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How The Booming African-American Entrepreneurism Can Power The World Economy.

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Tweet ( According to a data series produced by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) Business Employment Dynamics (BED) – a primary source for information on the labor market – the rate of business (as well as) job creation in America has been on a steady decline. The number of jobs created, as the data series suggests, “has... [Read more...]

Police Kill People 450x More Than Four Decades Of Mass Shootings Combined, But Are Still An Occupying Military Force In Urban Communities In America.

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Tweet ( According to an article that was recently published on, police in America kill people at an extremely high rate of 450x more than four decades of school shootings combined. Over the past few years more than 3,500 people have been killed by police than the 300+ school shootings that have happened in this country... [Read more...]

Arm The School Teachers.

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Tweet ( As both a former detective and firearms instructor I can say from experience regarding the school shootings, part of the solution is arming the teachers and administrators – strategically some of them. I agree with Trump. Most of those who disagree either fear guns or don’t know squat about public safety. Nobody... [Read more...]

The far reaching impact of the NCAA basketball corruption scandal.

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Tweet ( As the month of March dawns near, most of the attention in sports turns toward “March Madness” and the men’s and women’s college basketball tournaments. However, men’s college basketball finds itself in a white, hot spotlight after extensive reports from Yahoo! Sports revealed an FBI probe into some of the top players... [Read more...]

The iPhone X Failed? What Went Wrong With Apple’s Ambitious Smartphone.

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Tweet ( Apple is slowing down production of the iPhone X and everyone is thinking what went wrong? The iPhone X was launched soon after the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus and surprised everyone with its great display, hardware and features like Face ID and Animoji. The bad news is that highly promoted iPhone X failed to boost the global demand... [Read more...]

10 Best U.S. Cities To Start A Business In 2018.

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Tweet ( New entrepreneurs might feel that there’s no better place than Silicon Valley, New York City, Las Vegas or Washington D.C. to start a business in the United States, but according to several reports, if you want to start a business, there are some amazing U.S. cities to turn your dreams into reality. Here we have listed 10... [Read more...]

The Pros and Cons of Leaving Your 9-to-5 Job For a Business.

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Tweet ( There are many good reasons to keep your job when you are working on your business plan. There are also reasons why quitting your job makes sense if you are willing to launch your own business. If you can leave your job and focus on your business without money-related obstacles, then there’s nothing better than launching a... [Read more...]

Dr. Thug, MD.

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Tweet ( “Homegrown drug dealers behind the veil of a doctor’s lab coat, a medical degree and prescription pad are every bit as bad as a drug dealer or heroin trafficker from Detroit or elsewhere.” U.S. Attorney Michael Stuart This quote is from an article published in the Charleston Gazette-Mail. On Tuesday, February 20th, a 69-count... [Read more...]

Three Mental Hacks to Prevent Your Dream-Burnout.

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Tweet ( January is history and a lot of people have already begun to feel the burnout associated with keeping their New Year’s goals. Whether it’s for health, wealth or love, it doesn’t take long for “dream burnout” to happen. It all depends on how committed you are and who your circle of friends are. Commitment and your closest... [Read more...]

These 7 Steps Will Bridge The Long Distance This Valentine’s Day.

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Tweet ( Want to make this Valentine Day special for your long distance relationship, try these 7 steps to bridge the long distance. Pick any or all of these ideas and make sure that your Valentine’s Day this year becomes the most memorable day ever. 1. A Surprise Visit Only one thing can ease the pain of living away from your loved... [Read more...]

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