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Benefits of Weight Training – 5 Reasons to Lift Weights.

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(ThyBlackMan.com) Regardless of your fitness goals, weight lifting is an incredible way to get and stay in shape. Many people believe that if they’re trying to lose weight, they’re going to bulk up, or won’t see the numbers on the scale go down when weight training. This isn’t true. Apart from that myth, there are several myths regarding women bulking up or achieving a “male physique” which also aren’t true. Now that we’ve gone through some of the myths surrounding weight training, let’s detail some of the reasons why weight lifting is beneficial for anyone.

1. Muscle Isn’t as Roomy as Fat –

One pound weighs the same whether it’s fat or muscle. However, one pound of muscle doesn’t appear as lumpy, it is smoother in appearance, and doesn’t take up as much space on your body. Therefore, if you’re carrying around more lean muscle than body fat, it is going to show up, in a positive way. You’ll appear leaner, healthier, and your overall physique is going to improve. You might weigh the same as an individual who is overweight, but if you have leaner muscle mass, as opposed to more body fat, you’re definitely going to look different.

2. Improve Your Balance –

Building strength also helps you improve your overall balance. You’ll find it easier to walk, run, and perform other exercises or tasks, which require you to balance your body weight. You’ll also find that your posture is going to improve over time, when you’re lifting weights.

3. Reduce Stress Levels –

This one doesn’t have anything to do with physique or appearance, but instead, with your mental health. If you are a stressed individual (who isn’t), worry about everything, and find it hard to concentrate, try lifting weights a couple of times each week. You’ll clear your mind, increase endorphin levels, and you’ll feel balanced after a great weight lifting session.

4. Improve Your Sleep Patterns –

When you do things which exhaust your body, you tire it out, meaning at night, you’re going to be ready to lay down and fall asleep. This isn’t just weight lifting, but any physical or cardiovascular activity for that matter. Try to lift weights, go to the gym, and live an active and healthy lifestyle. It’s going to help you improve your sleep patterns, and fall and stay asleep at night, if you have suffer from insomnia or other sleep conditions.

5. Lose Weight, Burn Calories –

Lifting weights allows your body to burn more calories than it does if you’re only doing cardiovascular training. Why? Weight lifting burns calories while you’re working out. However, it continues to burn calories throughout the day, for up to 24-48 hours after you lift. This is in contrast to cardiovascular training, where your body only continues to burn calories for a few hours after your workout. Basically, when you’re weight training, your body continues working even after your done, meaning it’s burning more calories than it would if you were at rest.

There are numerous benefits to weight lifting and exercising in general. If you’ve heard the myths, or don’t think weight lifting is for you, think again. Anyone can benefit from lifting, and these are just a few of the many reasons why.

Staff Writer; Jason Smith

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