are being taught. Then come together with others, share the truth and stand together. Then take it to the “church” and try to restore them (Galatians 6:1). If they reject the truth, expose them and avoid them (Romans 16:17) and treat them like heathens (Matthew 18:15-17).

The false church is afraid the people coming to realize I John 2:27 which states:

As for you, the anointing you received from him remains in you, and you do not need anyone to teach you. But as his anointing teaches you about all things and as that anointing is real, not counterfeit—just as it has taught you, remain in him. But the anointing which ye have received of him abideth in you, and ye need not that any man teach you: but as the same anointing teacheth you of all things, and is truth, and is no lie, and even as it hath taught you, ye shall abide in him.
1 John 2:27 | NIV KJV


What does the man-made church fear? Because church leaders in control of the masses fear the awakening of God’s people to 1 John 2:27, they use what they believe as justification to change names, twist doctrine, mislead/deceive/misinform people and make excuses for all of the above. And the scripture that asks how can you hear without a preacher is a question, not a definitive statement. You can hear through the scripture. You can hear in dreams and visions. You can hear through willing vessels chosen by God to relay messages to you. And you can hear by way of the Holy Spirit from the inside of you, to name a few ways. Wake up people. Stop being lazy where you let the pastor think for you.

How is it possible that over 2 and a half billion people who call themselves Christians and nearly 1.5 billion Catholics could be so deceived? Well you have the Catholic church to thank for much of that. The same catholic church that said Peter was the first Pope even though the Bible did not. The same catholic church that has tricked over a billion people into bowing down and kissing a human man’s hand when his very position attempts to steal the High Priest status from the Christ (Kristos in Greek meaning the Anointed One). The same Catholic church that wants to say Mary was made perfect, the Pope is infallible and that Catholics have to go to their priests for forgiveness of sin (absolution).

The same Catholic church that is a false gospel, violating scripture by forbidding their leaders to marry and ignoring the marriage of the Christ is to all believers, resulting in decades if not centuries of priests raping and molesting altar boys. The same Catholic church where one pope was once a member of Hitler’s youth camp. Another sold poison gas to the Nazis. The same catholic church who launched the bloody crusades, killed people everywhere and burned people like William Tyndale at the stake because he wanted common man to understand the Bible. And the pope heads the church according to himself.

The same Catholic church that impacted and infected protestant denominations even after they left the catholic church. The same catholic church that came from the Roman catholic church which took its paganism from the Romans. And you do not want to know what kinds of things are in the lower levels of the Vatican, believe me. Power, influence, money, treachery and the belief they had the right to control the minds and actions of the masses that is the tares which have grown up to infect the wheat and most of you don’t even know it. Do you know where the practices come from in your church, do you assume or do you just drink the Kool-aid they tell you to drink every Saturday or Sunday? Wow it is easy to fool people if you throw out the name of Jesus – a name that is used today by church leaders for error, excuses, deception, a thorough white-washing of the Gospel and invoking a false Messiah.

Don’t be so gullible people. Most of the “Christian” church of today would never have gone in the lion’s den, into the fiery furnace nor to the cross with Yeshua, not even at His feet. Many of you would have compromised, conformed to the “church” and turned your back on the Savior in order to save yourself. How do I know? Because most of the church does it now. Refusing to study. You will neither confront nor correct the church leadership when you see obvious error or deception. Instead you miss it, look the other way, fear or make excuses for it. Odd that while the church wants to hold you accountable for what you give and how you serve, you won’t do the same. Talk about a scam on gullible people.

You get your “knowledge” from the pastor, you read a few verses in Psalms or Proverbs each day and you believe what you are told because you like the pastor, the choir, the church building. You are complacent and at  the time you should be teachers, you cannot because you are still drinking milk.

So “pastor” comes along and slips cyanide in the milk a little at a time. You gulp it down. Then when you get spiritually sick, lost, confused or deceived, you call it the devil attacking you. But what you did not realize was that the devil had his Jesus vessels in place all along. And if someone comes along like me to bring the verifiable truth, you are so used to the lies that the truth sounds fake, fraudulent and wrong. You look at those who bring the uncomfortable truth as the bad guys just like they saw Yeshua, the Apostles, the Prophets, John the Baptist and so many others who were the real heroes of the faith. Thus you never even go and check the truth for yourself and the Jesus deception continues.

Study for yourself. Stop relying on the pastor and church leaders to manage your relationship with God and spoon feed you the knowledge you should be getting through personal intimate time with the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. That is why so many of you are so easy to fool. Be about truth. Not about re-making the Messiah into any man’s image of any color. True believers need to focus on being transformed into the image of the Messiah. Yeshua did NOT look like Caesar Borgia painted by Da Vinci (Borgia’s gay lover) –  sanctioned by Pope Alexander VI who was Borgia’s father. Nor did Yeshua look like a “white” Anglo-Saxon European. Nor was He a “black” man even though His glorified body (Rev 1, Dan 10) often used by people of color to claim His image as their own. Yeshua was Hebrew and He looked like a Hebrew (yes of color). But what matters most is truth and that we are being conformed into Hs image, not tricking people by changing Him into ours. ATLEAST GET HIS NAME RIGHT!

Staff Writer; Trevo Craw


26 Responses to “The Fake White-Washed Messiah.”
  1. Ibraheem says:

    Wow, you are an Anti-Muslim, Zionist Liar.


    It matters not, the Arabic Language was created long BEFORE Islam existed. I repeat Long BEFORE Islam existed.

    Isn’t this the same idiotic chatroom that debates Jesus vs Yeshua? Do not think I am aware of you disbelievers stupid civil war.

    By your “moon god logic” White People/Khazarians are really African because their ancestors came from Africa. (what ancestors ultimately didn’t)

    I can’t believe somebody who bows down before the image of MAN despite Abraham’s slaughter of the idols is telling me IM a pagan because of elementary linguistics.

    YOU have been exposed to the truth, if you still associate partners with Allah (God’s mother, son etc)..You will enter hellfire as a pagan.

    I don’t care how nice of a person you are/claim.

    You are brainwashed by the demonic agent Apostle Paul.

  2. Trevo Craw says:

    Allah is the pagan moon god. Do your homework instead of just repeating what you have been brainwashed to believe.

  3. Allah_Is_God says:

    We are a group of muslims in California who “save”…convert African Americans by the dozens.

    Once we are finished with you we will get all the Infidels!


  4. Jameel Constol says:

    Only Allah can “save” you….

    Ironically anywhere populated by Christians you find liberalism or war/famine.

    You filthy Pagan…you worship the image of man who was BORN from a God?


  5. Trevo Craw says:

    Those of you who call on the name of Jesus are being deceived. You call on a false name to evoke a fake Messiah given to you by satan through the slave masters and European deceivers. The idea is to get you to forsake the truth and hope in a false Messiah so you will believe you are on your way to Heaven when you are not. The Messiah’s name is Yeshua, not Jesus.

    There is no power in the name of Jesus because their is no power in a lie, a falsehood supported by excuses that seem to make sense. Satan is just that crafty and clever that he can have you believe in a lie, forsake the truth, hope in a deception and stake your eternal life on it. You cannot walk in truth and have the truth set you free while you defend a lie and make excuses for it. Jesus can save nobody. Only Yeshua can.

  6. Trevo Craw says:

    To The Readers,
    I am talking to a certain group and they hear me. You others who are lost are simply using this article and the comments section to make noise. If you are lost, certainly this article is beyond your overstanding and you don’t even realize that it is..

  7. Trevo Craw says:

    To A Fake Israelite:

    You are truly lost and you can’t gather context well if you think I started attacking Islam. Furthermore, if you were Hebrew, you would understand they have even more disdain for Islam than I have ever expressed in my comments. Islam was not the topic but he brought it up so I addressed it. Are you keeping up? And everything I said about Islam was accurate. You are stuck between color and religion and you obviously do not know who the Bible defines as my brother. Therefore i am definitely not your brother because you are a heathen. Repent and don’t bring an argument if you don’t know enough to do so. Am I speaking too fast or should I write it in crayon for you? And it is never about religion.

  8. Trevo Craw says:

    To A New Israelite:
    First you need to learn how to spell.
    Second you need to learn to use correct English.
    Third you make no points that refute the facts of the article so
    Fourth you are just making noise to hear yourself talk.

    speak truth with evidence or you prove nothing

  9. Mr. KZ says:

    My dear beloved (and ignorant) brother.
    Everything was fine as our souls were nourished by the African Religions and their Native Gods and Goddesses. Such as a baby from the teet of her mother.

    Christianity itself has been inspired, warmed and loved by thousands of native tribes, whose morality lasted till thy infinity!

    It’s how Christianity was spread that invalidated it. With hate and destruction. No God is superior to the other. This was created by the White Man and other black demons. We were forgiven by GOD and NOT religion. By independent TRIBE and not Imperial conquering ambitions.

    It is EXTREMELY sickening to hear this debate from the Christian and Islamic Empires. The latter is amassing its own army (brothers in the street preaching in many cities).

    I know you will doom to hell by your Jesus mock covered in kindness, but that very notion of supremacy is why YOU and many others have hate deep in the crevaces in your heart.

    I weep from this profound tragedy, we need a better more competent leader like Eric Wattree’s persona to unite us into a more religiously “inclusive” ThyBlackMan. Starting off some further Islamic Viewpoints, Buddhist, Five Percent Nation and traditional African beliefs…even the Seventh Day Adventists.

    You can still talk about “Jesus” every know and then as well.

    (Anonymous Ex Writer from ThyBlackMan)

  10. ANewIsrealite says:

    This link describes it all!

    We all the know the New Testament was written by European Sodomites!!!

  11. ANewIsrealite says:

    Son, Son..stop this ignorant femine sh*t mane.

    You ain’t about that Yeshua life you picture worship creep.

    I rep the Hebrew Isrealites. We don’t agree with everything regarding faith, however when it comes to the clean mind and soul of Muslims we are united in justice. Everything right, we do…they do as well.

    Common sense says if the age of consent was 13 in 1880 it was LESS then that in the past. Life moves progression (in most things) in the future. In Malawi the age of consent is 14 and in Denmark it is 13. Are they pedophile nations too?! Smart dumb ni**a.

    How is this Allah Satan? Waging war? Last time I checked it is your LIBERAL CHRISTIAN filth waging war. 40% you lot OPENLY support HOMOSEXUAL MARRIAGE. Filthy idol-worshipping Sodomite! It is your American Stormtroopers in Iraq, Afghanistan, aiding in the Yemen Genocide. Yet Muslims are the ones who are waging war? How convenient.
    You sound like a white-defender or khazarian jew filth.

    Why do you waste your energy attacking another brothers religion?
    This is being recorded so I can show them how much of a C**n you Christians are.

    I can’t tell who is the troll at this point….

    Islam meets all our moral viewpoints…

    Bring this energy at the Hebrew Isrealites the wrong way Duck Ninja!

  12. Trevo Craw says:

    To Adeed Again,

    You have been deceived and your anger toward Christianity is sad and misplaced. You should be upset at those who deceived you. Don’t deceive others just because you have been tricked.

    The pagan false God allah who has a fake and illiterate pedophile as a false prophet has 3 daughters

    Allah is Satan which is why he wages a war against Christianity

  13. Trevo Craw says:

    To Adeed,

    Allah, the pagan moon god, had 3 daughters.

  14. Trevo Craw says:

    To Adeed,
    The Bible easily shows how lost you are.
    And here are more FACTS:
    You think you are slick and yet deceptive by going off topic.
    You are just misleading those who already know the Christ and they are not even hearing your BS

  15. Trevo Craw says:

    To Adeed,
    You are the parrot puppet of a false prophet who could not read nor write. A man who slept with little girls under age 12 and you profess to try and lecture me? A man whose own tribe dismissed him. A man who was allegedly the only person in a cave to supposedly hear what some spirit was telling him.

    You are repeating homemade talking point from clueless people who are not supposed to understand the Bible because they are outside of the family. You cannot refute the truth and I suggest you go back and research Allah the moon god who actually had daughters. Pagan and Arabic long before Muhammad was born.

    Then go back and read your Quran which states the Christ was sinless, born of a virgin, a prophet and Ruh Allah which is Spirit of God. Muhaammad never had any such status so you need to wake up. And do you even practice real Islam? Have you been to Mecca? Rubbed the black stone meteor?

    Check your facts and stop being a parrot. Then you will see every point I have made is correct. And your so-called prophet has no plan that makes sense to redeem fallen man to a perfect God. Go back to the book as your Quran tells you. Facts, real facts. You are not fooling any serious readers.

    You would like everybody to think the world was in darkness (like you are) before Muhammad came and went to a cave to get a message completely by memory when he could not even read or write? Try again. That whole argument makes no sense. Go live in Egypt or Saudi Arabia. I doubt you would last a year.

  16. Adeed Anwar says:

    Come now Trevo!

    We all see it is you are who are confused and defenseless.
    It is you that keep repeating White Supremacist and Roman talking points.

    The Koran doesn’t say YOU are lost?
    Keep in mind this one of SEVERAL similar verses like it.

    Allah has not taken any son, nor has there ever been with Him any deity. [If there had been], then each deity would have taken what it created, and some of them would have sought to overcome others. Exalted is Allah above what they describe [concerning Him].
    —?Qur’an, sura 23 (Al-Mumenoon), ayat 91

    Your deviant Christian beliefs would have you think WE worship an idol (the moon) in the sky. While you worship a pagan man “sacrificed” to a cross. The period of human sacrifice was long gone. You get your opinions from FOX News.

    Islam has no solid plan of salvation?
    You know why? Because of the original sin lie that Jesus died for our sins.
    Any deviant sinner can interpret this as…my sins are taken care of.

    Christianity doesn’t support self-sufficiency because of this….

    Whatever TRUTH to this, your disbelievers (double disbelievers) wouldn’t listen and probably would INTERPRET in a different way.

    All of what you say is garbage, Christianity is garbage

    Did you NOT see the verse above? Mr. Pascal’s Wager?
    If you KEEP WORSHIPPING a man as god, you will enter hellfire.
    I don’t care how “good” you are.

    Take it up with Allah Supannah Wa Ta-Allah.
    I’m just one of many messengers sharing our prophet’s visions


  17. Trevo Craw says:


    Your idea of a barbaric Trinity shows your ignorance of the Trinity. And again, the full truth is not open to sinner outsiders until you are in the fold. Thus you are lost and confused. Repent while there is still time. You have been deceived.

    As for the agent of consent, you and I both know Muhammad’s youngest wife was much younger than 12 so stop trying to deceive the readers of this article.

    Know that I could go point by point and disprove every single thing you have said, but to what end? My article is to inform those who are believers in the Messiah. You have no Messiah and Muhammad surely was not one. That is sad and the anger and ignorance you display in your responses will only work against you.

    If you are right, I teach others to life a good, positive and righteous life and I do so myself, thus I am covered. But if I am right, you are headed to somewhere that is so hot that you will burn forever. Roll the dice if you will but that is a mistake. And any wise man looks at all sides of things, all possibilities then makes a decision.

    The Quran is not superior to the Bible, illiterate war-monger Muhammad is not superior to the teachings and character of Yeshua and the way to Heaven prescribed by Islam is simply playing with the scales.

  18. Trevo Craw says:

    To Adeed,

    You still are talking nonsense. Do you know that Muslims walk around the Kaba and touch the black meteor that came from space when they can? Many saw Christ resurrected but NOBODY WAS IN THE CAVE WITH MUHAMMAD TO VERIFY ANYTHING.

    You don’t know the Quran very well and I am not about to teach you about your book. But it is severely flawed and makes blanket points with no real basis of explanation,much like you are doing now.

    So you slam Christianity and try to hijack this article with your foolishness. Sad when Islam has no solid plan of salvation. Go do your research. Email me and I will send you real proof of the Arabic Moon God that the Quarish tribe worshipped before Muhammad was even born. Check the history.

    Also both Muhammad’s wife and Uncle had to convince him that he was supposedly hearing from an “angel” because he thought originally that he was not. And about that, he was correct.

    All you are doing is repeating standard lost Muslim talking points. And do you pray 5 times a day? Are you a real Muslim by Muhammad’s standards? Maybe you should go “back to the book” as the Quran said.

    If you pre-suppose that everybody was deceived and lost for centuries until Muhammad arrived, the Quran does not say that and you are the one who is lost. You don’t overstand Christianity because its secrets are not open to outsiders. So i see why you see problems and contradictions.

    Wait for the article on Islam. I am almost done with it.And your attempts to deceive people and go off topic from the article are simply your efforts to be heard by making noise.

    Review the evidence I will send you by email before you even try to refute it. You are a closed-minded parrot who simply repeats what you have heard.

  19. Adeed Anwar says:

    A) Allah is not the Moon god anymore then Jesus is the “Sun” God. Muslims do not worship the moon. Why don’t you do any research? Arabic has been around a lot more then Islam. Referencing an irrelevant primitive moon worshippers who share the same name is nonsensical.

    B) Muhameed was inspired by an angel sent by Allah. A Miracle. If you don’t believe the “evidence” then take it up from HIM. You sound like a demented atheist wondering why Adam or Even doesn’t have a mother. It’s always about “man” and the flesh isn’t it with you guys?

    C) Why do you think Islam is the worlds biggest religion? Why isn’t Islam affected by Satanism like Christianity? Because it is the truth. Not Roman lies such as the Council of Nicea. By your ORIGIN false-logic what were people followering before the bible? Utter Nonsense. Allah sent what was needed at the time. It’s not like the New Testament was immediately sent after the Old Testament was. Take it up with HIM if you are so angry and deranged. Stop rebelling against Allah.

    D) 70% of the Christian Bible is also repackaged pagan faiths by your twisted logic. And? This is but mud flinging. The same applies for you.
    Allah chose to simply update the knowledge a bit and bring about the final prophet.
    Notice you didn’t say 100%, hence the need for Islam. Brother you try too hard!

    E) Child Brides?
    The age of consent in the 19th century was 12 to 13 years of age in America
    Now imagine the 7th century. You have a dimwitted view of “history”.
    By your logic you might as well inquire about Internet Service Providers in 1962.
    Nonsense again. Unlike Homosexuality what constitutes as a “child” varies in time and culture. Unfortunately your infidel molester priests actually takes ADVANTAGE of this in modern times. Muhameed said 40 years was good for a man to live because that was the same thing as living 70 today in the harsh desert. You want Muhameed to wait nearly half his life for a woman that might not be fertile?

    F) In terms of the barbaric trinity. God impregnated a human woman to give birth to a Son that is apart of God? The human woman is now the mother of a part of God? Does that sound rational or demonic? Sons and Daughters of God is very pagan-like. What about an Uncle of God? A step-mother? Astakfurtilah! Minor Shout out to Hebrew Isrealites and Christians who DONT worship Jesus as savior. You cannot repent in Shirk once you know the truth. Abraham slaughtered the idols and the ideology of them. Here Christians simply reinvent it and slap the “Messiah” label.

    G) The Messiah has never been God or part of him. This is one thing the Jews have RIGHT. All Jews the Arabic, African…even the Khazarian Imposters from Europe know these truths!

    I could go on all day as well.
    I so eagerly await your reply, I’m merely using 7% of the power Allah gave me.

    I will verbally fight not just you but all your Christian Followers and Pagan Apologists.

  20. Trevo Craw says:

    To Adeed,

    You are so lost.
    1. Allah is the pagan moon god who Muhammad’s tribe worshipped before he was even born.
    2. Muhammad did not even write the Quran and could not even read it because he was illiterate.
    3. What do you think people were following 600 years before Muhammad was born? The Bible.
    4. Look up the meaning of Ruh Allah and see what you find.
    The Quran says the Christ was sinless so that means He did not lie, including about who He said He was.
    5. Muhammad did not hear from Gabriel and there is no proof that he did because he went into a cave by himself. So all you have is what he said happened.
    6. Look up Al-illah and you will find Allah, the pagan moon god had daughters.
    7. 70% of the Quran is simply the Bible repackaged and the Quran even says to refer back to The Book, meaning scripture.
    8. You have no idea what you are talking about.
    9. And address the issue of your “prophet” taking a little girl as a bride.
    I could go on all day.

  21. Adeed Anwar says:

    The Bible was altered into thinking Jesus is God. That is pagan garbage.
    Allah is the true way and prophet Muhammeed (peace be upon him)

    Verse 1 – “Exercise faith in God; exercise faith ALSO in me”
    Jesus using “also” shows he is different than God

    Verse 28 – “The Father is GREATER than I am.”
    Says it plainly.

    John 10:30 The Father and I are one
    So is a marriage, please do not be deceived by this line.

    If you worship Jesus as “part of God” you will burn in the hellfire.

    Save yourself…all around Christianity burns while Islam only gets stronger.

    You have been warned!

  22. Trevo Craw says:

    I follow the True Messiah (Yeshua/Yehoshua), not the fake, Europeanized Jesus character made by Satan and given to Anglo-Saxons and slave owners to deceived people of color.

    And before you who are white-washed and brainwashed disagree with me, GO CHECK THE EVIDENCE FOR YOURSELF. I dare you.

  23. Trevo Craw says:

    Tom are you really that petty and dumb to only respond about a typographical error? You try to use that as an insult? How immature are you? And just so you know, I know it is the Book of Revelation in which case revelations were received by John when he was exiled on the Island of Patmos. Further, the companion book is the Book of Daniel, unless we go into the Apocrypha and go deeper. Try bringing up real points that address the article Tom, not foolishness.

    I notice you do not refute any point of this article. You just made yourself look really stupid. Are you white-washed, brainwashed or both? Do you even know?

  24. Tom Bracken says:

    The name of the book is “The Revelation” not “revelations”. If you read the bible seriously, you would know this, but you just repeated what you have heard others say. False teacher.

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